The Chase

I was running down the basement stairs, out of breath, trying to get away from whatever was behind me, chasing me. I slammed the door shut and locked it. I knew we had an emergency weapon down in the dark, scary underground room where I was standing alone, cold, waiting for my enemy to approach. I realised I had to get out the dangerous dark grey revolver to defend myself when whoever was chasing me came nearer to me. I sat and untangled the piece of string around the end of the gun and stood in a ready position. Me and the weapon waited for ages and ages until I heard three knocks on the basement door…

The Tree Stampead

It all started on one bright sunny day when I woke up And walked to the park. I met my friend Bill there too. Bill, a very daring character, insisted on us going into the woods. We stepped in and could we could hear strange noises like giant footsteps so Bill went in further while I stayed back. I waited for about 20-30 minutes and there was still no return from Bill. I could not bare it any longer so I went in to find him and all of a sudden standing in front of me was a giant tree with legs and Bill right next to it I grabbed him by the hand and the tree began to follow us. I ran home with Bill and locked the door behind us.

         6 YEARS LATER

There is a mysterious tree with legs in my garden!

The Midnight Gang

One dark stormy night, a mysterious  awoke when it struck twelve O’Clock midnight. The Midnight Gang: Tom-A brave Boy, Jess-A fearless warrior, Buster-An ummm errrr, a nothing to special about him boy , James-A strong participator and Truffle-A rather chubby lad. They rose from their beds and Tippy-Toed out of their houses (Of course Truffle grabbing some chocolate cake on the way) the gang then met at their  meeting point, THE WOODS! Nobody ever steps a foot into the woods! They finally stepped in to the gloomy target and could hear screaming, they all got scared, even Jess and Tom. There was something behind them! Although they ran quickly, they were not making enough progress and…….

Tale of two partners

One fine morning, I rose from my bed  and grabbed my cool-looking silver computer and and started playing a really hard coding game, hard but fun. Then I slammed the lid down when I had enough. I carried my computer down to the dining room, ready to have my breakfast. I dropped my computer on the table and accidentally spilled a bit of oranges juice on the screen. “BEEP!”went the computer. “Oops,” I mumbled, and wiped the splodge of juice of the bright shiny screen.

From the computers perspective………

One tiering dull morning, my head got lifted from my neck. I wished I could change my awful clothes. My owner, Millee, started playing with myworst enemy Co-operative Coders. Grrrrr that game really makes my brain itch! Then, she decided that it was OK to just slam my head down onto my neck. Next she carried my down the stairs and finally sat down. She then spilt some icky sticky orange juice on me! I always dreamed of having a bath, but not one like this!

Moan, Moan, Moan

If I chased the dog around in the fog………. Moan, Moan, Moan. “Don’t chase the poor thing Millie!” Mum will say.

If I look at a star through one big jar……….. Moan, Moan, Moan “Put that down it could smash!” Mum will shout.

If I slurp and burp at dinner time………… Moan, Moan, Moan. “MILLIEEE!” mum will mime.

But  If I was in charge…………..

I would chase the dog around in the fog,

I would look at a star through one big jar

And I would slurp and burp at dinner time.

My Mum would groan but she wouldn’t moan.

It would be so much better if it was like that,

I don’t know what my Mum is playing at,

But what I do know is that she is doing it for me and my own good!