The museum was dark and cold as you walked around the small room. The cases where covered from top to bottom in dust but only one of them was clear and had something in it. I slowly started walking towards it the lights came on around the case and I saw what was inside. A pile of bones a pile as tall as a giraffe. Who’s bones were they? maybe it was bones from a dinosaur or a elephant know one knew. I tried to read the label on the side of the case but it had all been rubbed of when the museum shut down. I decided to go home and find out what they must be.

Animal Agent

Amalie got in her rocket and started the engine “good luck” said the King and Queen as amalie’s rocket blasted into space. “Nearly there” she said to herself┬á Brushing her teeth and getting ready for the next day “tomorrow I will be the best ant agent in the world. She was on mars and ready to find the alien. She walked a few steps and heard a snapping noise and then a voice “are you looking for me” said someone with a deep voice. Amalie didn’t know what to say and hid in the crater and looked around to see if anyone was there but she couldn’t see them. Will she catch her enemy find out next time…

Raniy day

It had been raining all morning the sky was dark and grey and the mood in the house dull as well. The rain covered the ground and would be amazing for jumping in ,you could almost swim in it. The more it rained the deeper the puddles got,and they got very deep. Ruby’s mum decided to go to the park they all thought it was a great idea and got in the car. They bought there wellies so the could splash around in the puddles by the lake. When they got home Ruby thought it was the best day ever.

The Twisted Gun

How was it twisted? why was it twisted? chloe didn’t know but what she did know was it must have been used before. She stared at the gun for so long her eyes heart trying to work out it’s past. Chloe thought it might have been used in the world wars or on a pirate ship but none of these ideas explained how the gun got twisted. It looked old and battered also a little rusty the bullets had been used and the trigger had been bent and that is how chloe new it was used before……

The cake

In a little village near town lived a girl called lily she loved cakes. One day she was mixing up the cake mixture for her cake. She poured it into a tin which she put in the oven to cook.When it came out of oven she noticed that it was huge. It was bigger than big. Lily iced the cake with a nice green minty flavour of icing on the top. After lily placed a pink daffodil on the top of the huge cake she sat down with her mum, dad and her sister.A nd the huge cake of corse.