The museum was dark and cold as you walked around the small room. The cases where covered from top to bottom in dust but only one of them was clear and had something in it. I slowly started walking towards it the lights came on around the case and I saw what was inside. A pile of bones a pile as tall as a giraffe. Who’s bones were they? maybe it was bones from a dinosaur or a elephant know one knew. I tried to read the label on the side of the case but it had all been rubbed of when the museum shut down. I decided to go home and find out what they must be.

Animal Agent

Amalie got in her rocket and started the engine “good luck” said the King and Queen as amalie’s rocket blasted into space. “Nearly there” she said to herself  Brushing her teeth and getting ready for the next day “tomorrow I will be the best ant agent in the world. She was on mars and ready to find the alien. She walked a few steps and heard a snapping noise and then a voice “are you looking for me” said someone with a deep voice. Amalie didn’t know what to say and hid in the crater and looked around to see if anyone was there but she couldn’t see them. Will she catch her enemy find out next time…

Raniy day

It had been raining all morning the sky was dark and grey and the mood in the house dull as well. The rain covered the ground and would be amazing for jumping in ,you could almost swim in it. The more it rained the deeper the puddles got,and they got very deep. Ruby’s mum decided to go to the park they all thought it was a great idea and got in the car. They bought there wellies so the could splash around in the puddles by the lake. When they got home Ruby thought it was the best day ever.

The Twisted Gun

How was it twisted? why was it twisted? chloe didn’t know but what she did know was it must have been used before. She stared at the gun for so long her eyes heart trying to work out it’s past. Chloe thought it might have been used in the world wars or on a pirate ship but none of these ideas explained how the gun got twisted. It looked old and battered also a little rusty the bullets had been used and the trigger had been bent and that is how chloe new it was used before……

The cake

In a little village near town lived a girl called lily she loved cakes. One day she was mixing up the cake mixture for her cake. She poured it into a tin which she put in the oven to cook.When it came out of oven she noticed that it was huge. It was bigger than big. Lily iced the cake with a nice green minty flavour of icing on the top. After lily placed a pink daffodil on the top of the huge cake she sat down with her mum, dad and her sister.A nd the huge cake of corse.

anamal agent

There once was an ant called Amalie who was the secret agent of Britain [in the ant world of corse].She went on mission to fined a secret formula that could turn even the smallest of animals into giant monsters. But today she had the secretest mission of all time, to find the giant alien on planet Jupiter. Amalie needed to catch him because he committed the biggest crime ever eating all of the cake at the queens birthday party[the queen invited everybody to her birthday party’s]. Will she complete her mission? Find out next time…

The Tree That Had Legs

I was walking in the woods one day and I saw a tall tree with a pair of legs. I turned around and when I looked back it was gone I couldn’t see it anywhere. Walking quicker I looked out for the tall tree with legs and found it once again. When I got closer I saw it had a face it told me not to be scared but i really was. I asked the tree what its name was the tree said he was called Joe. After that me and Joe where best friends I planted him in our garden and put him near our beautiful pink flowers. He looked very happy their but I wonder why he has leg?

Running Away

Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. It was a sunny day in Cambridge and Lila was playing a game with her best friend Lola. They were playing on the PS4. It was a very exiting game call donuts you had to run away from the rolling donut following you. But when the were playing they got sucked into the game and realised the they needed to run away from the giant donut. It towered over them like Big Ben would. They ran quickly but it wasn’t enough to beat the donut so they lost the game and got sucked back out of the game. From then they had a peacful day.

Lost and found

There was a polar bear at my door this morning. He looked lost so I rowed him back to Antarctica so he wouldn’t be lost. But when we got there he looked like he was still lost, then I realised that he wasn’t lost but he was lonely so I took  him back to my house and cuddled up on the sofa with him. Some thing was still wrong but I didn’t know what it was. The penguin still looked lost but I was  happy. I put a blanket over the Penguin and I fell fast asleep. So did I.

The Big Fall

When I was eating my breakfast i saw some thing strange outside near the guinea pigs cage. the strange thing I saw was  my brother climbing onto the roof. The first thing I thought was why was he on the roof. The more I thought about it the more I got worried. I tried to warn him but it was to late he fell of the roof.  We took him inside and put a plaster on his cut leg we asked him why he was up there but he didn’t tell us. I knew why he was up there but I didn’t tell any one.

Silly Billy

“This is boring”said billy as he was doing his homework. He got annoyed and screwed up his paper, his mum came in to see what was going on. She looked at the paper and said “ well that was silly billy” so billy went into the garden. He wanted to dig a hole in the garden and asked his mum for a shovel but his mum said NO! So billy dug the hole with his mums favorite China tea cup. She came into the garden and saw her favorite tea cup half way through the soil, his mum was cross and said “ well that was very silly billy!”

Why Cant I Be In Charge

But what if I was in charge” I shouted. That day was the worst day of my life,my brother made a secrete club and wanted to be in charge but I wanted  to be in charge to. So mum said that we would have a race. We had to jump over the bench and climb the climbing frame in the end my brother won (but that’s because I let him) The club was amazing though we had cupcakes and cookies every Monday,and went on loads of secret missions to find treasure and our dog was in the club to and very funny. I WAS THE BEST CLUB EVER.

The Slow Goldfish

On Tuesday I was about to leave for school when I saw a man climbing a ladder outside. But when I looked in his hand he was carrying a big round bowl. I thought that inside it was a brown Goldfish.

I came back from school and noticed that the ladder wasn’t there any more, but on the roof was that same bowl that I saw this morning. I climbed up the gutter and onto the roof of the house and took the box down to the ground. 

As I was walking back to my house I tripped over a stone and the bowl flew over the houses. I never saw that  goldfish again until it slowly made its way back.

The Day in a Life Of a book

At night she picks  me up and opens me to the page she last read.She doesn’t read me out loud and only in her head.

I wake up in the morning to find that she has left, when I hear the door open and feet coming up the stairs she puts me in this dark full bag with hardly room to move. my pages turn and it hearts a lot she takes me out and cries she tells her mum to find another one, and never reads me again. The other book gets read a lot and is taken every were. Now I am a sad, lonely book, and want someone to use me again.

a walk in the woods

One day i was out walking in the wood and i heard some think but ignored it.The next day I went for a walk in the woods again and heard that exact same noise and relised that it was a tree moving in the distance and walking towards me. I ran for my life and went back home and told my mum all about it she didn’t believe me so I took her into the woods the next day and the tree wasn’t there. I went again the next day and the tree was standing in front of me. I relised that it only came when i came by myself.

Down The Drain!

Oh no, I have fallen down the drain and I’m stuck. I cried for help but know one came, I saw rats running around by my feet and the smell was horrible. I know I had to get out of here. I tried to wriggle up the pipe but it was no use, it was to small. Then suddenly I saw daylight up ahead I tried with all my might and finally my body came free from the pipe and I was on the roof of my house! How was I going to get down. There it goes my best heir bow…



There once was a girl who had a pet snake called Hunter.But Hunter wasn’t any old snake he was a very rare species of red snake.He could climb walls, hide well and he could even tell the time on a clock.It was one o’clock in the morning which Hunter knew so he put his tail up when he heard his owner going for a cycle round the block.Hunter then put his tail back up and slid it in the lock he twisted it round and the cage opened before his eyes.He escaped!When his owner got back she looked all around but couldn’t find him….

Man Hand

Once there was a man called Sam and he was a apple juice and he made the nicest apple juice in the city and his friend was very lucky because he got to try it first.But one day a new person arrived and set up his own apple juice business and every body started buying his apple juice instead of Sam’s.So Sam put a secret  formula in his apple juice even though he didn’t know what it did.Sam only sold one bottle to one person and it turned him into a giant hand man!And he started destroying the whole city!

Cats eyes

A cat called shaddow used to come round our house every night and she could see everything she could see flies she could see outer cats and some verry small tings as well.But one night I followed her to our garage and had to move the heghog that was burrowing in the hay because shaddow could see him.You couldn’t trust him at night or in the day.One night I saw him trip over a card board box I got him out and rushed back to the house to tell my mum the shaddow couldn’t see card board boxes but she was a sleep so I decided to tell her in the morning.

Into the jungle

In the beginning two friends Hannah and Amelia wanted to go to the jungle to find new animals and climb lots of trees. They were creeping through the jungle and to there amazement standing in frount of them was a little dog.His tail was wagging like mad so Hannah held out her hand for the dog to sniff he came closer and started to sniff it she then went to pick him up and the dog wagged his tail faster.When Hannah and Amelia were walking home amelia said ” Im going to call him pikle they opened the front door and started to play with him.