a walk in the woods

One day i was out walking in the wood and i heard some think but ignored it.The next day I went for a walk in the woods again and heard that exact same noise and relised that it was a tree moving in the distance and walking towards me. I ran for my life and went back home and told my mum all about it she didn’t believe me so I took her into the woods the next day and the tree wasn’t there. I went again the next day and the tree was standing in front of me. I relised that it only came when i came by myself.

Down The Drain!

Oh no, I have fallen down the drain and I’m stuck. I cried for help but know one came, I saw rats running around by my feet and the smell was horrible. I know I had to get out of here. I tried to wriggle up the pipe but it was no use, it was to small. Then suddenly I saw daylight up ahead I tried with all my might and finally my body came free from the pipe and I was on the roof of my house! How was I going to get down. There it goes my best heir bow…



There once was a girl who had a pet snake called Hunter.But Hunter wasn’t any old snake he was a very rare species of red snake.He could climb walls, hide well and he could even tell the time on a clock.It was one o’clock in the morning which Hunter knew so he put his tail up when he heard his owner going for a cycle round the block.Hunter then put his tail back up and slid it in the lock he twisted it round and the cage opened before his eyes.He escaped!When his owner got back she looked all around but couldn’t find him….

Man Hand

Once there was a man called Sam and he was a apple juice and he made the nicest apple juice in the city and his friend was very lucky because he got to try it first.But one day a new person arrived and set up his own apple juice business and every body started buying his apple juice instead of Sam’s.So Sam put a secret  formula in his apple juice even though he didn’t know what it did.Sam only sold one bottle to one person and it turned him into a giant hand man!And he started destroying the whole city!

Cats eyes

A cat called shaddow used to come round our house every night and she could see everything she could see flies she could see outer cats and some verry small tings as well.But one night I followed her to our garage and had to move the heghog that was burrowing in the hay because shaddow could see him.You couldn’t trust him at night or in the day.One night I saw him trip over a card board box I got him out and rushed back to the house to tell my mum the shaddow couldn’t see card board boxes but she was a sleep so I decided to tell her in the morning.