mad monkey

One day Mr Monkey was on his computer looking at his comments, on his blog. He was just in the middle of reading one of his comments about when he was swinging about in the trees on holiday when he noticed someone had deleted one of his posts. Mr Monkey was so mad that he pushed the computer away from him. He watched in horror as the shiny grey computer slid quickly away from him across the table. Suddenly he heard a loud smashing sound and new that was the end of his computer. He new that he had done the wrong thing.

The Artic Journey

The artic wolves were tiered after there long journey and I will tell you exactly how it happened. One day five artic wolves and there owner poppy were sitting on the old, grey, tatty, sofa. They were thinking about where they wanted to going to go for there next holiday. They decided to go to the artic. so they got prepared and got a big,blue ferry that carried lots of people to lots of different counters. Finally they got there and poppy asked her dogs to pull her along on her red and blue sleigh because the snow was to deep and she would probably…

The tiger that could climb!

Me and my friend Amelia where very good at climbing and we wanted something more challenging. So we decided that we would go into the forest and climb the tall, green trees. All of a sudden me and my friend heard a rustle in the bush closest to the tree we were climbing we jumped down to have a look at what was making the bush rustle so much I whispered to Amelia”i’m sure I saw some black and white stripes run into the bush”. The tiger obviously heard me and so he jumped out of the bush and was blocking are escape ,he was actually quite cleaver. Me and Amelia had know idea what we where going to do!


The invisible people

Once their was a girl called Chloe and she lived Paris.One day she decided to visit the most popular cake shop in the whole world! As she was walking through the bright majestic town she felt some think whizz past her hair”sorry” said a mysterious voice.Chloe stoped “who was that” said Chloe worriedly.The mysterious voice said back I am invisible.Chloe was amazed at what she heard she ran all the way home screeming she ran into the house up the stairs and hid under the covers of her comfey bed Chloe was so scared! She ran down stairs about every think that had happened but her mum didn’t believe her.



As the flame flickered warmly around the clearing the children were spinning there sparklers high in the air. The white flashes were makeing lots of different patterns in the darkness. Sausages on the grill were sizzling noisily. Suddenly a big spark lit up the sky followed by a loud BANG! The children jumped with fright and ran to hide behind their perants. The children were brought out again by a beautifully coloured Cathrin wheel exploding in mid air. To finish off the night they threw the guy fawks they had made onto the blazing fire. What a great night they had had as they celebrated bonfire night. Tomorrow was Amelia’s Birthday and all her friends would be there for her swimming party.

the under water world

I was walking along the path and i tripped fell into the water and suddenly found my self in a under water world.When I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful… well at first I didn’t know what it was but then I realised it was a colourful girl with a nice scaly shiny purple tail.”It’s a mermaid”Ben tried to shout but knew nobody would hear him.Ben looked around and saw lots of different shops,houses and even schools where mer children learn.Ben thought hard and decided to get out of the water.Once he was out he realised he was dry…

froggy fun

One day there was a frog called burty and he loved the water.But one day a evil queen called queen meany cursed him.He didn’t like the water he didn’t even like eating flies which was very strange for burty.One day he got out of the pool and looked down at his feet and relised they wern’t webbed suddenly it came to burty that he was turning into a human.Burty was amazed at what he saw.Then his skin went pale and he grew taller and taller until he was a giant to a frog. He opened his eyes and saw people crowding around him thinking about what just happend.Suddenly they all ran away and burty realised why.It was queen meany and her evil army of ants “I see you have found out what my magic can really do”she shouted and went to turn and go back but befor she could burty grabbed her staff and turned him self back into a slimey green frog.queen meany was furious and started to rage at the frog but the staff got taken away and burty lived a long happy froggy life.

What is it?

It sits on my shelf every day and i look at it all night.It is shiny and glass and is a delcate animal.It can break and it can smash.It is small and fragile and is a very gracful creature.People look at it when they come round and if i am sad it will chear me up. Some one got it from orlando and was brought for a present.It lives in the sea and is very playful it is blue and green but not until you hold it up in the sun light.what do you think my mysterious shiny object is?

The dog that wore glasses

One day I went to the beach and there was a dog wearing some weird green glasses.I was amazed at what I saw ,my best Amelia was sitting next to me and I said to her “have you ever seen a dog wearing weird green glasses before and she said “I have seen a dog like that before my auntie owns one.So I got up and went to find out more about the weird green dog wearing glasses.The owner said his name was green dog and that explained every think.The owner went on and on about how the dog loved wearing glasses and couldn’t see very well.I went back and told Amelia that the dog couldn’t see very well and went back home.When we got to the beautiful pink cottage we went up stairs and started drawing the weird looking dog because we really loved art it was nearly tea and we had a tasty looking bowl of spaghetti.


Professor Crocodile

The animals were going to school and today they had
different teacher.His name was professor crocodile.He was an unusual professor as he was a purple crocodile.The animals stared in horror as the teacher got out a pen to mark there work.The next lesson was art and the animals where asked to get a paint brush and splash different colours onto the page.After the lesson professor crocodile gave a sticker to a little cheater who had done a brilliant pice of art work with some blue,green and red.Befor professor crocodile knew it all the animals had gone home.

The smashed light bulb

Smash the light bulb fell to the floor.Andrew went to look at the broken light bulb that he fixed 100 times.But this time he noticed something different about the smashed light bulb. Scattered all around the light bulb where some little stones all different colours there were some blue ones pink ones and some green ones.Andrew wondered how they got in there so he went to his work shop and started looking into it then he found some think on line about little stones forming in light bulbs and when they get to heavy for the light bulb it will fall.

Candy Land

There was a girl called Glimmer and she loved candy.One day she was making a cake and suddenly she got sucked into the mixture ,it tasted lovely and when she came out she was not at home she was in a very different land.Glimmer then saw some ginger bread houses and ginger bread people walking on the pepper mint path.Glimmer could also see ice cream cove and  cream mountain.She pushed herself up and had a look around and all of a sudden she realised were she was she was in a  land of yummy candy which was called candy land.