anamal agent

There once was an ant called Amalie who was the secret agent of Britain [in the ant world of corse].She went on mission to fined a secret formula that could turn even the smallest of animals into giant monsters. But today she had the secretest mission of all time, to find the giant alien on planet Jupiter. Amalie needed to catch him because he committed the biggest crime ever eating all of the cake at the queens birthday party[the queen invited everybody to her birthday party’s]. Will she complete her mission? Find out next time…

The Tree That Had Legs

I was walking in the woods one day and I saw a tall tree with a pair of legs. I turned around and when I looked back it was gone I couldn’t see it anywhere. Walking quicker I looked out for the tall tree with legs and found it once again. When I got closer I saw it had a face it told me not to be scared but i really was. I asked the tree what its name was the tree said he was called Joe. After that me and Joe where best friends I planted him in our garden and put him near our beautiful pink flowers. He looked very happy their but I wonder why he has leg?

Running Away

Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. It was a sunny day in Cambridge and Lila was playing a game with her best friend Lola. They were playing on the PS4. It was a very exiting game call donuts you had to run away from the rolling donut following you. But when the were playing they got sucked into the game and realised the they needed to run away from the giant donut. It towered over them like Big Ben would. They ran quickly but it wasn’t enough to beat the donut so they lost the game and got sucked back out of the game. From then they had a peacful day.

Lost and found

There was a polar bear at my door this morning. He looked lost so I rowed him back to Antarctica so he wouldn’t be lost. But when we got there he looked like he was still lost, then I realised that he wasn’t lost but he was lonely so I took  him back to my house and cuddled up on the sofa with him. Some thing was still wrong but I didn’t know what it was. The penguin still looked lost but I was  happy. I put a blanket over the Penguin and I fell fast asleep. So did I.

The Big Fall

When I was eating my breakfast i saw some thing strange outside near the guinea pigs cage. the strange thing I saw was  my brother climbing onto the roof. The first thing I thought was why was he on the roof. The more I thought about it the more I got worried. I tried to warn him but it was to late he fell of the roof.  We took him inside and put a plaster on his cut leg we asked him why he was up there but he didn’t tell us. I knew why he was up there but I didn’t tell any one.