The smashed light bulb

Smash the light bulb fell to the floor.Andrew went to look at the broken light bulb that he fixed 100 times.But this time he noticed something different about the smashed light bulb. Scattered all around the light bulb where some little stones all different colours there were some blue ones pink ones and some green ones.Andrew wondered how they got in there so he went to his work shop and started looking into it then he found some think on line about little stones forming in light bulbs and when they get to heavy for the light bulb it will fall.

Candy Land

There was a girl called Glimmer and she loved candy.One day she was making a cake and suddenly she got sucked into the mixture ,it tasted lovely and when she came out she was not at home she was in a very different land.Glimmer then saw some ginger bread houses and ginger bread people walking on the pepper mint path.Glimmer could also see ice cream cove and  cream mountain.She pushed herself up and had a look around and all of a sudden she realised were she was she was in a  land of yummy candy which was called candy land.