The Thing

On one normal Saturday morning, I was on my way to the local museum. I was very excited it.

When we arrived we went straight to the area entitled, DINOSAURS, cause I love them. I was looking around when something caught my eye. So I walked over to it and saw a pile of bones in a ball they were all covered in mud so I couldn’t see them properly. The information next to it read:


This artefact is very dangerous! Do not touch it or bad things will happen and your life will be cursed forever and so will everyone else’s!

To be continued



It was a boring, wet day. It had been raining all morning. It was still raining and now it is 18:00. I think a storm is building up now, I can hear it. What a grey day it is. I don’t think I am ever going to get to sleep.

Now I’m up again and I only got a few hours sleep. Just then I heard a really loud, scary rumble, then there was a sudden bolt of electricity. Then I saw something. A nearby tree was on fire. So I rushed downstairs, picked up the phone and dialled 999 wanting the fire brigade.

One hour later, when they came I realised I had nothing to tell them about. The rain must have put out the fire. I got into big trouble with them.

A Twist In The End

On a normal day, in America on planet Earth, there was a gun factory. It sold all sorts. But one day one their machines broke…

One day, when the bullets were being made, one of the revolver making machines went wrong. It started creating twisted revolvers. They had twisted handles, twisted triggers and twisted barrels! No one knew what was happening. Everyone wanted to find out about the strange appearances of the revolvers. Suddenly, the factory lights started flashing and machines stopped. They called in some engineers eventually.

After three hours, the machines were fixed and all was well. The  kept one revolver in a museum.

Pink, Fluffy Unicorns

Once upon a time there was a unicorn. The unicorn was pink, very pink. It sprinkled dust wherever it went. In fact he was so pink, that he would definitely stand out in a group of  flamingoes. This day I am telling you about is the day that changed his life. He was about to get a completely different friend.

The pink unicorn was prancing over some daffodils, when suddenly a fire ball came flying towards him! It was another unicorn. But it was green unlike the other unicorns. 

As you know reader,unicorns can’t speak so I am going to translate it for you.

“NNEIIGGGHHH,”said the pink unicorn.

To Be Continued


I Am A Robot

Hi, am a robot. I am fighting in a robot war in another dimension from you… the reader. Lots of scratches cover my body, but luckily I am a robot and I can’t feel anything. My colour is red and so are the rest of my friends. Right now I am fighting one of the strongest robots in the other army. Oh no! I have just been hit by the robot and I’m flying to wards Earth. I’m in your atmosphere and now I am on fire! 5..4..3..2..1.. CRASH. Oh, I landed on a tree . What, where are my legs!

To finish off I am just going to say… his legs were very far away.