Big Cup, Little Cup

Once upon a time in my house, I was drinking a cup of tea, when suddenly I was being sucked into a parallel dimension. I was spinning and swaying until finally, I had touched the ground. My head was going all funny and then I had adjusted to my surrounding. Weirdly, I saw a flying donkey and a singing monkey until then I saw a giant tea pot. Buried in the ground. It was around the size of a cow.  There were flowers on it and it looked like it had been chipped. Then I heard a whizzing sound I was travelling back home. I wish I had been there longer, I really wanted to see everything else.

A Boy And A Penguin

The Boy

Once a penguin was walking through a forest in Iceland, when he saw a boy! The boy decided to pick it up and take it home. At home he named it Penguiny (pen-gu-ee-nee). He dressed him up in flip-flops, sunglasses and a shirt, fed him fish (and chips) and they even played with his toys. The boy loved it but the penguin hated it.

The Penguin

Once a boy was walking through a forest when he saw a penguin. The penguin ran towards the boy started pecking, and took the boy to his home. In his home he asked the boy his name. He fed him raw fish (regurgitated by the penguin), he dressed him in snow and he let him play with his plastic fish collection. The boy hated it but the penguin loved it.



If I Was The P.M.

Once, I was watching the news. It was a special about Brexit. I wasn’t very interested, but my dad just kept watching. Every two minutes, I would ask my dad to TURN IT OFF. But he wouldn’t listen any of the hundreds of times I asked him. I decided to think of what I could do. So I thought “But what if I was in charge of the country”.

So these are the things I thought of what I could do:

I could make up my own rules for the country. Like children do not have to go to school, children make up the school rules, and finally children can’t get told off. I thought that was a bit too much for children. Maybe adults can have a day off.

I said to my dad again,”Can we turn it off.” He didn’t listen.

A Day In The Life Of Snow

Last Monday, it was snowing in the park. I hate it when it snows. I’m a snowflake and I really do not like it when I touch the ground.

First, I get blown through the wind (not in control of what direction I am going).

Then, snowflakes normally get blown into people’s hair and melt; others do not. I didn’t (luckily).

Next I touch the ground. Lots of bad actions at that point, actions, that I don’t want to happen to me. Like people stepping on me. Oh how I hate people treading on me. I get squashed and squished and kicked around. Snow is the worst object to be in the whole wide world.

Another bad thing that could happen to me is that sometimes I get scrunched up into a ball. Once I have been made into a ball I get thrown around. I get thrown at: trees, people, bins, lamp posts, slides, swings and loads more. They call me a snowball. I AM A SNOWFLAKE NOT, A SNOWBALL!

After that, the most annoying thing is people gather me and the other snowflakes get made into models. Like model humans, model dogs, even model snowflakes!

Something else, is that humans sometimes eat me! Would you like to be eaten.

Finally, I will tell you the only good thing is flying down chatting with my friends.

Yours sincerely


Stick Thingy

Once upon a time, when I was walking in the park, I saw some large logs, lying on the ground. Then I looked away. I looked back and they had moved! I was wandering what was going on. So I decided to go back home.

The next day, I went back to the park they had moved again! Suddenly, the logs got up. They started doing forward lunges. It was an amazing sight. Loads of stick people walking. I didn’t know what to do? I thought I should go back home again.

When I got back home, I went to bed. I woke back up in the morning and realised it was just a dream.