The Little Boy’s Problems (part 2).

So I will continue with the story…

All the little boy’s friends celebrated his tenth birthday once. Everyone started singing ‘Happy Birthday’. His mum had lit all ten candles on his cake with a big flame. It was time to blow the candles out, he took a deep breath, leaned forward and blew the candles out. “AAHH!” Everyone screamed. The, now ten year old boy, did not know what had happened. Then the little boy smelt burning and realized his hair was on FIRE! He wet his hands and patted his hair but that didn’t work. So he tried putting his hair under running water and that did work.

So that’s the end of that story.

The next story is based at a swimming pool. There are three problems to this story. This is how it goes…

The little boy went to his local swimming pool one time. He was just having a shower, about to go into the pool room, when the shower turned cold. He ran out but slipped (that is why you should never run in a swimming pool). His mum and dad told him it was time to go in to the pool room. “Yay,” He said and he walked to the pool. The pool was massive most of it was deep. So the boy decided to jump into the pool and, just as he was in mid-air, he remembered he couldn’t swim! As he hit the water he felt himself going down, down, down. He could see the white tiles on the floor. Suddenly, he felt himself being hauled up to the surface. It was the life guard! Then he thought, I’m not coming here tomorrow.

The Little Boy’s Problems.

Once there was a normal little boy named Matt. He lived in a small house with his mum, his dad and his little sister. In this story, I will be telling you about this little boy’s problems.

One of his problems was when he and his dad were on a boat ride in the sea. The boat started to shake when,”SSPLAASSHH,” he fell off the boat and into the sea. His dad had to call the lifeguards to come and rescue him. While they were waiting, the little boy grabbed onto a rope on the boat that was put there for decoration.

The second problem is when he was walking in the park and he fell into a puddle. He was just walking along when he fell in head first. The puddle was very deep. All you could see were his boots and a bit of his jeans. His mum and dad had to pull him out while his sister just stood there watching.

These are just some of his problems. I will tell you more in the next story though!


Smart Barker

There was once a dog named Sausage (named after the food he likes best). Sausage was a small thin dog and was white with black spots. He looked big but really it was just fur. His owner was Professor Jenkins (from the last story, Professor Jenkins), he made toys for his dog, when ever he wanted. He wore glasses, smart navy blue trousers, a stripy blue and grey shirt and a dark red tie. His glasses were magic, they made him as smart as he was.

One sunny day, Sausage and his owner were out on a walk in a park nearby. When suddenly the sun went in a started to rain very hard. They started to run back. Unexpectedly, a strong wind blew his owner’s glasses off and Sausage went to pick them up. He picked them up and the dog was wearing glasses. Then suddenly, he started talking. The glasses had made him smart!


To be continued.

Professor Jenkins

Once upon a time there was a mad scientist named, Professor Jenkins. He wore a purple jacket, black trousers and has crazy hair. I know Professor Jenkins is a strange name don’t worry I’m not mad like the scientist. Now on with the story. Anyway, Professor Jenkins had a pet crocodile called, Snappy.

One day, Jenkins was making an invention. A very exciting one. He was making a weather controller. He was making it so that he could make it snow every winter and make it sunny in the summer time. Professor Jenkins was sitting in his special chair (the chair that he always sits in), when suddenly, Snappy jumped out of his massive tank (3 meters wide, 2 meters long and 2 meters deep to be precise) and bit Professor Jenkins’ leg. His leg was being twisted and turned about until SNAP his leg had been bitten off. CRUNCH CRUNCH was the sound of Snappy eating Professor Jenkins’ leg. “I know what I should do,” he said,”I will make myself a bionic leg, it’s going to be difficult but I can do it.” He stayed up all night, worked all day then finally after 5 WHOLE DAYS he was finished,”Now I just have to put it on but how?” Professor Jenkins spent another 2 days trying to figure out how to put it on. So on the second day he tried to put it on,’this is hard,’he thought. He managed to get it on for once. Since he had got his bionic leg on, he needed to finish his weather controller so he was working on that for a couple more days. When he was done, he waited till winter to test it. After 4 months it was finally able to be tested. He flicked switches, fiddled with levers and pressed buttons and then IT WORKED.”WWOOAAHH!”A random man said as a big blast of energy shot into the air. It got cold, it started to snow! Professor Jenkins was relieved that it worked just so he didn’t have to do it all over again! Now that would be a disaster wouldn’t it.



The Light Bulb Mystery

I went to a park one day, when I saw a broken light bulb on the floor. I decided to investigate. So I looked on the floor, I saw a leakage of colourful beads. Inside the river of beads was a small man with white clothing. He was calling,”Help oh help!” So I bent down closer. I answered back,”Are you ok?” He said,”I’m ok it’s just that my house smashed and !” I had a look at some of the colours. There were the colours: yellow, dark green, light green,  dark pink, light pink, blue and white. “I’ll fix it, don’t worry.”

Magic river

I was in my garden one day, when I heard a sound of water rushing. I looked through the hedge, I saw a river! So I decided to go through. I couldn’t just see a river I could also see some small people. I started running to one of the strange people, when I tripped on a stone and fell into the river! The river’s current was dragging me through so, what lies ahead of me, I didn’t know. I saw a waterfall in the distance, I wished I was out of the river and !!!BOOM!!! I was out of the river.