Bone Ball

Once upon a museum stood a big bone ball slowly spinning whilst people walk by it glaring with fascination.Because it is that precious it is in a glass tank. But no one knows where they have came from and everyone is trying to figure out. Then all of a sudden came an ear piercing scream which I think said ”I’ve found out where the bones have came from.” Everyone charged over  shouting and screaming. But all it was ,was a small boy saying to his mum  ”I know where my bones have came from they have came from the stuff I eat.”


The Rain Went On All Day

My name is Reece and one day I went outside to  play football it was really early so I didn’t kick the ball hard because I didn’t want to disturb anyone or wake them up. I was just about to kick the ball when I heard a massive roar of thunder it was as loud as a plane crashing into a train. So I decided to go in and I think the thunder woke my mum and dad up. I went in put the TV on and got all warm and as soon as the TV turned on. It came up with the weather forecast and it said it will be raining all morning and thats going to be a long day.

The Daffodil on the huge bridge

On the bridge Pontchartrain Causeway was a tiny little pink daffodil living all by himself with people walking by him not even noticing him.Oh and by the way my name is Jack and the daffodils name is Mini he’s called mini because of how small he is as a flower. Mini didn’t like not being noticed because he had no friends and no-one to talk to which was very sad. One time all nine year old spotted him and picked him up and gave it to the mummy for a present. And when they got home they put him in a pot .

The Revolver Statue

My name is Billy and one day I was walking around New York and I walked by a brilliant artistic statue of a revolver.It was a gift from Luxembourg  in 1988 and now it just  sits there sometimes being stared at. One thing I noticed this time I went is that there’s a knot on the barrel. I have just figured out that the knot is there because if it was a real gun then it wouldn’t fire, and its also saying there shouldn’t be war. And I agree with that because there shouldn’t be war and lots of other people agree.

The mirror that’s water

She had found it lying alone, deserted, abandoned in the attic. After making the discovery, Anna had gazed and marvelled at it for some time. Where had it come from? Why had no dust settled upon it, as it had done over everything else that resided in her attic? A layer of the thick dust blanketed the attic floor, and as the sunlight glared through the attic windows, the dust particles yet to settle were illuminated as they hovered in the stuffy air. Yet, the mirror looked flawless, untouched by age, not a finger print in sight.

Anna propped the mirror up against one of the thick, timber beams that jutted from the attic floor. Settling down into a comfortable position, she tentatively placed a finger against the glass…  and then ripples started moving around the mirror. Then all of a sudden the mirror fell through the attic floor and landed on the floor below and disappeared with a massive bang and was never saw again neither was the girl.


The Chase Begins

”Rodney and Ricky RUN!!! Look who’s behind you” Me and ricky had just heard that in the corner of our ear and started running because a man was chasing us. Although we were running fast we weren’t making enough progress. And before we he was right on our tails and nearly caught us when we had escaped we thought why was he chasing us did he like want something. We did have a very expensive box but I have never seen whats in it so I went home and decided to smash it with a hammer and it was a diamond.


The Boy And The Penguin

The Boys Perspective

One day I was in my bed just relaxing when I heard a Bang on the door first I got my pyjamas on and then I heard it again so I went to the door and it was a penguin. So first I closed the door because I thought I was imagining it but then I opened it again and it was still there and it looked sad so I brought it in and covered it with a towel it felt cold at the same time. After a few moments I had breakfast and the penguin did as well. After breakfast I took him for a walk we went through the woods and near a river and over the hills. It was so fun until I heard the penguin scream so I ran to the room that I thought I heard it come from and he was just sitting on the bed looking at a map and pointing at the south pole

The Penguins Perspective

“I really want to go back to my home where my family is”I said to the boy and then the boy said I know you do so I’ll take you back in about 2 hours so I said “ok” and we were watching TV for about 10 minutes and then the boy said “ok” I am bored let’s just go  so we went on a boat all the way to Antarctica and whenI turned round he was gone so I went round the ice burg andI saw him playing around having fun so I went.

The Massive Cup

One day a boy name Jim was just walking along the small alleyway in the woods when suddenly heard the most loudest sound ever and then he heard it again BANG BANG BANG!!! He walked through the trees and spotted a massive cup and thought it was a house Jim didn't have a house because a storm came and his mum and dad died a their house got destroyed. He was so happy so he went back into the woods and got some leaves to keep warm. And then he saw a giant and started running and then he got eating because he was to slow.


The Gold Group

Once upon a mine there lived a little group of gold diggers and they were always digging for gold. But they never found any so they kept on digging and digging until the boss said ”I don’t want to be in charge” so the other one said”But what if I was in charge cause I really want to be in charge” and then the boss said ”ahh ok”. So now the other boss was in charge and it was all good until the mountain they were living in fell down and they were all gone and never seen again.



The Brown Goldfish

One day I was fishing in my local lake and I saw a fish at first I thought it was a goldfish but it was brown and swimming very slowly and then it just zoomed of and it looked like it flew. And because it was getting late I went home and on the way I saw a man up a ladder and the ladder was shaking so I shouted”Hey your ladder is shaking”and he said”I don’t care” so I just carried on walking home and when I got there there was a lovely dinner on the table.



A Day In The Life Of Football

My name is Lennon and it is an early Saturday morning and my favourite football is my Premier League football out there on the lawn and on the football there was a note so I opened it and it said ”I know I am your favourite football Lennon but I never get used.”I thought what have I done he’s my favourite football and he thinks he isn’t getting used enough.
The next morning I woke up and blinked a few times I didn’t know how bright it would I was wondering what time it was a then I heard a  door open and and then I heard it SLAM!! It was Lennon He came up to me and started doing shots with me and I was going top corners and bottom corners and it was so fun I was going up , down , left and right. I got used the whole day and I was happy with Lennon.

The Fighting Camp

One evening my mum found a camp and she thought it would be good for me jack. I am a big boy and I have not  been to a camp yet  and I thought it would be fun . We went the next morning and the entrance said fighting camp I and mum said “this is not the camp I booked ” but lets try it and see she dropped me of and said”seems good”and I started walking I had walked about 20 mins and I saw a group of people and didn’t look real and that was because they weren’t. But I got to sleep and didn’t Like so I didn’t go the next day.


Drain Monster

One day lived a monster and it was a drain monster anything that was litter and fell down the drain  he would eat it. One day he saw someone drop a can and wanted it but it didn’t come to him it went down the drain pipe  it never came to him it aways went down the drain pipe. One day he thought he would come out into the human world when it was raining a all the rain came into the drain he thought that was a shower but it did wash him of and he was now a human.

The snake that chased the cycler

Once upon a time there was a boy  who was called Harry and he was a very good BMX biker he always went the skatepark . He was always the best one there when he went to do a trick on the ramp everyone would move out the way to let him do it. He does frontflips backflips double frontflips double backflips one time he got chased by a snake. Its amazing its mind blowing its eye popping how he does his tricks at five o clock he would look at the time before he could home by the way he has a red bike which is cool THE END!!!



One day I was on a piece of paper and I  wanted to get out of it and on the piece of paper I was a hand just a normal hand. And that day my dream came true that night my artist chucked me in the bin and bang I came alive so I climbed out. And ran to a hotel and while I was in the bin I found £50 which was suprising  and I spent it a got a hotel room I was number 325. I woke up on top of a building and there was a crowd under me .

The girl save And then thry

One morning there was a girl who woke up to find a bear next to her and he was roar and facing somthing it was his mummy bear on the other side of the river. So she made a zip line and got a bag and zip lined over the river she got to the bear and the bear hugged her.And then they started to be friends and they played for the whole afternoon. They played chase and hide and seek and it seamed like fun they were hiding behind trees. And they became best friends.The end


One day in th evening it was Christmas Eve and we were all excited about santa coming in the morning. In the beginning our tummy were a bit funny but it got better. So we went to bed at a good time and woke up at a good time and this was it. Did santa come and give us any presents we open the door and the living room was covered in presents,presents here presents there.So let’s go and we go and open all of the presents we all got about 20 presents each and we all got what we wanted.

The flying man

Hi my name is crow and my name is crow because I have a secret that know one knows. My secret is I am a crow human and I fly with all the crows and I am the leader. We fly around all over the place we go over countries we go through tunnels and its so fun you should try it one day. We were just flying round one day and we found a country that we have never seen before it was surrounded by steam and some of my feathers started fulling of and ahhh I was teleported.

The Day We Went To The Zoo

One afternoon I went to the zoo it was about 10 minutes away my name is Billy and I like zoos so thats why we are going. We got there and it was very busy and the tigers cage looked open and it didn’t look like there was a tiger in it. So I told my mum and said “Mum I am scared ” and she said ” Its ok”we moved on and got out the car to get some fresh air. We were right next to the tigers now I moved a bit closer and bellowed “Hello”there was no respond I turned around and the tiger was there the tiger was blocking our escape.



The Strange Sandwich

Once upon a time there was a  sandwich and it was a energetic sandwich that had battery’s . It was walking down the street one day and I know how it would feel if I was a sandwich walking down the street. So there was a lot of humans staring at  him so he started to get in a hurry. Humans started chasing after him and before he knew it he was ahead and all the humans were behind him and they were white and puffed out. He just carried on running until he got to a massive field.