The Chase Begins

”Rodney and Ricky RUN!!! Look who’s behind you” Me and ricky had just heard that in the corner of our ear and started running because a man was chasing us. Although we were running fast we weren’t making enough progress. And before we he was right on our tails and nearly caught us when we had escaped we thought why was he chasing us did he like want something. We did have a very expensive box but I have never seen whats in it so I went home and decided to smash it with a hammer and it was a diamond.


The Boy And The Penguin

The Boys Perspective

One day I was in my bed just relaxing when I heard a Bang on the door first I got my pyjamas on and then I heard it again so I went to the door and it was a penguin. So first I closed the door because I thought I was imagining it but then I opened it again and it was still there and it looked sad so I brought it in and covered it with a towel it felt cold at the same time. After a few moments I had breakfast and the penguin did as well. After breakfast I took him for a walk we went through the woods and near a river and over the hills. It was so fun until I heard the penguin scream so I ran to the room that I thought I heard it come from and he was just sitting on the bed looking at a map and pointing at the south pole

The Penguins Perspective

“I really want to go back to my home where my family is”I said to the boy and then the boy said I know you do so I’ll take you back in about 2 hours so I said “ok” and we were watching TV for about 10 minutes and then the boy said “ok” I am bored let’s just go  so we went on a boat all the way to Antarctica and whenI turned round he was gone so I went round the ice burg andI saw him playing around having fun so I went.

The Massive Cup

One day a boy name Jim was just walking along the small alleyway in the woods when suddenly heard the most loudest sound ever and then he heard it again BANG BANG BANG!!! He walked through the trees and spotted a massive cup and thought it was a house Jim didn't have a house because a storm came and his mum and dad died a their house got destroyed. He was so happy so he went back into the woods and got some leaves to keep warm. And then he saw a giant and started running and then he got eating because he was to slow.


The Gold Group

Once upon a mine there lived a little group of gold diggers and they were always digging for gold. But they never found any so they kept on digging and digging until the boss said ”I don’t want to be in charge” so the other one said”But what if I was in charge cause I really want to be in charge” and then the boss said ”ahh ok”. So now the other boss was in charge and it was all good until the mountain they were living in fell down and they were all gone and never seen again.



The Brown Goldfish

One day I was fishing in my local lake and I saw a fish at first I thought it was a goldfish but it was brown and swimming very slowly and then it just zoomed of and it looked like it flew. And because it was getting late I went home and on the way I saw a man up a ladder and the ladder was shaking so I shouted”Hey your ladder is shaking”and he said”I don’t care” so I just carried on walking home and when I got there there was a lovely dinner on the table.