The Evil Devil

One evening I was doing laps on my bike around the field oh and if you don’t know what my name is it’s Timmy. Then all of a sudden I saw a creepy black costume peeking through the tree so I went a bit closer and then he jumped out and scared me so bad. He got a hold of me and bellowed I am homeless ‘give me money’ you little child. I screamed for help and mum came looking because I had been here for so long. So she karata kicked him because she is a master black belt.


Once there was a bay called Lennon he lived in a house in a  forest it was haunted.He liked to go in the woods . On day he went to far and he saw a sine it said do not enter some on pushed him and fell doun in a hole  he couldn’t move he scremed “I WILL FIND YOU”. He found a root he pulled it he got out at last. He ran home and he saw a dark shadow he stopped and he saw the person that pushed him Lennon punched the person  and he got a nose bleed and ran away to his house.


The city of ghosts

Hello, I am a ghost and my name is Harry and I am 5 years old.All me and my family are ghost and we live in a big city called Candy land.And there were more sweets than ghosts so we went on the candy.And saw a brilliant view of candy.Guess what happend we jumped on every piece of candy and fell but we didn’t heart ourself it was more fun than heartful.We carried on until we got to a massive doughnut and it was a challenge who could jump the furthest and get through it.So we tried but it failed.


The swimming celebration

Once upon a time there was a boy named Lennon who was a brilliant swimmer he could do 1000 laps in one minute.In a pool the size of the building.So  one day he thought he would go to a lake in USA it’s the biggest lake in the world. And it’s also veeeeery muddy but Lennon doesn’t care he just dived in and saw loads of seaweed (lakeweed).But he carried on it was so discusting with all the (lakeweed)and before you knew it he was half way which was 16miles out of thirty two.And soon he was at the end and they celebrated with a big party.

The Epic Fail

One day there was a farmer who once had a big lake that was all murky, dirty and green.He tried to swim in it once but it guess what it was an EPIC FAIL!!!.So he tried again but he went a bit higher and jumped on a higher spot and it was an EPIC FAIL again.So he tried again with higher jump with the biggest jump he could ever do and it was the most funniest fail ever.I had never seen anything as funny as that was it was hard for me to breath it was that funny.




Something lost at beach

One day I was at a beach in Australia and we were going sand surfing we were at one side of the beach and the sand hill was at the other.So we picked up the tent and something fell out and before looking around .I knew what it was it was something that you wear it goes up high on your body it has four sides.We got to the sand hill without anyon.

The Dog That Can Talk

One day there was a dog and it wasn’t just any old dog it was a dog that can talk.So yesterday he thought he would go to a doggy school and he was the only one that could talk.Their first lesson was hold my paw that was easy for the dog.They went in line the dog was first in line it was easy all you needed to do was lift your paw up and  that is how you do it the next lesson was jump in the air that was so easy that the dog was wearing glasses and that was the end of doggy school day.





Crab chant

Bad crabs, mad crabs, green mean and sad crabs.

Pink crabs, sink crabs, swimming in your drink crabs.

Fierce crabs, tame crabs, some without a name crabs.

Red crabs, bed crabs, find them in your head crabs.

Yellow crabs, mellow crabs, lazy little fellow crabs.

Thin crabs, fat crabs, hiding in your hat crabs.

Smooth crabs, hairy crabs, flying like a fairy crab.

Small crabs,big crabs, dancing doing a jig crabs.

Blue crabs, mood crabs, tasting really good crabs.

White crabs, might crabs, pinchy, mean and quiet crab

Fun crabs, purple crabs, playing with the turtle crabs.


The amazing Scientist

One day there was a man called professor crocodile who knew a lot about science he would explore anything.So one day he thought he would explore the lake of doom and in the lake of doom was a purple twisted jellyfish.The jellyfish was really difficult to catch but the jellyfish couldn”t stop professor crocodile so professor gets his jellyfish rod out and reels it in.Before he knew it he had the jellyfish on so he puled and puled until PLOP! professor didn”t know what to do he looked around and just before he turned. He saw a bit of purple he went over and there it was he was he was so shocked.




The tree that droped sweets

One day there was a boy called jack and jack was an adventerous  boy who liked exploring stuff.So one day he went hunting in the forest it was a forest that nowone knew about.He came to this waterfall and when he got to the waterfall he saw a tree and it wasen’t any old tree it was a tree full of sweets.He ran to the tree a picked loads of sweets and when you pick a sweet it grows back.He ran back to his house and told his mum so his mum came with him they were running as fast as they could they got to the tree and couldn’t stop eating sweets.



The football match we won

One day on a Saturday morning I got up nice and early for a football match at 10:00 it was a game against priory we got there and what lies ahead who will win the match.The match starts we take the kick of I run with the ball pass it to harry.Harry passes the ball to max, max takes a shot and its saved by the keeper and it goes of for a corner.I take it and reece headers it in 1v0 to us 5 minutes left.Priory have the ball they run down the line with 2 minutes ben tackles them and time.