Bone Ball

It all started on a dark stormy night, when in the museum lurked a humungous DINO………SAUR.  As he  crept around he stamped on every display and ate every single dinosaur in there, he was on a rampage and the museum had been recked and when I mean recked I mean recked. About an hour later there were police cars everywhere and sooner or later it was clear to see that the dinosaur  had left a huge dollop of poo but no ordinary poo it was bone poo and soon it was on the news every where, the top headline [ breaking news bone poo found at museum].

The Day The Guns Quit

It was a day of war, bullets were flying and bodies lay there on the floor . I was terrified and frightened. On that day I was driving along to an airbase when an enemy plane dropped hundreds of soldiers onto are base. Now we had to get are guns out and fight for are selves, It was horrible and my best friends where no longer with me. After about half an hour something amazing happened, the guns had suddenly twisted around and around and no longer shot any bullets. So now on we had peace and harmony throught the world.





Pink Fluffy Unicorns

In a magical kingdom far far away on a rainbow  where only the happiest  unicorns walk on there  was a, PINK,FLUFFY,UNICORN dancing on RAINBOWS.Not many unicorns walk on rainbows because most of them are grumpy for example Darky the unicorn was always grumpy and never said hello.But he lived on a bridge and there was a swamp underneath it, on the sides of the bridge daffodils had been sprinkled all over the place. But the lord of the kingdom was very sick and had been sick for days but a few moments later the pink fluffy unicorn had brought him some medicine so after a few days he was much better.

Night Zoo keepers Adventure

As you all might know the night zoo keeper is very adventurous and this week he is going to the visit the fire desert and is very excited.So the journey begins he said.The sand was incredibly soft and the heat was blazing.Finally he had reached the fire desert.Now the sand really hard and the heat was twice as hot. In the distance he could see something running round in circles, by the time he had got there the creature had stopped and sat down, in front of him he could see that it was a lion. But how did it survive her he thought.


Mrs Red Legs

It all began on a hot summers day when me and my friends(Bob and Eric) were having a little stroll through the woods. We started to hear some strange noises and started to get worried.Now we were being chased by wolves, we thought there was no escape until we came a cross a weird wooden structure. Suddenly the legs of the structure were pushing the wolves back and protecting us. A few moments later the wolves ran back to there home.Now it seemed that the structure was talking to us,It said are you alright and my name is Mrs Red Legs, whats your names? From that day on we were best mates even Bob and Eric were friends with her!