Bone Ball

It all started on a dark stormy night, when in the museum lurked a humungous DINO………SAUR.  As he  crept around he stamped on every display and ate every single dinosaur in there, he was on a rampage and the museum had been recked and when I mean recked I mean recked. About an hour later there were police cars everywhere and sooner or later it was clear to see that the dinosaur  had left a huge dollop of poo but no ordinary poo it was bone poo and soon it was on the news every where, the top headline [ breaking news bone poo found at museum].

The Day The Guns Quit

It was a day of war, bullets were flying and bodies lay there on the floor . I was terrified and frightened. On that day I was driving along to an airbase when an enemy plane dropped hundreds of soldiers onto are base. Now we had to get are guns out and fight for are selves, It was horrible and my best friends where no longer with me. After about half an hour something amazing happened, the guns had suddenly twisted around and around and no longer shot any bullets. So now on we had peace and harmony throught the world.





Pink Fluffy Unicorns

In a magical kingdom far far away on a rainbow  where only the happiest  unicorns walk on there  was a, PINK,FLUFFY,UNICORN dancing on RAINBOWS.Not many unicorns walk on rainbows because most of them are grumpy for example Darky the unicorn was always grumpy and never said hello.But he lived on a bridge and there was a swamp underneath it, on the sides of the bridge daffodils had been sprinkled all over the place. But the lord of the kingdom was very sick and had been sick for days but a few moments later the pink fluffy unicorn had brought him some medicine so after a few days he was much better.

Night Zoo keepers Adventure

As you all might know the night zoo keeper is very adventurous and this week he is going to the visit the fire desert and is very excited.So the journey begins he said.The sand was incredibly soft and the heat was blazing.Finally he had reached the fire desert.Now the sand really hard and the heat was twice as hot. In the distance he could see something running round in circles, by the time he had got there the creature had stopped and sat down, in front of him he could see that it was a lion. But how did it survive her he thought.


Mrs Red Legs

It all began on a hot summers day when me and my friends(Bob and Eric) were having a little stroll through the woods. We started to hear some strange noises and started to get worried.Now we were being chased by wolves, we thought there was no escape until we came a cross a weird wooden structure. Suddenly the legs of the structure were pushing the wolves back and protecting us. A few moments later the wolves ran back to there home.Now it seemed that the structure was talking to us,It said are you alright and my name is Mrs Red Legs, whats your names? From that day on we were best mates even Bob and Eric were friends with her!

Run Just Run

Today was race day, and I had a good feeling about it.My two friends Bob and Eric were also entering the race. In the morning I took them for a run around the course but they were to slow.Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress.We only had 10 minutes till the race and they weren’t getting any faster. But we knew that we had to go with it. At the start of the race Bob and Eric were at the back. But a few minutes later they were both at the front and in the lead. I couldn’t believe it but they had won the race!


A Tale of two boys view

One day I decided to go for q trip in my little rowing boat. On the way I saw a little penguin who was swimming near the North Pole  after a few seconds he swam over to me. He climbed on to my boat and riggled around a bit. On the way home I talked to a couple of people  but every time I did the penguin just hid under the blanket.  I thought to myself that It would be a bit worrying  for all the other penguins to not see him so I turned around and rowed back to the North Pole. When he woke up I carried him on to the ice and left him there. When I was rowing away I turned to look at him but he looked very sad and even sadder than I have seen  anybody be. The next day I set of to find him,it was a very long journy but when I got there he was no were to be found. I felt really bad now for leaving him there. I turned around to go back home when I moored up the penguin was standing at my door. We both ran into each others arms. From that day on then stayed together for ever.

A Tale of two penguin view.

I was swimming near the North Pole which is were I come from when I saw a boy on his little rowing boat. So I decide to join him as I was lonly. His boat was quite neat and It felt really commfy.On the way to his house he talked to lots of people but the problem was,I was shy and I hid under his blanket. When I had come out we were back at the North Pole,he jumped of with me and then left me there. After a few seconds I became really sad, as sad as I had ever been. The next day I set of to find him,it was a long journey but I finally made it to his house. The way I found his house was that on his boat it had his name on and a time the front of the house I saw it had the same name on. A few minutes later the boy was back, he stopped At the harbour and we both ran into each other’s arms. From that day on we stade together.

Tiny To Big

One day I was walking to my house when I  found a small thing on the floor. I picked It up and pressed a small button,sudenly I was as small as the grass.At first I thought I was knocked out but then I knew It was real. I noticed a small tea cup next to me and decide to press the button again. BOOM the cup went as It grew bigger and bigger It finally stopped and stood there like a statue.I had an idea that I would shoot my self with the gun to get me bigger. So when I had got ready I shot my self and then I became bigger and bigger until I was my normal size. finally I was my normal size and I could carry on with the day.

The Day I Was In Charge.

I woke up one day and I thought to my self, what if I was in charge. So I had a think about what I could do and I came up with a  pretty good Idea. What If I could have all the chocolate in the world, make everyone my slave, and all do the most evil stuff you could ever think of. But I still thought about helping everyone who would need food and water, homes, shelter and even clothes. So I decided to do that even though I wasn’t in charge and It make a pretty big difference.

Oh Mr Goldfish

A man once said goldfish are as special as anything.There once was a boy called Callum and he had a pet Goldfish, his name was Mr Goldfish and Callum thought he was very intelligent. One day Callum was about to go to school when he saw a tiny little ladder and decided to put it in the fish bowl.When he got back from school he saw Mr Goldfish climbing up the ladder he quickly flew down stairs and got his camera.It slowly printed out and at the next day he showed everyone in his class. everybody seemed to like it.

The Day The Computers Shut Down.

On Friday Tim went down stairs to use his computer but when he opened the lid he saw a big pile of notes. He opened one and the first it said,Dear Tim i am so angry that you keep slamming my lid shut when you’ve  finished with me and Im not sure that you know that It really hurts.You keep using me as something to play on but all your games make me very sleepy and that tends to make me use all my battery!
Then I opened the next one and inside it said,Hello Tim its me Mackbook  and Im getting very worried because Google and Safari keep arguing about weather there are used more.Please sort sum sense into them because they might not ever be friends again your friend internet.
The next day Tim went on his computer and didn’t use to many games,he used google and safari the same amount of times.But he didn’t slam close the lid.

® Stickman Academy ®

Stickman Academy was for the bravest stickman in all the world.And every year there were trials but only 9 would get in and some people would have   to drop out. They had training 5 days a week even when it was a freezing tempriture. The only bad thing was that 4 years ago some of the stickmen went to the evil side and had been training ever since that day. Everybody is now ready in the village to strike back and bring them back to the good side. You should now know that tale for ever in your bright big hearts. Be ready.


Home Coming Part 1

I knew It was the end of the world. I had seen symbols and signs, but one thing was for sure that the government were making secret ships that only they knew about. Only 500 people from the world had been chosen to live on the ship till the tsunami was over. But there were already people fleeing over to try and get on the ship and already many had failed from falling through the crack in the mountain. In the ship It was made out of aliminium  and there were 150 layers of It and It could never be cracked.

How Dangerous Are Snakes.

Hi Im snake Inspector James and for years I have been catching wild snakes. Today Im going to tell you a story of when I was In Africa so here we go  It was a hot scorching day and I was in the rain forest when i saw a massive red python on the grass. With my net I swept It up before it could run away. When I got back I looked at the time and It was 1o,oclock so I had to  go back  but I had  an awesome time there and I would never ever forget It.

Escaping hand man.

I was coming home from school when i noticed something strange on the top of a old abandoned house at first i thought it might of bean a swarm of birds but when i wiped my eyes i saw it was….. A hand with a face on i started to run but my legs just wouldn’t moved then i noticed he was running after me after a few seconds my legs were moving and i was running as fast as i could back to my house and  luckily i made it just in time as he reached the front door.

Air hotel 3000

It was so exciting when we went on air hotel 3000 because I had been waiting 20 years to go on it . Me and my family were one of the first people to board the air craft and we were cabin 456 and it was first class so we had a 75 inch tv and a jacuzzi. For dinner i had pizza and Coca Cola, the next day we went to the pool and had some snacks I had peanuts. After about an hour I went to the gym and then we when to Nando’s I had spicy chicken wings. It was so fun!

Being born

In the beginning it was very bright and my eyes started to burn.My mouth started to open and a big cry came out of my mouth. My mum gave me a big hug then I was given a kiss on my head by my dad. I was later taken somewhere else for a bit.But then I was taken home and it looked amazing and buetifull. Later that day my dad had brought me a new toy wich had a very big nose and very small feet,it was my favourite toy for long and now I love my life so much.

Bob the monkey.

There once was a monkey called Bob. He was a genius because he fixed computers for a job. He would usually fix around 500 to 600 computers a day.His weekly wage is about 2000 pounds. But one  day his job was immposible because he was asked to fix a computer with a virus on. He thought that he couldn’t  do it and he would loose his job but he pursivered. days went by and time went past but the next day he had finished fixing the computer. After he was known as the greatest fixer in the town and was given a medal of honour.




The story of how we robbed a bank.

We took about a week to plan this robbery but we still weren’t sure about the escape through the Zoo. So we tried it on Friday we dressed up in the car with are bandit masks on and are guns in are pocket. We ran into the bank with the guns in are hands and opened the security safe we took nine hundred thousand pounds and 8,six carrot gold rings. They had been stuffed in to our black bags and then we ran through the zoo but the Tiger was blocking are escape so we had to think of another way. A few seconds after we had to go through the monkey enclosure but it was risk as the monkeys could take our money and rings.We had to do it and then the police  would not notice. After we went through there we got are friend Alfie who is an uber driver to take us home.