Guns were shooting and bullets were flying across my face, as I ran for dear life.My mate Ben was right behind me and he had just been shot in the leg, I reached into my backpack and grabbed a medical kit and hid behind a bush to bandage it up all around his leg. I carried him to the truck and carefully put him in the back, as I was driving the window next to me shattered as it was shot…………………AND THEN ME as it was heaven was beautiful but I still couldn’t  stop thinking about Ben and his leg.

The shadow [ Part 1]

Flash the lightning went and it hit a tree as me and Alfie walked through the forest as the rain poured down. As we looked at the figure it got worse and worse as we walked closer as another tree caught fire Alfie was bit by a snake and screamed. But then a voice from a hidden statue said curse your family for cenurise and more then Alfie ran home and l was stuck within the lightning and all alone in the dark so i ran to a near by tree and set the night all alone with the spiders!

The hack

today should of known it would happen. So this is how it began I was playing fortnight on my computer and an ad pops up it looked incredibly cool so I pressed the button and before I could blink I had been hacked.I called my friend to come to my house immediately and to bring his computer.When he got to my house he ran up to my room and I showed him the hack but then he said to me that he had made that app and by me pressing it, it had spread all around the world. So were would we hide it all the was still to come.

The next day!

Tomorrow we are going to go to a camp where there is a swimming pool with white lines around it.we are going to celebrate new year there, there is going to be a massive flame lit up in the night so we can go exploring. Two days ago we celebrated toms birth day and we ate loads of cake we also watched a movie called the great teacher called mr Murphy.

Land of da ZOMBIES.

It was the day we have all been waiting for and how do i know well.I was taking my dog for a walk and we come across a small lake with lots of plants in it, then in the middle of the lake I see legs poking out of the river.HUMAN legs I run so fast , i cant even see my leg moving and then i get into my house. I feel so scared my legs begin to shake and i get a very strong head eacke  and then boom i fall on to the floor in shock.

Lost again

Today was probably the worst day I have had since I was born as you don’t now all ready I am 6. The thing I had lost was so preashus,I was furious and frustrated. It was something I chose when I was little and I new I had to find it ,otherwise I would regret it for my hole life even when I’m 60. I looked under my bed,in the bin ,even In  my mums bed room but no hope was found.So I thought I would give up but no I kept on trying and I think I will find it.

The Intresting Week

One day i was just strolling along the street.When i see Mr Jones his leg was were his arm should be and his arm was were his leg should be. His shed was pink and the dog was wearing glasses. The next day i went into the cinemare and the screen was up side down,the actors were speaking backwards.On Friday my car was upside down and the shops were full of CHEESE!!!!!!!!.Today it was the last day of the week and i was so confused and so anoyed but then i noticed that i had no arm and that was it.

Crocodiles are awsome!

There once was a boy called Ben who looked very normal. But at night he turns into a fierce crocodile who  has purple skin and wears shades on his head.His worst enemy is professor fish some how his neck was twisted when he was born he was also very difficult to handle.  He lives in the  stinky old sewers and eats lots of sticky food. One night fish was going to blow up big ben but in no time ben was there……….POW……………PUNCH………BOOM. fish went flying in to the clouds and i don’t think that we will ever see him again.


The satisfying light bulb

one day a massive light bulb crashed on the floor and glass went everywhere, tiny little colourful beads rolled allover the floor.Suddenly a tiny little person stood up on the floor. he was covered in dust I picked him up and he felt as light as a feather.I brushed my hand against him  to get all the dust of him. He turned and pointed to a small suit case.I picked                                               the suit case up and put it on my hand it felt quite heavy for just a very small case I wondered if there would be something scary or not.

The sparkly river

One dull,dark day Fin was playing hide and seek with his friends, when suddenly he falls through a lush green bush and appears in the most wonderful sparkly river he had ever seen. In his head Fin thought to his self so what lies ahead of this river ………so he desides that he was going to build a raft to get to the get to the other side. He runs to the woods and grabs the thickest toughest wood he could find next he runs straight to hi house to find some string.As soon as he had what he needed he ran back to the bush.Fin tied the wood with the string and set of as soon as he was in the river he got so nervous but new he was in for luck.