The Cup That Never Gave Up

One day there was a cup on a table but the wind blew it away he tried to climb up but he was too heavy ,he tried to make a ladder, he did a lot of other things to get onto the table but he kept failing. On one amazing day he managed to stack up enough items to get up and he made it. He celebrated by giving his master a cup of tea. The moral of the story is never give up even if the chance is 1 out of a decillion  (1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000) if you don’t believe me search it on Google.

Rainbow Easter eggs

One day I went outside to find my Easter eggs which my mum hides in the garden every year, but this year they were different instead of the normal wrapped this time they were the colour’s of the rainbow. It was weird, mum did not recognize any of the eggs at all. mum went to investigate in the garden but in the end she found absolutely nothing. We decided to unwrap the Easter eggs to see if they were real chocolate Easter eggs. They were chocolate but the chocolate was the same colour as the wrapper it came from. It tasted much better than the old ones. It is still a mystery today.                                                                THE END 

A Tale of a Boy and a Penguin ? ?

The Penguin

One day I felt lonely, so I went to knock on a door A boy answered. He was about 7 years old and he. Was wearing stripy clothes. He seemed nice. Next he took me to the North Pole, it was a long journey. I was sad because he didn’t understand me, I wanted a friend but he thought I was lost. Our boat took us there. But then I went back to him And we lived happily ever after.

The Boy

One day a Penguin knocked on my door I decided it was lost, so I got a boat and went to the North Pole. It was a long voyage at least I bought some water and food with us. When we got there I put the penguin on an iceberg but the penguin came back and after that we were the best friends ever. We lived happily ever after.

The Day in a Life of an iPad

Hello I am an iPad and I get used every day. A boy uses me all the time And I am Tired of being used. He dose the least by charging me, He dosen’t even wipe my screen very often. So I wrote a letter to him.                                                                                                                                                                                                          The letter said : Dear Mattis please wipe my screen and give me a rest for a bit. I am getting tired of running all your games. That is why I glitch a lot.      your Friendly friend Huddle.                                                                                                 

  Dear Mattis                                                                                                                                Hello There I am wii u please give me a break, please play with iPad I am tired of spinning the Minecraft disc in my mouth.                                               Your tired friend Wii u.

Mattis did not know what to do but he replied to the letters. His reply was : 

Dear Huddle and Wii u                                                                                                                I will both give you a rest by reading a book today. I am open to suggestions.  I Hope you have a nice rest. Your very caring Friend Mattis.

 So that was that, they got a nice rest and they were happy !                                                                                               

The … errrrm … ninja … um … trees … well … errrr …. ATTACK !

One day there was a little boy who … um … was attacked by sum … errr … ninja trees that where hiding … um … behind them. After being attacked they … errr … ran home and told the police. After they had told the police, the police went to investigate and they found the ninja trees and fought them with pistols but the ninja trees were too fast and pined them down but the police renenforcemence eraved and captured thev ninja trees so they could be studide in a lab in london. And in the end they became soldiers in the army. have a nice time rereading this story.

The magic drainpipe

In a town there was a magic drainpipe which would give people things they wanted. For example if you wanted a laptop when you got home you had one. One day a poor boy wanted to have a coin and it came up the drainpipe and every day the boy got a coin for his parents and a coin for himself. after years and years they were rich.  Which was a good thing because they were never really rich, so that was good! They were very happy in the end which was DOUBLE good. But they were always aware of ROBBERS! There’s one!

the red snake

Once upon a time there was a red snake who liked eating clocks (they were his favourite). But every morning he eat is alarm clock so he would not get up and it cycled and cycled and cycled until one day he found a clock so he  took it home. Once he got home he started eating the clock but it didn’t break so he tried agin and again and again but it wouldn’t budge. He tried again before bed but it did not budge. The next day he tried dropping it of a tree and it worked.


The handy man

Once upon a time there was a man that looked like a hand and every one called him the handy man. He was very popular. He couldn’t go to work so he stayed at home and went on walks. Anyone who saw him would roll on the laughing out loud but he didn’t mind because he was used to it. one day he was bored so he just stayed at home but in the end it go sunny and he went out for a walk in the park. The day after he went to a national park and so on.

The robotic visitor

Once upon a time there was a good robot from another world that came to visit earth. At first everyone was scared of him but after a while they got to know him. He even played with the local children he even helped the local police and museum. He moved from town to town all the robot needed was oil and a charger. He really enjoyed earth but he knew that one day he would have to leave earth. When that day come he said goodbye to earth and everything on it and returned to the world of robots called Roboworld.

R2-D2 weird adventure 2

In the beginning the race went really bad but at the end R2-D2s friend won. After the race they went to rest at their friends home so they could cool down (it was 40c). They congratulated their friend and started to repair their traveling starship.  When R2-D2 and C3po returned they gave their friend a broken robot so he could fix it the day after the robot was fully repaired.At the end of the day they went to the starship and took of .After the starship had been directed to another planet.They all went to sleep in their room.

             ….to be continued

The Mad And Angry Monkey !

Once upon a time there was a mad but very intelligent monkey , because he was so intelligent he was asked to replace a class teacher who was very sick. The class was surprised but happy because they thought it was funny. When the monkey arrived he did not seem happy at all, especially when he turned on the teachers laptop but it did not work. He punched the keys again and again and again, which made the monkey very angry. In his frustration he chucked the laptop of the table and smashed it. The next day the monkey was sent back to Africa.

R2-D2’s weird adventure

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away there was a blue and white robot / droid called R2-D2. He was on a sandy planet where lots of weird creatures lived. One morning he went exploring with his droid friend called C3PO … later on when they were coming home they were kidnaped by small hooded creatures with yellow eyes (aka Jawa)which they thought were darkened sand statues. they were put in a storage area in the Jawa’s machine. R2-D2 beeped “we need to get out of here before they compress us ! “. When they finally got out they made there way to the pod race they were going to watch.


Once upon a time there was a boy called Harry who had a secret stash of diamonds and gold which he had found by accident in a field and his friend called Stan knew about it. They were both worried because they thought that some one else might know about it so Stan said “should we hide it ? ” then Harry replied “but where would we hide it all”. After a lot of thinking and talking they decided  to hide it in a big cave near Stan’s house with a secret area inside it, but how were they going to move the treasure without any body noticing them ?


one day there was a small ghost he with his mum and dad (which are also ghosts). They lived in a small wooden house just out side of London. when they needed food they went to the supermarket in the center of London and secretly stole some liquid food ( ghosts can’t eat solid food because they are not solid them selves) . One day when they went shopping they met another ghost called john which was experimenting with chemicals and trying to make a soldifing potion so that they were humans again and after a month of experimenting it worked. The first ghost who tryed it was him self and then it was the family’s turn and the all the ghosts got set some and the the ghosts which are now humans lived happily ever after


Tomorrow will be the 5th of November and my friends will set off white, yellow and green fireworks because all my friends will celebrate bonfire night and they will set a flame to the fireworks. Their bonfire is massive and it is made out of old wooden pallets, wood from cut down trees and any wooden scraps. On top of the bonfire there is a made up Guy Fawkes made from old clothes and straw stuffing. there will be a lot to eat and drink at the bonfire. On the 6th of November I will go swimming to achieve sea otter level at Kimbolton School pool.

The Unknown item ?

This is something small, precious and gold I got it from my mum. I hide it in the mini library in my house. I like it very much. It is one of my most prized items i have. There is another thing I would like to talk about. It is a small thing that has two little screens. You can play games on it and you can also use it to take pictures. I like both of them because I got them on special occasions. Try and guess what they are Because I didn’t tell you in my my 100 word challenge writing.

Professor Dog

Once upon a time there was a dog witch became a professor in a dog and other pet school. he taught science and maths lessons. they named him the intelligent dog wearing who was wearing glasses. The animals all liked him, but one day a group of new animals arrived and didn’t like him so they planed to go in his science lab and make some thing to stop him. So when they finished they had made a titanium ball disguised as a football that could trap anything of any size because the ray that moves them into the ball also shrinks them so they can fit inside and then the ball closes and to open it someone outside has to open the lid. so that is what those animals did but fortunately there was one at the school that liked him and had learnt about that type of ball and accidentally kicked it then opened it. then every thing went well.


                          THE END

Weird World

In an other universe there was a weird planet. On the planet there was a profeser, this profeser was a human mixed with a crocodile so he was very strong. He wanted to turn the weird world into a normal world. So he desided to make a potion of unweirdnes, but to make one you needed a difficult to get twisted birch tree branch an ender pearl and a purple powder made from glowstone dust, purple pigments and sand. So after a while he found all the ingredients for the potion then he mixed and mixed and mixed. When he had finished his potion he went into the woods and poured the potion on the ground and at that moment every one changed to a human and nothing was weird any more. And every one on that planet lived happily ever after.

The rolling fire ball

Once upon a time there was a boy named Tom. One day he heard about an enchanted sword made of blue diamond. He thought that when he would be older he would help protect, guard and study it for more information. So when he was older that is what he did the sword looked very small. One night on the news he heard that the sword had been stolen. The day after he heard on the radio that the person who had stole the sword had been caught and that the sword had been destroyed because it was to valuable and powerful. So he got a new job.

Creepy Mantion

While walking in the woods I saw in the woods a roof of a house. When I got closer I saw it was massive and creepy. I got closer and closer and closer when I got to the big double doors which led to the massive front yard. I pushed the doors which opened with creek I started to wonder around the yard which was full of carnivorous plants, dead plants and poisonous plants. It was horrible and scary. I got to the door to get into the building and I wondered what was lieing ahed then I opend the door and … AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH