The … errrrm … ninja … um … trees … well … errrr …. ATTACK !

One day there was a little boy who … um … was attacked by sum … errr … ninja trees that where hiding … um … behind them. After being attacked they … errr … ran home and told the police. After they had told the police, the police went to investigate and they found the ninja trees and fought them with pistols but the ninja trees were too fast and pined them down but the police renenforcemence eraved and captured thev ninja trees so they could be studide in a lab in london. And in the end they became soldiers in the army. have a nice time rereading this story.

The magic drainpipe

In a town there was a magic drainpipe which would give people things they wanted. For example if you wanted a laptop when you got home you had one. One day a poor boy wanted to have a coin and it came up the drainpipe and every day the boy got a coin for his parents and a coin for himself. after years and years they were rich.  Which was a good thing because they were never really rich, so that was good! They were very happy in the end which was DOUBLE good. But they were always aware of ROBBERS! There’s one!

the red snake

Once upon a time there was a red snake who liked eating clocks (they were his favourite). But every morning he eat is alarm clock so he would not get up and it cycled and cycled and cycled until one day he found a clock so he  took it home. Once he got home he started eating the clock but it didn’t break so he tried agin and again and again but it wouldn’t budge. He tried again before bed but it did not budge. The next day he tried dropping it of a tree and it worked.


The handy man

Once upon a time there was a man that looked like a hand and every one called him the handy man. He was very popular. He couldn’t go to work so he stayed at home and went on walks. Anyone who saw him would roll on the laughing out loud but he didn’t mind because he was used to it. one day he was bored so he just stayed at home but in the end it go sunny and he went out for a walk in the park. The day after he went to a national park and so on.

The robotic visitor

Once upon a time there was a good robot from another world that came to visit earth. At first everyone was scared of him but after a while they got to know him. He even played with the local children he even helped the local police and museum. He moved from town to town all the robot needed was oil and a charger. He really enjoyed earth but he knew that one day he would have to leave earth. When that day come he said goodbye to earth and everything on it and returned to the world of robots called Roboworld.