The Mad And Angry Monkey !

Once upon a time there was a mad but very intelligent monkey , because he was so intelligent he was asked to replace a class teacher who was very sick. The class was surprised but happy because they thought it was funny. When the monkey arrived he did not seem happy at all, especially when he turned on the teachers laptop but it did not work. He punched the keys again and again and again, which made the monkey very angry. In his frustration he chucked the laptop of the table and smashed it. The next day the monkey was sent back to Africa.

R2-D2’s weird adventure

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away there was a blue and white robot / droid called R2-D2. He was on a sandy planet where lots of weird creatures lived. One morning he went exploring with his droid friend called C3PO … later on when they were coming home they were kidnaped by small hooded creatures with yellow eyes (aka Jawa)which they thought were darkened sand statues. they were put in a storage area in the Jawa’s machine. R2-D2 beeped “we need to get out of here before they compress us ! “. When they finally got out they made there way to the pod race they were going to watch.


Once upon a time there was a boy called Harry who had a secret stash of diamonds and gold which he had found by accident in a field and his friend called Stan knew about it. They were both worried because they thought that some one else might know about it so Stan said “should we hide it ? ” then Harry replied “but where would we hide it all”. After a lot of thinking and talking they decidedĀ  to hide it in a big cave near Stan’s house with a secret area inside it, but how were they going to move the treasure without any body noticing them ?


one day there was a small ghost he with his mum and dad (which are also ghosts). They lived in a small wooden house just out side of London. when they needed food they went to the supermarket in the center of London and secretly stole some liquid food ( ghosts can’t eat solid food because they are not solid them selves) . One day when they went shopping they met another ghost called john which was experimenting with chemicals and trying to make a soldifing potion so that they were humans again and after a month of experimenting it worked. The first ghost who tryed it was him self and then it was the family’s turn and the all the ghosts got set some and the the ghosts which are now humans lived happily ever after


Tomorrow will be the 5th of November and my friends will set off white, yellow and green fireworks because all my friends will celebrate bonfire night and they will set a flame to the fireworks. Their bonfire is massive and it is made out of old wooden pallets, wood from cut down trees and any wooden scraps. On top of the bonfire there is a made up Guy Fawkes made from old clothes and straw stuffing. there will be a lot to eat and drink at the bonfire. On the 6th of November I will go swimming to achieve sea otter level at Kimbolton School pool.