The Unknown item ?

This is something small, precious and gold I got it from my mum. I hide it in the mini library in my house. I like it very much. It is one of my most prized items i have. There is another thing I would like to talk about. It is a small thing that has two little screens. You can play games on it and you can also use it to take pictures. I like both of them because I got them on special occasions. Try and guess what they are Because I didn’t tell you in my my 100 word challenge writing.

Professor Dog

Once upon a time there was a dog witch became a professor in a dog and other pet school. he taught science and maths lessons. they named him the intelligent dog wearing who was wearing glasses. The animals all liked him, but one day a group of new animals arrived and didn’t like him so they planed to go in his science lab and make some thing to stop him. So when they finished they had made a titanium ball disguised as a football that could trap anything of any size because the ray that moves them into the ball also shrinks them so they can fit inside and then the ball closes and to open it someone outside has to open the lid. so that is what those animals did but fortunately there was one at the school that liked him and had learnt about that type of ball and accidentally kicked it then opened it. then every thing went well.


                          THE END

Weird World

In an other universe there was a weird planet. On the planet there was a profeser, this profeser was a human mixed with a crocodile so he was very strong. He wanted to turn the weird world into a normal world. So he desided to make a potion of unweirdnes, but to make one you needed a difficult to get twisted birch tree branch an ender pearl and a purple powder made from glowstone dust, purple pigments and sand. So after a while he found all the ingredients for the potion then he mixed and mixed and mixed. When he had finished his potion he went into the woods and poured the potion on the ground and at that moment every one changed to a human and nothing was weird any more. And every one on that planet lived happily ever after.

The rolling fire ball

Once upon a time there was a boy named Tom. One day he heard about an enchanted sword made of blue diamond. He thought that when he would be older he would help protect, guard and study it for more information. So when he was older that is what he did the sword looked very small. One night on the news he heard that the sword had been stolen. The day after he heard on the radio that the person who had stole the sword had been caught and that the sword had been destroyed because it was to valuable and powerful. So he got a new job.

Creepy Mantion

While walking in the woods I saw in the woods a roof of a house. When I got closer I saw it was massive and creepy. I got closer and closer and closer when I got to the big double doors which led to the massive front yard. I pushed the doors which opened with creek I started to wonder around the yard which was full of carnivorous plants, dead plants and poisonous plants. It was horrible and scary. I got to the door to get into the building and I wondered what was lieing ahed then I opend the door and … AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH