bundle ‘o’ bones

In a very fancy building there is a’lot  of rooms plus secret rooms scattered  around the place. If you find a secret room you might get a suprise of a punishment, example: suprises will be like getting toys or game discs, punishments will be like getting cold water dumped on our head or finding a fake 100 dollar note. But theres a super secret room, if you find it and walk though it then you’ll be standing on glass and if you look down you can see the local walking on the side walk. Thats because you are so high up from the ground. If you walk though the other door then you will see a big ball made out of bones

Radio crash

Me and my family was watching the news at 4:31 in the morning. Then the TV when into static, then we realised it had been raining all morning and all the radio severs have all crashed and nobody could watch TV for a few hours. This made everyone sad and upset and nobody did anything because they just wanted to watch TV and do nothing else but a few people did something… They went to the TV studio and wouldn’t leave them alone until the TV servers would come back. This made the studio people annoyed so they did their best to fix it and then the severs were back online

The knoted gun

In a town near Sweden there is a statue on a stone pillar which is a gun… Not just any gun, the nose of the gun was knoted neatly. No one knows how the nose has a knot in it, in fact, when the people found it, they didn’t know still how it got like that. It said on the pillar it was a revolver once used in world war 1 and one of the enemies found the revolver and used it to kill enemies in a brutal way and after ww1 it was abandoned and its gold colour rotted away leaving its naked metal skin.

Australia’s mythical secret…(short)

Jeff the mythical zookeeper loved to train birds and wild birds! like humming birds and blue tits. One day he went to Australia to train more birds and also he trains birds what live in Australia? BUDGIES! Yes budgies, anyway while he was walking a sudden thunderbolt appeared next to him and a flock of budgies bolted past him and then a mythical flaming budgie flew over to him and this budgie is called Tresie. Tresie was a steaming flaming budgie what was flying all over the place and Jeff managed to tame the flaming budgie by frowing seeds into its flaming wings of fire and Jeff tamed the Legendary and Mythical budgie. Didn’t think it was legendary huh?

??????????? Tree

Today i was walking in priory park by my own in the woods until i came across a tree with two x’s on each side and a lever was right next to it. I called a friend who’s name is Romarn. We pulled the lever and suddenly great big wooden legs burst out of the x’s and started chasing us, we did scream, we ran. The big tree was really fast and it looked like i was someone running so I chucked a stone at the front of the tree and it opened up very slowly… very slowly…………..Wow its really slow. Finally it opened up and who was inside…………..

Birthday Disaster! (Happy birthday to me!)

Today it was my birthday and i was 10!!!! It felt like forever since i had my 9th birthday and the make a story short, I got a xbox one S. I love my new console and i was going to play on it. I turned it on and its really cool and invited my friend over to come play minecraft and when i turned it on we got sucked into the game. We were actully inside the console and i saw the turn off button ahead but there was a coded monster and thought we were viruses. “EXTERMANATE VIRUSES x2”. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. Finally i reached the turn off button and the screen went blank. I turned it back on and we jumped out of the screen and made it just in time for dinner.

The getting the xbox and it was my birthday bits were true and i got alot more things for my birthday so it is a very special day for me and i am 10.

The haunted school part 3 FINALE! Heck in hell

Last time on the haunted school the two boys visited there old school as a matter of a fact it was haunted and our two boys fell into the depths of hell!

Make sure to read part 2 of the haunted school!


6:66 AM

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Shouted Jack.

“WHAT DO WE DO??????!!!!!!” Shouted Harry.


“Huh?” Said Jack

“Where are we”

“€Ë¢™µ…߶§±^” Said the devil?

“wh… wha?”

“Your in the depths of hell” said one of the devils henchmen.

“You have entered our base which is the haunted school and we will keep you in this realm forever”

This was the end of the road for Harry and Jack and there was nothing they could do about it. Jack found a skeleton head and pick it up, suddenly they teleported back to the haunted school.


But the doors were locked and they had to find another way out. The place was looking scarier than ever, screams down the hall ways, black mist, ectoplasam, and other creepy stuff. Suddenly a loud scream came down a hall way and a creepy looking devil was coming after them\

“RRRUUUUUUNNNNNNN” They both shouted

“♦¥™‰ßÆ↔∪∇” Shouted ???

“Theres only one way to get rid of a demon!” Said Jack

“What?!” shouted Harry


Jack quickly grabed an abandoned bottle of perfume and frew it onto the demon.


“oh my gosh… IM [email protected]⊗” Said ø®∇¾Àℜϖ⇓◊∴

“Who are you?” Said Harry

“Im ∞ [email protected]√y¢” said ∞ [email protected]√y¢

“Ok” Said Jack.

Jack quickly shone a torch on him and he evaporated.

” We have to do a ∞ banish” Said Jack

Jack drawed ∞ on the floor and they both sat on each gap.

“When 3:oo AM strikes we throw our hands in the air and slap them in front of us and all the demons will banish” Said jack

2:56 AM

2:58 AM

2:59 AM

3:00 AM



Loud wind was heard and sucked all of the demons in and the school turned bright. Suddenly they got sucked in.

“Weeelcoomeme” Said s?ta?

“WHO ARE YOU?!?!” Both of them shouted

“Noonoe of yououo bussuinise” Said s?ta?

“well it should be” said Harry

“Comedy” said Jack

“SILECELCE” Shouted s?ta?

The boys are in big trouble now and there’s nothing they can do about it.

“Wait…” said Jack

s?ta? ⇒ ?a??n

“Nah still don’t know”

“Ittstits titmemtime”


“What happened?” said ?ar??

“OHOHOHOH NONNONO!” said satan.


“But we don’t know our names anymore” said ?ar??



6:35 AM


I hate to hear the word school because it wont stop giving me thoughts about the devil and satan so I try to ignore it. We got to school and the first thing I hear is “Hey! you wanna piece of me?” and “Give me your lunch money!” Its getting on my nerves.

This morning we had public speaking.



Mr Nearn is the most strict teacher in our grade and constantly shouts.

“The head…” Moaned Jenny.

“YES AND ALSO PRESIDENTS AND GEORGE WASHINGTON” Roared Mr Nearn. Man was it hard. We had to write down every one who gives out speeches and I mean EVERYONE! The morning was pretty boring but it was finally break time and i was already on a roll with money on school lottery because I already brought 20 tickets and the winning tickets will come up on the loud speaker at lunch. Suddenly every thing stopped and nothing was moving, every thing was frozen except me. I tried to look for harry but i never found him. Suddenly (Again) a strange black figure appeared in front of my very own eyes and it said:

“You will never escape because your in my control and my puppet”

I tried to punch him but he dissapeare… 666 restarting…


Every thing went back to normal as it should be and it was the end of break.

At lunch, it was time for the lottery numbers on the loudspeaker

“And the winning numbers are *Drumroll*…………………………..666!

What were the winning numbers? 666?


“HARRY WERE ARE YOU?” Shouted Jack petrified.

“IM DOWN THE HALL” Shouted Harry.

It was a mad dash down the hall with terrfying faces

“OH NO! ITS JUSTIN BIEBER!!!” Shouted Harry

“Um dude Justin Bieber isn’t scary” said Jack


Our boys has escaped the building and jumped over the gate and has escaped.


“Ugh H… Harry where are you? I cant see you any where”

*Giggle giggle giggle*

“W…Who’s there? Stop laughing at me”


I woke up to the sound of the whole class laughing at me and Mr Nearn shouting at me.




Detention for 3 weeks? Dang thats the worst timing in the world because i have to study for my maths test.

I spent the rest of the day drawing a red star in a red circle while Mr Detention slept in his fancy chair. Mr Detention runs detention and he’s the only teacher, great name for him isn’t it?

After school while i was walking home i ran into some idiots with cigaretts.

“Want to smoke?”


“Its free :)”

“I SAID NO!!!”

Suddenly one of the idiots poked a ciggeret in my mouth and my vision went all blury until i couldn’t see anything, was i dead?

I still couldn’t see anything until I woke up in a red place randomly covered in blood. Up ahead i saw saws, chainsaws, grinders and other sharp stuff, I was going to have to run though it so i did.

I got hit.

But there was no blood on me or anything so i ran to the end without getting hurt. I managed to escape the dark realm And i was in my bed safe and sound. Was this all a dream? Was the devil fake? Was i hurt or did i actully die?

Well this is the end so theres no point and THIS IS THE HAUNTED SCHOOL!



My first 1000 word draft!

Thank you all if you read all of this.

This was not real.

Written by Max

Thank you 100wc team for making this happen.





I will get my revenge.

Pot stuck in the grass!

One day there lived a boy called Jack and he loved his precious pot what could be worth 1000 pounds! He loved it so much he could burst. One day he was throwing his pot up and down until he almost smashed it, after that his heart was beating really fast. Jack went the mall with his mom and brought some clothes with the same texture as the pot. After that a portal open up in the pot and sucked him in because I hate logic. He went to a land were every thing was giant and when he teleported he dropped his giant pot and the pot has still got the portal thought it so he jumped into the portal  and came out of the pot and spent an hour trying to get it out.


Rainbow Easter

Today was easter and i was really excited to go on a easter egg hunt. So i went into the garden with a basket but there was nothing there. I thought what had happened. But suddenly a big  rainbow appeared and it wasn’t even raining and also it wasn’t far from here so i went to go check whats happening. after 1 minute i found the end of the rainbow i found a few easter eggs: One red, One orange, One yellow, One green, One blue, One dark blue, and one purple. I couldn’t believe my luck so i took the red egg but then red on the rainbow was gone, i placed the egg back and red shot out of the egg. I took each egg one by one and before I knew a rainbow is coming out of the basket and brought it home and every time the rainbow hit something it would be like a cloud and disappear and reappear. I dumbed the eggs altogether. The next day i went out into the garden to see the eggs but they were gone, I didn’t know what happened to them. Suddenly a rainbow chicken came out of the chicken came out of the house then another, then another, then another, then another, then another and then another. I dont know what happened, the chickens ate the eggs or the chickens sat on the eggs, its a big mystery.

The tale of the boy and the penguin

Today I heard a my doorbell go off and went to see who it was, it was a penguin and it wouldn’t leave me alone. I brung it in and talk to it, it almost replied. I thought it must be lost, so I went to talk to people. They said they live in the South Pole so I tried and sail to the South Pole by using my boat and drop the penguin off and it looked sadder than ever, I thought it must be lonely so I took it home and we weren’t best friends forever.



Today I knocked at a persons door and a small human came out of the door and hoped we can be friends, but the human kepted on ignoring me so I followed hi my around. Once he was gone for a long time and came back again, he brought out a strange raft and put it on water and we sailed to a lonely icy place and I felt sadder than ever. But then he brought me back to his place and we were best friends for life.



Today i woke up in my bed and thought the same thought, what would happen if i ate my goldfishes food? Of course i wouldn’t eat goldfish food but i just thought about it. But today is the day i would do it so i got out of bed and slowly crept down the stairs and i opened the lid of the can and slowly put  it into my mouth… But my mum saw me and grab the can out of my hands. “TIMMY WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?!?!?!, YOU COULD OF KILLED YOUR SELF!!!!!!!”. After that, i was grounded for 3 weeks and wasn’t allowed to feed my own goldfish. After 3 weeks, my mum spoiled it all and put the fish food out of reach, but i had a plan! At 1:00 AM i woke up before morning time and i went down stairs and got a brown ladder out of the basement and didn’t make a sound. I leaned the ladder on the kitchen counter and climbed up and swiped the fish food off the top cupboard. Now instead of slowly pouring it into my mouth i did it quickly. I felt the fish food in my mouth, it was crunchy and tasted weird, and then i swallowed it. I waited a few seconds and it didn’t kill me so i went back to bed clearing up and put the fish food back were it was. When i closed my eyes……. They opened back up and i couldn’t see my bedroom, I can only see rainbows. Suddenly i started to fly and flew down the rainbow hole………………………………………NOW EVERYTHING WAS GOING CRAZY I CAN SEE MY MUM AS A COW AND MY FISH AS A PLANET AND DANCING ROBOTS AND AND AND SO MUCH RAINBOWSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS AND LOTS OF FISH AND FISH FOOD AND MY DAD AS SATURN AND MUSTERED WITH FLYING HOTDOGS AND CAKES AND CAKES AND CAKES AND CAKES AND CAKES AND CAKES AND ALL MY SCHOOL FRIENDS BARFING RAINBOWWWWWWWWSSSSSSSSSS AND MY TEACHER WEARING RAINBOW PJS AND FLYING RAINBOW WORDS AND… *Mean while in reality* AJANCAKCXNJWLLNJDCILEWNUC *Mean while in the rainbow world* WOOWOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOOWOWOOWOWOWOOWOWOWOOWOWOWOOWOWOOWO……… uuuggghhh my head… What happened? *Looks at clock* its only 6 o’clock… Ive been out for 5 hours and my mum isn’t even up yet…..


When the Two ipads Had Enough

In the morning,Jack when down stairs in his house so he can go on one of his ipads. But there wasn’t any ipads and he found two notes,The first one said:”Dear Jack, its me! Your favorite ipad.I know that you like playing on me so much but you keep draining my batteries and you keep on making me die! Your killing me here! Your best source of technology, Red ipad”.

“Dear Jack, Hey its me, blue ipad, the armored ipad, don’t you think red ipad is such a wiener huh? Well your brother Alex can’t stop using me, I don’t care but i get bashed so much, he uses me for gigabites and takes up so much power i have to be backed up so much. Your mostly unused ipad from you, blue ipad.

P.S I have nothing to say so blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, giga giga giga giga giga giga giga giga giga giga giga giga giga, beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep, boop boop boop boop boop boop boop”. Jack was really upset so he got his phone and made a little cardboard box shaped like an ipad and put his phone in it, it was perfect! So he spend the rest of his days with a cardboard ipad and his parents and his brother was really upset and Jack hid the letters and threw them in the bin, who knows where they were.


“Hey blue ipad”



“Were are we gonna go?”




“Hey whats that coming towards us?”


“It looks like a car”






“Wait…, why are the tires coming towards us? Thats weird”


“Well theres a code on the tire what says 018362…”



They had cracked screens and where never seen again…




Wood warriors invade the Great bird woods! BONUS PART “A woods no more”

See part 1 for full understanding.

“Alright, ill give you all my wood,ONLY for the safety of my birds” So Jack handed them all the wood, it took a while for the trees to come down. After 5 days the warriors were gone and there was no wood in sight. Jack was really upset and had to find a new woods what people will come to and his birds could fly around freely. The woods where really special to him and his birds but now his and his birds woods was a woods no more. But he got tricked and now his old woods is now a secret base for those wood warriors and they created plans to take over the world but firstly they did something first. A few weeks ago Jack died a mysteryrious death on april the 19th on friday. His family will take care of the remaining birds, some of them died a mysteryrious death as well…

A woods no more ending

Part 2 coming soon

Wood warriors invade the great bird woods! PART 1 “The great intruder!”

One peaceful day in the lovely bird woods the owner Jack was carving out wood into great soldiers for the military experience with military macaws!  Oh how Jack loved his park with all his cookatils, cookatoos, budgies and macaws, but the most he loved all about his park is… the eagles!, oh how he loved their glorious feathers. While he was carving the next wood he heard a frightful scream “EEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!” Something screamed. Jack tried to ignore it but it was getting louder and louder! “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. Suddenly something jumped out of the bushes and it scared all the birds away. It was weird wood gang with spiky hair,”DROP THE KNIFE AND HAND US ALL THE WOOD YOU’VE GOT OR FACE OUR WRATH”. What shall he do? See part 2 to not give all the wood. See bonus part to give all the wood.



To be concluded


One day in front of a ancient times centre there was three statues with little square arms and weird little shapes for a head. There are glowing sparkles in the centre and some say when its 1:00AM  the sparkles come out of the building, onto the statues and they come to life. You dont think thats true do you? Well of course thats true! Theres been sightings of 2 statues missing, some one caught a statue in their front yard and it took months for it to dissapear, i know right? And if you see one out of its usal space please, dont harm them, just tap on with a hammer and within 24 hours while no one is looking it will go back to its usal space and cant absorb the sparkles until 48 hours

Budgie Group

Long ago in africa lived a group of rare budgies and they are the most popular birds in the world. There names where Pedro,Jack,Zap,Buddy and Jo. Jo was the youngest in the group but also the most bravest, he can take on a snake and he can destroy a clock with one punch of a wing. But one day the sun turned red so it was boiling hot and to hot for the budgies but on that day the hunters came and will take them away to a pet shop,there to cool for a pet shop!

Mr.Hand man who had a plan (poem).

Mr.Hand man who had a plan to take over, but he had a sneeze without a disese but he was still going to do it, he had a grin he was naughty and slim and he was going to go, a bird with a flock and she had a frock and started to attack, he started sobbing without no blobbling with a few scratches on the head, he started to give up and triped up and fell of the building, and now his nail what looks like a snail he started to sob and bleed, he had a blaster without no disaster and was no longer bad again.

The hand with a face!!!!

one day there was a boy called max. Max  was scared because he slept alone in his bedroom every night he put the light on then slept when he was sleeping he herd bang!!!!!!!! bang!!!!!!!!!! bang!!!!!!!! and a massive hand with a face came out and max screamed!!!!!!!!!!! the hand caught him and took him away and he cooked him then ate him max was never ever seen again.Max’s mum and dad were looking for him for 5 hole years but they never found him so they gave up and moved house to a safe house and said good bye to the old house THE END