bundle ‘o’ bones

In a very fancy building there is a’lot  of rooms plus secret rooms scattered  around the place. If you find a secret room you might get a suprise of a punishment, example: suprises will be like getting toys or game discs, punishments will be like getting cold water dumped on our head or finding a fake 100 dollar note. But theres a super secret room, if you find it and walk though it then you’ll be standing on glass and if you look down you can see the local walking on the side walk. Thats because you are so high up from the ground. If you walk though the other door then you will see a big ball made out of bones

Radio crash

Me and my family was watching the news at 4:31 in the morning. Then the TV when into static, then we realised it had been raining all morning and all the radio severs have all crashed and nobody could watch TV for a few hours. This made everyone sad and upset and nobody did anything because they just wanted to watch TV and do nothing else but a few people did something… They went to the TV studio and wouldn’t leave them alone until the TV servers would come back. This made the studio people annoyed so they did their best to fix it and then the severs were back online

The knoted gun

In a town near Sweden there is a statue on a stone pillar which is a gun… Not just any gun, the nose of the gun was knoted neatly. No one knows how the nose has a knot in it, in fact, when the people found it, they didn’t know still how it got like that. It said on the pillar it was a revolver once used in world war 1 and one of the enemies found the revolver and used it to kill enemies in a brutal way and after ww1 it was abandoned and its gold colour rotted away leaving its naked metal skin.

Australia’s mythical secret…(short)

Jeff the mythical zookeeper loved to train birds and wild birds! like humming birds and blue tits. One day he went to Australia to train more birds and also he trains birds what live in Australia? BUDGIES! Yes budgies, anyway while he was walking a sudden thunderbolt appeared next to him and a flock of budgies bolted past him and then a mythical flaming budgie flew over to him and this budgie is called Tresie. Tresie was a steaming flaming budgie what was flying all over the place and Jeff managed to tame the flaming budgie by frowing seeds into its flaming wings of fire and Jeff tamed the Legendary and Mythical budgie. Didn’t think it was legendary huh?

??????????? Tree

Today i was walking in priory park by my own in the woods until i came across a tree with two x’s on each side and a lever was right next to it. I called a friend who’s name is Romarn. We pulled the lever and suddenly great big wooden legs burst out of the x’s and started chasing us, we did scream, we ran. The big tree was really fast and it looked like i was someone running so I chucked a stone at the front of the tree and it opened up very slowly… very slowly…………..Wow its really slow. Finally it opened up and who was inside…………..