BANG BANG BANG mum heard from upstairs. “Owen do be quiet ,”  shouted mum from down stairs. BANG BANG BANG  .Owen was 8 years old , had green eyes and Dirty blond hair. He had got grounded on Monday for hitting his baby sister now it was Tuesday and Owen did not like it at all. He had been banging all night and mum was fed up with it “fine come down stairs and play with your baby sister for a bit in the garden,” Mum soon heard the  foot steps coming down stairs. Owen was angry. He got a bone rubber ball, which was grey, and stared playing with it .

Why is it raining ?

It was raining all morning and the Cooks had planed for a picnic in the park. “Why is it raining ?” asked Jack. Mum replied with a thought of “The elephants where stamping on the clouds and it forced the clouds to explode with water,”. Dad said that all different types of cars…

The Cooks

Welcome to the Cooks family. Meet Emily Cook . She is 10 years old, loves gymnastics and it learning to do a backflip! She has an younger brother called Jack . He is 3 and loves football all ready but can bearly kick the ball as to small. We have now got mum and dad to into juice you to mum is 42 and loves knitting , Dad on the other hand said that he is 21 in a joking way but the kids  recon he is 44. The other day Jack kept on asking mum and dad where the rain comes from . This story will lead on to another story called Why is it Raining?

Giant vs Student

“AHH!” screamed the pupils doing the show. “The giants have attacked again” I said [as that was my line]. ” CUT” shouted Mrs rose as we all walked out of the room moaning that the lesson was over. Ohh I forgot to introduce my self my name is Jake but my friends call me Jakey. I’m part of the acting club at my school [ forest academy high]. I was doing the show of Giant vs student and I am the student. I have a gun in the show but its fake and has got a knot in it so …… yeah. WIRED SHOW

Pink cupcake sprinkles

Lucy loved making cakes and dreamed of going on the bake off one day . Lucy had brown hair, Blue eyes and pink earrings .Lucy wanted to make a cupcakes for her friends birthday . So Lucy went to town. She went across the bridge and admired all the daffodils  ,down the alley and into Tesco. Lucy bought all the ingrediants and then went home to get started. She put all the ingredients in the bowl. Then mixed them altoghether to make the cake mixture.After that she put them in the oven to cook. Then got them out of the oven to decorate.She put the pink icing on them and placed the sprinkles on. They turned out to be great and Lucys friend had a great birthday xx

The Tale of Porky 2

Last week as Porky as super naughty he got grounded. Well him and me by Mr Murphy. When we got home Porky was good(for once). So I let him go to bed late. But that was a MASSIVE MISTAKE .I went to bed at 9:30 and so did Porkey (or I thought he was). I woke up in the morning and looked in Porkeys bed and there was him and this purple dragon! I woke Porkey up and found out who this misterouse Dragon. It was Porkeys old friend. So I had to bring both of them to school. I brang them both to school and now i regret it.

My Red Dragon

I have a red dragon. His name is Porcupine (Porky for short).Porky sits on my desk at school. He has a super hero power that he is invisible and only I can see him! As much as I love him he is so cheeky at school. Today was a whole new level. He was so naughty I had to stay in at break for something HE had done. He flew over Mr Murphy’s head with my water bottle under his wing. I ran over to him and got hold of my water bottle but it was too late, Porky had  unscrewed the lid and before I knew it Mr Murphy was soaked. Sorry Mr Murphy. 😬😬


Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. “Hey,”Ella said to her best friend (Matilda) as they walked into the massive, blue gates ,with an amazing and warming field next to it. They suddenly remembered that today was the race. Matilda was excited because she was very good at running but, Ella was not! “Its the race today” they both blurted out at the same time. They giggled. But then it was time for the big race. Ella was worried. If she fell over, if she came last, if she did not try, then she would let down her friends.”You can do it Ella” Matilda whispered in her ear.

Rainbow Eggs

It is finally Easter. Days of school , time for time with the family  and chocolate and holidays. I am in New Zealand about to go in the pool. Oh yes, I shall tell you about what happened this morning. I woke up and it was Easter day, then I got ready to go down to reseption and there was no breakfast out in the ball room. Just rainbow coloured chocolate eggs. ” witch were the best “. Now I am going in the pool.

The storm

Last weekend I went on a picnic with my family.We packed everything on Saterday morning and went at 1:30pm . I gave a tea cup to my little sister and my mum and my dad and me. Then my little sis decided to through it on the floor. And it smashed of course. Once we had our picnic we went home and we left the broken tea cup. That night there was a storm. I felt sorry for the tea cup all alone in the terrible night sky! The next morning I went to the park again to see what had happened to the tea cup. I was massive. Was it just a dream

The Lost Puppy Copy

Once there was a puppy who was very lost he had know idea  were he was. He looked around there was lots of trees more than he had ever seen. There were dark green trees and light green trees . He had no idea  how to get home and the last thing he remembered was him in his nice warm bed with his owner called Lucy rubbing his tummy. Anyway he was here now he sat down to get a drink out of the puddle that he was sitting in .He ran because he thought it was a treat but it was only a piece  of bark then he sat down and thought about so what lies a head of him now.

Disappointing but positive Copy

In the beginning I was disappointed but I bet I can think of a positive . It was raining so we could not go to the park but at leased I could play with my new bord game. When it was to late to go shopping to buy my toy with my money I could still play with my old toys. What’s the problem with that ? Do you ever get up set of giving up your toys to charity. I guess all I am trying to say is be grateful of what you get and were you are today because you are so lucky.

Disappointing but positive Copy

In the beginning I was disappointed but I bet I can think of a positive . It was raining so we could not go to the park but at leased I could play with my new bord game. When it was to late to go shopping to buy my toy with my money I could still play with my old toys. What’s the problem with that ? Do you ever get up set of giving up your toys to charity. I guess all I am trying to say is be grateful of what you get and were you are today because you are so lucky.

Tale of two friends

In the past week I have been so lonely. The other penguins have gone diving and I can not dive so I am left in the South Pole. I got so bored that I discussed (with my self) if I should set of on an adventure across the Atlantic Ocean or stay here in the cold and lonely. I added up my points, and thought I would go on an adventure. So I setted of on an ice cube and travled and travled………Hungry,thirsty,sea sick,I arrived at a little boys house .He looked confused still,he took me into his house. He fed me fish and he let me swallow the cleanest water in the world! But a week later he trapped me in a boat and took me back to the place I started. Yes , that’s right the South Pole. I was so confused. He dropped me off and off he went. I felt lonely and cold again. I decided to follow him. Then things were great !

Boys point of view 

I was sitting on the sofa (because I was so bored ). Then I heard a knock at the door I went to open it and to my astonishment it was a penguin!I could not beilive my eyes I was confused still , I let him in.I fed him my left over fish and let him drink the water out of the bathroom tap because mum and dad could never know about this .

The Plan

“Theres a whole new circus with whole new tricks and a whole new cast”.Millie heard on the radio. She was going there tonight with her closest friends called Amy,Sophie and Lily-may and her cousins Zac,Owen and Jade.[Millie was not old enough to go on her own with a thew friends into London so her cousins had to take them]. Soon it was time they all turned up at Millie’s house.”Hi Sophie”she had turned up first then Lily-may and then Amy at the same time as Millie’s cousins. Later they was at the circus in front seats but then the show would not go on because the showman was not there so Millie sugested that her and her friends could be in charge.So the show went on…


I have a wired GOLDFISH it is BROWN and moves so S….L….O…W….L….Y.One night I herd a BANG coming from down stairs and then I heard a slash. I instantly thought the fish bowl. I rushed down stairs with a blanket wrapped  around me. On the kitchen floor there was the fish bowl but no fish inside I realised that he was FLYING!!! As he headed upstairs and into the loft. I got down the LADDER and raced up in the loft but could not see him anywhere. Then I woke up. I went down stairs and went to see if the GOLDFISH was there.

Teddy Life

Last Friday as soon as Millie woke up early, because she had to go to school ,she realised I was on the floor so she picked me up and then softly placed me on her bed with the other teddies . Then she went and got ready for school .The last time she came back in her room was to do her hair and put her badges on then I herd the door slam. I knew her mum had gone to work too so it was time to PARTY.I whispered “The cost is clear” we all  piled on each other and then I climbed on the banister and slid down it then we all partied till dawn and called are friends my BFF is Polar Millies BFF, Amys teddy, then Millie and her mum came in just in time we got back in the positions she put us in earlier in.”MUM WHERE HAS ALL THE SWEETS GONE ” shouted Millie “uhh I forgot about THAT’ the teddy said rubbing its tummy.

My Cat

My cat goes out at in the day but then mummy locks the door at night so how can my cat get back in the house I wonder . Maybe he has super powers and flies to the window and unlocks it or maybe he can walk through walls. He could go down the drain pipe but how could he be so clean when I wake up. I have told my cat a million times “How do you get back in the house ” but he will never tell me he will just “meow”. When I think about it he could just come through the cat flap!


“Hi I am a hand,who needs a friend,like a hand on your body”.  “Nice to meet you”. ” I am not any hand I am a hand with a mouth and eyes and nose”. “Most humans do NOT know I am real but I am”. “So I guess you could say I am a hand on a mission”. “My mission is to climb up a tower”. He tried to get up the tower many times but just could not get up. Well what do you expect he is a hand. Finally he got up.”victory”. THE END or was it. HA HA

Little life

“Are they coming yet,”said a little voice “No,”said another little voice. “Good lets go and get some berry so for are berry pie,”So they went now as the blue door slowly open a little and  two little elfs came out.They said some words which sounded a little like this”Icle pickle boo,” And surprisingly all the berrys on the tree were gone and they were now in the elfs pockets. “Ahh,” said one of the elfs ” humans “, Said the elfs  and if you want to know about elfs they are so scared of humans so if you ever see a elf hide.