BANG BANG BANG mum heard from upstairs. “Owen do be quiet ,”  shouted mum from down stairs. BANG BANG BANG  .Owen was 8 years old , had green eyes and Dirty blond hair. He had got grounded on Monday for hitting his baby sister now it was Tuesday and Owen did not like it at all. He had been banging all night and mum was fed up with it “fine come down stairs and play with your baby sister for a bit in the garden,” Mum soon heard the  foot steps coming down stairs. Owen was angry. He got a bone rubber ball, which was grey, and stared playing with it .

The Cooks

Welcome to the Cooks family. Meet Emily Cook . She is 10 years old, loves gymnastics and it learning to do a backflip! She has an younger brother called Jack . He is 3 and loves football all ready but can bearly kick the ball as to small. We have now got mum and dad to into juice you to mum is 42 and loves knitting , Dad on the other hand said that he is 21 in a joking way but the kids  recon he is 44. The other day Jack kept on asking mum and dad where the rain comes from . This story will lead on to another story called Why is it Raining?

Giant vs Student

“AHH!” screamed the pupils doing the show. “The giants have attacked again” I said [as that was my line]. ” CUT” shouted Mrs rose as we all walked out of the room moaning that the lesson was over. Ohh I forgot to introduce my self my name is Jake but my friends call me Jakey. I’m part of the acting club at my school [ forest academy high]. I was doing the show of Giant vs student and I am the student. I have a gun in the show but its fake and has got a knot in it so …… yeah. WIRED SHOW

Pink cupcake sprinkles

Lucy loved making cakes and dreamed of going on the bake off one day . Lucy had brown hair, Blue eyes and pink earrings .Lucy wanted to make a cupcakes for her friends birthday . So Lucy went to town. She went across the bridge and admired all the daffodils  ,down the alley and into Tesco. Lucy bought all the ingrediants and then went home to get started. She put all the ingredients in the bowl. Then mixed them altoghether to make the cake mixture.After that she put them in the oven to cook. Then got them out of the oven to decorate.She put the pink icing on them and placed the sprinkles on. They turned out to be great and Lucys friend had a great birthday xx