My Cat

My cat goes out at in the day but then mummy locks the door at night so how can my cat get back in the house I wonder . Maybe he has super powers and flies to the window and unlocks it or maybe he can walk through walls. He could go down the drain pipe but how could he be so clean when I wake up. I have told my cat a million times “How do you get back in the house ” but he will never tell me he will just “meow”. When I think about it he could just come through the cat flap!


“Hi I am a hand,who needs a friend,like a hand on your body”.  “Nice to meet you”. ” I am not any hand I am a hand with a mouth and eyes and nose”. “Most humans do NOT know I am real but I am”. “So I guess you could say I am a hand on a mission”. “My mission is to climb up a tower”. He tried to get up the tower many times but just could not get up. Well what do you expect he is a hand. Finally he got up.”victory”. THE END or was it. HA HA

Little life

“Are they coming yet,”said a little voice “No,”said another little voice. “Good lets go and get some berry so for are berry pie,”So they went now as the blue door slowly open a little and  two little elfs came out.They said some words which sounded a little like this”Icle pickle boo,” And surprisingly all the berrys on the tree were gone and they were now in the elfs pockets. “Ahh,” said one of the elfs ” humans “, Said the elfs  and if you want to know about elfs they are so scared of humans so if you ever see a elf hide.

Disappointing but positive

In the beginning I was disappointed but I bet I can think of a positive . It was raining so we could not go to the park but at leased I could play with my new bord game. When it was to late to go shopping to buy my toy with my money I could still play with my old toys. What’s the problem with that ? Do you ever get up set of giving up your toys to charity. I guess all I am trying to say is be grateful of what you get and were you are today because you are so lucky.

The Tied Tiger

My mum and dad had sent me to this BORING high school, they said “It will be good for your education,” . Not only was it BORING it was SCARY to because people said that there was no way to get out of detention and it was so easy to get in to it .If i did not say I hate my old school, if i did not break up with my BFF, if I did not grow up so fast then i would not be here today. Any way cut long story short , you know me i got in to detention , but when i asked to go they said no. I tried to escape but there was a tiger in the way !