Bone Ball

This is the best day of my life. I’m at the Isle Of Wight with my family. Today is my birthday and we are in the woods exploring. Well when I say exploring, I’m actually eating my ham sandwich whilst writing this. We have already explored most of the woods, but we have about a quarter left to explore. I love ham sandwiches!!                                                                                                                                        *********************************************************    Now we have all finished our lunch time to go and explore the rest of the woods. OMG!! We have walked down a steep hill and I found a weird looking ball at the bottom. I called it JJ’s Bone Ball. What? The ball is made of bones!

One Rainy Day

It had been raining all morning, rain trickling down the rose patterned windows and pouring down the roof to the gutters below. Everyone was sitting miserably in their little colourful cottages slurping up hot,delicious soup. They were watching television and covering themselves with warm, fluffy blankets. Today was not a very nice day to be going to the play park or going out with friends and family. People working in Tesco were just sloughing n their chairs also wrapped up in warm fluffy blankets. No-one was out today. It didn’t warm up for the next couple of weeks. It was just a cold day.

Running Race For Anna

She was running a race however, she couldn’t believe what she had done. Anna (who was the little girl) had won first place in the big race and she had won a massive hamper full of sweets and sports equipment. She was in so much shock that she could have fainted. Luckily she did not faint. For a cheeky little snack she had a chocolate bar from her hamper and then she went to get an ice-cream that her mum bought for her. She got a large tub of chocolate chip ice-cream and another large tub but this time with chocolate ice-cream. Then it was time to go home. 

Revolver in America

In the middle of America, there is a big revolver sitting proudly on its stone platform. This revolver was used in the world war 2 were England was fighting Italy. After the world war 2 was over, the revolver was put in to a special machine and the revolver turned bigger. It also looked as if it was brand new. It was as shiny as a brand new car. After that, a man (who is so strong he once picked up a plane) bent the metal so the revolver could not be fired. Then it was put on a plane and flown to America. That is why its on its platform today.

The Old Railroad

I was in the forest and I was trying to find something called The Old Railroad. No-one has found this in years and there was an amazing prize if you found it. The prize was seven days in Disneyland Florida. I really wanted to find The Old Railroad. I had been walking for hours and hours but I still had not managed to find it. I turned lots of corners and when I was about to give up I saw a track of rails and there was a sign next to it. I went to check out the sign. It said The Old Railroad.