Stuck In The Grass!

One day a mother called Jenny went out to hang up her washing. It was a lovely warm day. Jenny put the washing basket down and took all of the clothes out of it. The next thing that Jenny did was turned around to pick up the washing basket. To her surprise it was stuck in the grass! Jenny pulled and pulled but she still couldn’t get the basket out. Eventually she called her husband Phil out and they both managed to get the basket out. Do you know what happened to the basket that got stuck in the grass?

Making A New Friend

On a hot day in New York a little boy was walking back from school. The little boy saw a penguin at his house  and thought that he was lonely.So he picked him up.

The little boy was so kind to the penguin. He did lots for him. But the penguin didn’t like it!

The boy gave him lots of ice, made him a home and showed the penguin to all of his friends.


On  hot day I need New York a penguin was minding his own business outside a front door. But suddenly he was picked up by this boy. The boy thought he was lonely.

The penguin was showed to all of the boys friend showed and was made a really weird  home. The penguin didn’t like it! But the opened his window and the penguin escaped.

That night the boy couldn’t sleep. But the penguin got lonely so he waddled back to the boy and they were friends forever!

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The Little Girl Who Was In Charge!

Once upon a house in Florida lived a little girl called Livvi. She always had to have a disgusting dinner. It was always cabbage soup. Her mum and dad loved it and couldn’t have enough of it. Livvi had had enough of it. So what she did was call a meeting with her parents. “Listen,” she said “I have had enough of this cabbage soup. It makes me sick.”                                                           “Well you have to have cabbage soup for dinner,” exclaimed her dad.                “But what if I was in charge? I would get to pick the food.”                                      Livvi’s mum and dad said that Livvi could be in charge for a little while. It was sweets every night!

The Story Of My Goldfish

One day a old man saw that his goldfish was slowly turning brown. He didn’t want to think about it as his wife died last week. His grandaughter Lucy asked him if she could use a ladder to get up on top of the roof and do some gym.He said no as he couldn’t bear to lose another one. Finally the old man took his goldfish to the vets. The vet told him that his goldfish was dead. As the old man walked out of the vets a bird flew over his head. He was so sad.

The Day The Bear Yo Yo’s Quit

Yesterday, a girl called Natalie got home from school and went into her sweetie cupboard to get a bear yo yo. Natalie saw a pile of letters so she picked them up and bought them to her room to read them.

Hey Natalie. Strawberry bear yo yo here. Please could you tell all of the other flavours that they are useless as you always have me as a snack. You are so kind for always having me as a snack.                                                                                 Your dear friend strawberry bear yo yo.

Hello Natalie. Blackcurrant bear yo yo here. Tell your brother that he is so kind for having me as a snack. Also one more favour, please could you tell apple bear yo yo and pineapple bear yo yo to stop fighting about who you will try next. They will not talk to each other and it is driving the rest of us crazy.                                                                                                                       Blackcurrant bear yo yo out! (Also do you want to hear my song? Blackcurrant is the best flavour ever. BOOM!)

Sup Natalie. Pineapple bear yo yo here. I know that you will try me next as you have said in the store that the flavour apple is disgusting. And could you please tell apple bear yo yo that I’m better than him.                                                    The flavour you are going to try next pineapple bear yo yo.

What is the matter with you Natalie. It is apple bear yo yo speaking to you now. Please can you tell pineapple bear yo yo that you are  going to try me next. I would tell him myself but we are no longer speaking.                                     The flavour that you are going to try next apple bear yo yo.

After those letters Natalie felt sorry and decided to try them all. It was a good thing that she tried them all as she didn’t get another letter back. She was happy now. Natalie told her teacher and she got a well done sticker.

And a gold star for trying different things!