The Lost Toy

Once upon a house, there was a little girl testing out her new toy. She went to school with her toy. Her toy was a little elephant. The girl loved it very much. At break time the little girl was playing fly teddy. She was playing by the year 2 canopy. The little girl threw her teddy but it went to high and landed on top. But before she got a teacher the toy came down the drainpipe. The girl moved away from the canopy and played a different game with her toy. It was a game called spin.

Concrete Family That Came Alive

On a cold autumn day there was a family of statues. This family of statues shared a secret. Now you are probably thinking how a concrete family shares a secret as they are concrete. This family came alive at night. After the owner of the cafe locks up and goes home the concrete family came alive and went to go and look for the book. That book was no ordinary book. It was a magic book. It told you all the spell and secrets that you would ever need to know. In the morning the concrete family went back to being concrete.


One day a boy called Charlie was in his house eating fudge. He loved planes. After his dad got home from work Charlie asked his dad if they could make a big fan take it outside and fly. Charlie’s dad said yes. The very next day they got to work on the fan to take it outside. They built and built and built some more. By two o’clock pm they were finished with the fan. Charlie helped his dad take it outside. They placed it on the grass got two cardboard boxes ran and jumped into the cardboard. We’re flying!

Weather Lady

Before two o’clock Helena woke up to get dressed as she had to go to work at 4 o’clock. A huge surprise! Helena sleeps with a little toy snake. She walked over to her wardrobe and pulled out a red dressRing Ring Ring! Helena turned around. Her alarm clock went off. After Helena finished her breakfast, she went to go and get her bike. Helena cycled to work as it was easier for her husband to drive to work. Helena worked at a weather station. She is also sometimes on TV to report the weather. Make sure you watch out.

Best Artwork Ever

One day I was out in town and I was looking for a necklace for my friends birthday. First I went into a jewellery shop to see if there was a cute necklace there. There wasn’t. I went to another jewellery shop and another and another until there was only one jewellery shop left. I was about to walk into the shop but I stopped because I saw a statue of a hand but there was a face on the hand. It was really weird. I didn’t wan’t to go over there as it was creeping me out and I was about 68 feet away. I finally got a cute necklace for my friend.

Matilda’s Story

One day there was a little girl called Matilda. Matilda was very adventurous girl. She loved rock climbing, canoeing and lots more. Matilda lived on her own in the jungle. She had lots of animal friends that looked after her. Her tiger friend found a zip line and Matilda checked it out. She didn’t know how she was going to zip down there as there was not any string. Matilda had remembered something that earlier on she had found a bag with a rope on it and attached it to the wire. She made sure that it was safe before she flew down the wire.

The Awsome Gymnast

One day there was a girl called Amy. Amy loved dancing and acting. When she was older she came to Crosshall Junior School to talk to some kids about how she became an actor. “At the beginning, Amy said, I had to learn how to do gymnastics and dancing. It was really fun. Is there any questions?”

“ How many days did you have to go to the gym,” asked a little girl?

“Only twice a week and I went to Huntingdon gym, it is a very good gym to go to.”

Mr A said to Amy thank you very much before she left.

Weird Day At Work!

One day I was at work doing things on the laptop. I was told that my work room would have a monkey in it. I was very excited. The monkey came 1 hour later. It was in a grey cage. I needed to go and get a cup of tea so I left the monkey in it’s cage. While I as making a cup of tea the monkey broke the cage and climbed out of it. It went onto my desk and pushed my laptop off the side of my desk. When I came back I saw that the laptop was on the floor and the monkey was on my chair. The next day I was fired!

The Scariest Day Of My Life!

One summer’s day my Auntie and Uncle came round to stay. I love my Uncle as he is very adventurous. When they came into the house I hugged my Uncle – when I saw my Auntie I had a wistful look on my face. I thought in my head, why does my Auntie have to be so mean. My Uncle asked me if I wanted to go to the jungle. Of course I said yes cause if you didn’t know I am the same as my Uncle. Then my mum said that we should pack the picnic and get going.

The Scariest Day Of My Life! (2)

So we listened to my mum and packed a picnic with all of the stuff that we like. After we finished I added another chocolate bar. Before we left we heard my Auntie snoring loudly. When we got to the jungle we left the picnic in the car and decided to explore first.  We went far down and saw tigers. After we had seen enough tigers we got hungry and walked up to the car. Half way up the steps to the car there was a tiger blocking are way! After a few shoves the tiger finally moved out of our way and we got to the car.

The Awesome Rollercoaster!

One day me and my friends were out at an fun fair and this time there were loads of rollercoasters. My friends were Nia, Amelia and Hannah. We were so excited. First we decided to go on to the bumper cars. We had to pair up to fit in all in one go. Nia and I went into a purple bumper car and Amelia and Hannah went into a blue bumper car. After we got off the bumper cars we went onto the extreme rollercoaster. Nia and Amelia decided to sit this one out as it was very high. We went on a load more rides and then went home for a sleepover!

Aiden’s lovely afternoon!

One day there was a boy strolling around the park. He was called Aiden. Aiden decided to go and play with his toy. Then he found out that his toy needed a battery to work. After he had come back from the shop Aiden installed the battery and started playing. He was very energetic when his mum said that it was lunch time. Aiden asked for a sandwich with white bread. He took it off his mum and started eating it. His mum said that he could go to the park with his friend if he ate all of his sandwich. Aiden hurried to eat and got finished in time.

Creepy Village

One day there were two men. They decided to go to the woods for a fishing trip and go and explore. They packed a picnic and got into the car. “Have you got your licence to get down to the woods?” asked Danny.                               “Yes I remembered it this time,” said Alex. So they set off in their car and Alex drove down to the woods. When they got there, Danny…

Creepy Village

One day there were two men named Danny and Alex. They were best friends and they went nearly everywhere together. This time they decided to go to the woods to go fishing and exploring.  They packed a lunch and got in the car. Alex drove them to the woods and when they got there Danny showed the man his licence to get into the private woods. The man gave the pass back to Danny and the barrier lifted so Alex could drive through. When Alex found a parking space they got out of the car and got all of their gear.

Creepy Village

One day there was a girl called Olivia. Olivia was very excited as it was Halloween! Her mum helped Olivia get dressed for the night. After Olivia was ready she had her pizza and went outside with her mum.  She had her bucket in her hand  and they set off. They went down all of the houses on her road. Once they had been to all of the houses in her street, they went to a creepy village. This village was so creepy that Olivia and her mum decided to go home straight away.

Surprising Baby!

One day in hot, sunny Africa there was a mummy and a daddy lion. The mummy lion was looking after an egg that she had found in her nest. The daddy lion was out with their other two cubs. He was going to go and show his cubs how to kill animals and get food. The daddy found a giraffe and he creeped up on it very slowly. Then the giraffe looked behind and saw the lion creeping up on it. The giraffe sprinted off and the lion chased it. The lion finally killed the giraffe and had some meat for the family. At home the egg was cracking, and the mummy lion was very pleased. When the daddy lion and his two cubs arrived home the egg had cracked open fully. They were horrified when they saw what was inside the egg. It was a baby tortoise with muck all over its face.

Weird statue!

One afternoon I was strolling in the park. I was very thirsty so I decided to go into the cafe and bought a hot chocolate with cream on the top. After I had finished my drink I went to go and walk home. This time I decided to go through the forest past the trees. When I walked passed one of the trees I saw a creepy statue standing in between two big trees. I decided to get a bus hame after that creepy statue.

How To Make A Big Sandwich! (a.k.a an avalanche)

So I am going to now tell you how to make a lovely, big sandwich.

  1. Get a piece of bread.
  2. Cut up cheese, tomato, cucumber and get two slices of ham.
  3. Now spread the butter on the piece of bread.
  4. Put the  ham on first and then the cheese and next the cucumber and last but not least tomato.
  5. Then you roll it up.
  6. Finally  EAT IT!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              I hope you have enjoyed the instructions on how to make a big sandwich!

Henry’s strange adventure! (8)

Henry got to the window and found out that is was the right size for him. Henry got out of the window and started to swim up to the surface of the water. A few minutes later the storm sprites woke up to find the prison door open and no boy. The storm sprites huddled together as they heard footsteps coming down the stairs. The dark  queen entered the room and saw there was no boy in the prison. She shouted to the storm sprites “Of with your heads!” The storm sprite!