My New Home!

Grrr, I hate this place… too many people, too crowded and too squished! Oh wait, you don’t know what all this is about, do you? Well ok, one day I was just being myself in my natural habitat when this group of men came and put me into this huge glass container! It was terrible! Anyway they brought me to a big, ugly place and they called me an amazing blob of junk! I mean… how RUDE? Apparently, I’ll have to get used to my ‘New Home’ and that people will come from all over the world to see me!

The Worst Birthday EVER!

Thursday 28th June
Today is my birthday! Mum and dad have decided to book a restaurant that we can walk to so we can celebrate. I don’t think I am supposed to be up yet so I think I should get back to sleep.
My brother is finally up and I am super excited, I am getting into my blue shorts and top. Hmmm I wonder what I could have for breakfast, I know pancakes!
“MUM,DAD ARE YOU AWAKE…YOU PROBABLY ARE NOW…BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT!” I hope today will be nice, yesterday was boring it was raining all morning!

The Poacher’s Twisted Gun!

On a windy day, far back in the forest, four poachers were ready to get some birds. The first poacher was called Billy, the second was called Bob, the third was called Maria and the fourth was called Mary. Now, they all lived at a shed and they had a cupboard were they put their revolvers, but on Thursday 21st June, Mary opened her cupboard to find her revolver’s end all twisted up in a knot! She was extremely shocked and frightened. She was so frightened she packed her suitcase and ran away! The gun is out on her street!

The Journey To Kent!!

I am on my way to Kent but I am super tired as we had to get up at 6:oo in the morning! My mum and dad usually give me and my brother the telly to put on the back of the seat so we can watch the telly while on an extremely long car journey but today they said we have to look out of the window. While I looked out I saw a HUGE BRIGE SPRINKLED in PINK DAFFODILS! It was the best site and oh wow we are here at the Kent hotel. My room is amazing.


The Old Railroad.

“I am here to tell you all a story about a little boy. He is a great explorer and he was walking in the woods when he found an interesting looking road, he called it The Old Railroad. He described it as mossy, broken, old and gross. His grandfarther remembered finding that same railroad that he found. But, it wasn’t mossy or broken or old or gross. In fact it was pretty, made of gold, used and only about 17 years of age! It had totally changed. Can any one guess who that little boy was?”

“He was you story teller.”

The Discovery!

I just got back to the hotel on Isle of Wight. We went fossil hunting and I found a definate fossil! It is really long and very creepy. It is covered in weird rotting goo! I think it is a Plesiosaur. If you don’t know what that is then I will tell you. It is a dinosaur that lived under the water. It lived from the Early Jurassic to the Late Cretacious. Although, it might not be that animal. You do realise that I can’t be sure of anything. But it looked like the actual body was chopped off! EWWWW!!

My New Book!

Wow, I just finished and my hand is aching so bad! Oh wait, did I tell you what I was doing? Ugh I am so forgetful! Anyway, I just made a new book called ‘Night Zoo Keeper The Lioness Of The Dessert’. I need to show mum this! Be back in a minute.

YESSSS she said she would read it later!! It will take her ages!  I think you all would….. oh man is that the time? I spent all my night writing this book. In 5 minutes I need to get this book into school. See you the next time!

The Missing Parcel!

It is 6 in the morning and I ordered a parcel 6 days ago and it still hasn’t come. I think this means a trip to the Sorting Office!

“Hi, I ordered a parcel 6 days ago and it hasn’t come. My name is Merabella” I said

” Hmmm. This is weird, the people who had got your order said that they had delivered it to your house!” The lady said

” When did it arrive?” I said

Back at my house I looked everywhere. I crawled around. I walked. I tried to be a duck! But whatever I did I couldn’t find the parcel”

The Haunted Tree!

Oh my gosh! What is that!?! Oh sorry I forgot that I was writing a public book! I guess I will have to write about this then….! It is Friday and I am walking home from the Co-Op. I just saw the creepiest thing…. it was a tree…… with legs!! A normal, boring tree with long, red, robotic legs!! OH WOW!! I know I shouldn’t but I just had to do what I am thinking, I ran up and now am touching it!!! AAAAAAHHHHH those legs just…. moved! Wait I was wrong the tree has no legs. Body-less robotic legs!!!

The Magic Mirror!!!

She had found it lying alone, deserted, abandoned in the attic. After making the discovery, Anna had gazed and marvelled at it for some time. Where had it come from? Why had no dust settled upon it, as it had done over everything else that resided in her attic? A layer of the thick dust blanketed the attic floor, and as the sunlight glared through the attic windows, the dust particles yet to settle were illuminated as they hovered in the stuffy air. Yet, the mirror looked flawless, untouched by age, not a finger print in sight.

Anna propped the mirror up against one of the thick, timber beams that jutted from the attic floor. Settling down into a comfortable position, she tentatively placed a finger against the glass

As soon as Anna had touched it she regretted it immediately. The mirror started to spin and then the thick layer of dust that had blanketed the floor covered poor and horrified Anna!! Then the whole world started to spin and the next minute she could not see the mirror! What had happened?  Why could she not see the mirror? Then she heard a voice “MWA HA HA!! I got you, you are rapped in me… oh wait the mirror! MWA HA HA!”

To Be Continued……..! This was a Pobble 365 work.





The Treadmill and Hamster Running Ball Project!

Today, is the hottest day I’ve ever lived and I had to do an annoying school project.

At break, I thought and I got the best school project idea ever! I got a huge hamster ball and put my dog on it. Next, I got my Treadmill and then connected it to the hamster. If it all worked out, when the dog started to run it should generate enough power to start the treadmill!

The dog ran. Ran some more. Ran even faster! The more he ran, the more he started to sweat. Although he ran quickly, he was still not making enough progress! Sweating, he finally made the treadmill start! Also, I had videoed it!!!!!

The Growing Buiscits and Shrinking Water!!!!

My dogs are addicted to these buiscits and a special type of water.

But, one day I gave them their favourite food and then I left. When I came back they were huge! Probably giants. Anyway they didn’t seem to notice! Then, they drank the water and they shrunk!!!!  I ran back inside whilst my dogs were growing and then shrinking ….e.t.c! I looked on the packet and realised that I had bought GROWING BUISCITS AND SHRINKING WATER! That was a big mistake. Oh man. But wait, if I only saw them now and not before, maybe they did know…….!


The Dangers of the statue 2.



Amy jumped off petrified and nervous but she thought that she had a crush on the very hot boy running over! Millie picked up Amy.

“Are you ok?” she asked but Amy didn’t answer because she was too busy looking at the boy.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t mean for this to happen.” he said.

Millie and Amy ran back to the car park to see a bus there. They jumped onto the bus roof and clung on! On their way back Amy said to Millie…

“Did I trick you? I  wasn’t in love with him though he was hot!” Then they both laughed!!


Right now I’m walking in the woods and I’m also keeping my eyes out for something dangerous because ,it is said, that the woods are haunted! WOAHHHHH that’s cool. I just saw a human but with monkey fur, run across the grass! I’m going to follow it. I shall write later!


Ok that is cool I am still watching it and it was shaking trees and now is eating the fruit that fell from the trees! He is especially hairy and talks in a different language but apart from that he looks quite cute!  How did he get up there……..?

The Day The Cutlery Took Over The World!!

One night, Captain Spoonful and his silly side-kicks Ninny Knife and Foolish Fork decided to take over the world! They were EVIILLL and bored of being shut in the cupboard!!! They struggled and argued out of the cupboard until they were falling through the air. They landed with a thump and a bonk into a cup! They took the cup and Captain Spoonful used his magic to make it into a spaceship!! They flew it round the garden but then ……. CRASH…..!

When people woke up all they saw of the incident was the cup. They never knew how close their world had been to destruction.

A Tale Of Two Friends

As I was walking to the park I noticed that I was being followed by a penguin. I went to the Pet Store and asked if they knew where the penguin came from. They didn’t know. I went to the harbour and asked if the ducks there knew the little penguin. They just quacked and swam away. Then I knew it, the penguin came from the local pond! He obviously hated the cold. I ran there and put him in the pond. As I walked back I felt lonely. As the night went by I was still awake but I heard a knock on the he door. I opened it and there was the little penguin! We were re-united!

The Penguins point of view.

There was the perfect friend! I ran towards him and followed him everywhere. First, he ran to a big weird thing and said something in the language that he speaks. Then he ran to the place where there was water. He asked the ducks something and they said “No”. After that, we ran to the pond and he shoved me in there and then ran away! I felt lonely with out my friend and I ran after him! It was begining to get dark and the clouds rolled by. I found my friend and we then lived together forever.

The End!

But What If I Was In Charge?

Do you ever wake up and lie in bed thinking about what you would do if you were in charge?

If I was in charge I would let everyone of school. We would not have healthy stuff, we would only eat ice cream and the schools would let the kids make up the rules! If I was in charge, at school you could bring in your pet and you could let them run wild!! You could marry the King or Queen. I always hoped to be in charge but never have.

What would you do if you were in charge?

The Painful Day!!!!

Today was so painful. So first of all, I was walking along the road when I got hit on the head by a big blue  bucket it hurt a lot. I reached up to rub it but my body was all slimy. I looked in the big, brown bucket that had hit me and I was a goldfish ! I looked up into the sky just as a bird flew down and attached me! He put me on a ladder and then flew of. I decided that I would slowly get down. I finally got down but was a human again!

The Life Of A Laptop.

The lights flicked on and my mouth was opened. Someone was scratching my tongue! I decided to wake up so I opened my eyes and my mistress was sitting in front of me. She obviously wanted something but instead of saying “Good morning” she said “Finally you have turned on!”
I thought that was a bit rude but I am a laptop so I can’t tell her of.She opened up Google Chrome and started to push down my teeth [this is how every day starts]! I realised that it was a Saturday so she shouldn’t give me that much stuff.

“Ella come downstairs please it is breakfast time time!”
My mistress ran downstairs and left me on! I was getting angrier every second. She never turned me of and I was starting to run out of battery!! I decided to have a rest and turn off, so that was exactly what I did. If you were Ella would you turn me off?

“Turn on you lazy pig!”
Ella shouted. She always broke my nap like that! The more upset I was, the more I refused to do what she wanted. Ella thought that I was dead so she shut my mouth and took me to the bring back to life snake. I decided this was a great time to have a nap so I turned off my brain, closed all the eyes she had opened and went to sleep.

My mouth was opened again and Ella took the snake out of my cut. She scratched my mouth, opened up Scratch, her most used app, and started to make a pattern. I actually woke up without being upset. Her mum must have told her to be really kind to me and I thought that she had turned to a completely diffrent person!
“Ella lunch is ready!”
Ella ran downstairs and left my light on! Wait no, she ran back upstairs and closed my mouth! Ella really had…had…ch..changed! I was so tired that I just fell asleep!

You can probably guess what happened next, yes that’s correct. My mouth was opened and someone was scratching my tongue. Guess who it is? That’s right it was Ella. But this time she went onto the phone. Ellas mum came up and turned me off. I was carried to her room and turned on! Ellas mum said that Ella didn’t want me any more so I was going onto a kids sail!

The person who picked me up was actually Ella! She obviously wanted me back but I was a bit scared. Would I be treated well or not well? We shall see.

The Haunted Woods!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

“Come on you guys, there is a whole wood out there and we’ve only just got here.”
” Oh so they are going to explore these woods eh, they definetly won’t live for much longer!”
As the explorers ran through the woods with their cameras, the Ninja Warrior had ran back to her home and had told ,weirdly enough, the trees that roamed the land around her home!
“Woah…stop there are some sort of ninjas here. How do we get to the other side?”
The more they worried and cried the more the ninjas crept closer!
“What do we do now…….?”