”Lizzy, in the car we’re going to be late”, said mum                                                    ” I’m coming, where are we going it’s Saturday”, Lizzy said with a huff because she was just a bout to go and hang with her friends.

”This traffic is horrific, how are we going to get there” sadly with a tear coming down Lizzy’s mum. They both got out of the car, and had a little wee we. When Lizzy was done she got back I the car, and saw the car started to move,

”Mum get in quick we can get there” Lizzy said scared, her mum got in and, used the wheel to steer where it will go. Her mum stopped the car and ran to the entry.

I went in and placed my pencil case in front, of my paper.” Ready set go” said the people, as a wrote I thought of how we got here. They stopped everyone, and I handed mine in with happens.

A day later there, was a letter about the story writing and it that letter there was a surprise, my mum came in and looked at the letter ”WOW, 1000ponds lets start buying”. Mabey you could enter and win something.



“Mum mum hurry we will be late”, Millie said in sadness.

My mum came down in a hurry getting all of the bags and rushing them, in the limo. Your all thinking wheres, my dad well he died in a car crash, but back to the my day. “We are here”, Millie said.

Millie got out of the car and her mum followed out with her, they both saw the gun but it had a knot at the, end.  “Right mum get the notepad, and start drawing” Millie’s mum knew she was a treat so her she all ready started.

“ZAP” mums picture was the gun “WOW mum that was cool and now people know how, the knot got there”, said both of them.




The Pink Daffodil

Hi guys I know this is strange but I LOVE daffodils with there huge petals, that are pink.One day I went to this shop called ” Daff o dil” me and my family well mum and dad all bought 1 flower.

When I was there I saw a sprinkled bridge with daffodils everywhere, I screamed in happiness and started to cry real tears, I saw one of them just about to fall so I ran with all my heart and I caught it.

My mum said “have you found one you want darling” I said yes, and walked to the till, we got home and I looked at this one it had a nice pink petals. And that was when I loved daffodils.

Millie’s Book

“Mum mum look, I wrote a book its called * The night zoo keeper*” said Millie excitedly

“Great because I have entered you into a book contest”, said her mum with a great smile.As Millie walked up stairs she thought of the contest, that her mum said 5minutes ago,Millie came down and shouted” Mum can I go now to the contest”,

But her mum just wailed” fine go to the car now please darling”. Millie got in the car and raced to the contest, She got out and exclaimed ” Here have this its my book”,

” Sorry the contest is finished come back in 1 year sorry”, said the assinent.

The Post

Hi I’m called Lizzy, the other day there was a parcel at my door, so I picked it up and said ” Mum there’s a parcel I’m going to open it”.

My mum didn’t care because as I opened the parcel there was an alien in it, I went up to my room and started to resent the parcel out of the window,but all that did was nothing so I went downstairs and walked back to the place where it came from.

“Untill”, I said I got to the post and left it there “ok lest go home”,

I said as I got home I went to bed and relaxed for a bit because there alien made me tiered .

(At the post office). “When did it arrive”, said the post person.