”Lizzy, in the car we’re going to be late”, said mum                                                    ” I’m coming, where are we going it’s Saturday”, Lizzy said with a huff because she was just a bout to go and hang with her friends.

”This traffic is horrific, how are we going to get there” sadly with a tear coming down Lizzy’s mum. They both got out of the car, and had a little wee we. When Lizzy was done she got back I the car, and saw the car started to move,

”Mum get in quick we can get there” Lizzy said scared, her mum got in and, used the wheel to steer where it will go. Her mum stopped the car and ran to the entry.

I went in and placed my pencil case in front, of my paper.” Ready set go” said the people, as a wrote I thought of how we got here. They stopped everyone, and I handed mine in with happens.

A day later there, was a letter about the story writing and it that letter there was a surprise, my mum came in and looked at the letter ”WOW, 1000ponds lets start buying”. Mabey you could enter and win something.



“Mum mum hurry we will be late”, Millie said in sadness.

My mum came down in a hurry getting all of the bags and rushing them, in the limo. Your all thinking wheres, my dad well he died in a car crash, but back to the my day. “We are here”, Millie said.

Millie got out of the car and her mum followed out with her, they both saw the gun but it had a knot at the, end.  “Right mum get the notepad, and start drawing” Millie’s mum knew she was a treat so her she all ready started.

“ZAP” mums picture was the gun “WOW mum that was cool and now people know how, the knot got there”, said both of them.




The Pink Daffodil

Hi guys I know this is strange but I LOVE daffodils with there huge petals, that are pink.One day I went to this shop called ” Daff o dil” me and my family well mum and dad all bought 1 flower.

When I was there I saw a sprinkled bridge with daffodils everywhere, I screamed in happiness and started to cry real tears, I saw one of them just about to fall so I ran with all my heart and I caught it.

My mum said “have you found one you want darling” I said yes, and walked to the till, we got home and I looked at this one it had a nice pink petals. And that was when I loved daffodils.

Millie’s Book

“Mum mum look, I wrote a book its called * The night zoo keeper*” said Millie excitedly

“Great because I have entered you into a book contest”, said her mum with a great smile.As Millie walked up stairs she thought of the contest, that her mum said 5minutes ago,Millie came down and shouted” Mum can I go now to the contest”,

But her mum just wailed” fine go to the car now please darling”. Millie got in the car and raced to the contest, She got out and exclaimed ” Here have this its my book”,

” Sorry the contest is finished come back in 1 year sorry”, said the assinent.

The Post

Hi I’m called Lizzy, the other day there was a parcel at my door, so I picked it up and said ” Mum there’s a parcel I’m going to open it”.

My mum didn’t care because as I opened the parcel there was an alien in it, I went up to my room and started to resent the parcel out of the window,but all that did was nothing so I went downstairs and walked back to the place where it came from.

“Untill”, I said I got to the post and left it there “ok lest go home”,

I said as I got home I went to bed and relaxed for a bit because there alien made me tiered .

(At the post office). “When did it arrive”, said the post person.


Hi I’m called Shy, and just so you know i’m a boy, I’ve been looking into trees and let me tell you what happened on Monday. One day there was a tree, Shy was in the wood as he took his map out there were massive, long, legs sticking out. I wasn’t scared because I knew they were metal, but they weren’t, one of the legs moved as I looked closer it was like it a ever lasting giant, until I knew it was my brother playing a game.

“GET DOWN”, now I said he came down slowly,

“AHHHHHHHHHH ” My brother said

“Its moving” He said again.

Now here i am in hospital.



So, it was a sunny day and Ruby was playing tag with her friend called Lilly, they both wanted there lunch, but they were last.                                                         Lilly thought that tag was so beige, then Ruby said ” Why don’t we do a race here and back”,                                                                                                                              Lilly got into her starting place, so did Ruby. “321 go”, Ruby shouted

Lilly one the race because, she runs in running, games. Although Ruby ran quickly, she  were still not make enough speed.

Well because that was a long time their, sitting was called and they went in, but Lilly did  brag when she won (again).


The cute puppies

The owner came back with two massive dogs, people thought he was crazy but he didn’t think so. The dogs were called Patti and Polo, and yes how would they eat if they were massive. Well they eat out of a tier, the owner was happy but not that happy.

This is because he got builded, everyone was kind but weren’t in style yet. People would walk past him and say ” i want one”

But the buily said ” they only got big by eating magic biscuits’.

Until everyone had a massive dog, he stared to sell the magic biscuits, so he felt the same.


The sad Animal

There I was, standing by the door looking at this animal that looked sad. It was a sunny day and, as a nice kind person, I took the animal and showed it where it wants to go. I left the animal by the swimming pool so it could swim.

Then the animal looked sadder than more, I couldn’t  sleep so I went out to see the animal, but then something else caught my eye. The more it got closer the more I saw WOW, the animal I noticed it was not sad it was just lonely.

Until then, me and the animal were always together


The very tall tree

“Hi my name is Nia, I’ve come to say that I’m stuck up a tree, I know it is weird but here how it goes”.

I was in the living room and my dad said to come out side to climb a tree, it was weird why my dad would say that, I went out side and said ” I’m going to climb the tree”  

I looked at the bird nest and then I heard my dad say ” How did she get up there”. 

I felt weird now I was up a tree trying to get down but it was cool up here, then my sister came and got me down, but she said It was her magic,( all I did was jump). 

When I jumped I felt like I was flying WEEEEE”. 

100 years ago

100 years ago there were only one old giant, the giant dropped the tea cup and then ran away. The the giant done that because, he saw a tiny animal, with 2 legs and 2 arms. On Monday, there was a little boy called Fin, he went out side to find a rock, then he didn’t find a rock he found a massive tea cup.

Fin felt tiny and miniature( although he was little), Fin saw his nan coming this way. He said

” na na there is a massive tea cup” the nan looked and in a shock she said ” oh golly gosh what a surprise”. Then heard a voice

” I’m stuck help, please HELP”. 


This is amazing the nan took the boy and said” your just fine now go”.

The boy saw his mum but the weirdest thing is that it was 100 years ago an he wasn’t dead.” ha ha ha i’m free the next giant is slowly getting bigger”.


Why do Teaches have to be in charge

It was a normal Monday,  I was at school like usual, the teacher came in and said

” NO SPEAKING “, I saw my friend and she was reading but, I thought to my self (what if I was in charge). The mean, teacher came over to me and said 

“How dare you look at your nose”, go to the head teacher”, it was sad because it was like she didn’t want anybody doing anything. 

So I went to the head teacher, and I told her that i was just looking at my nose, the head teacher sent me back and said to the teacher ” YOUR FIRED”, yay maybe I was meant to the in charge after all 

“I will come on you and make you not in charge”, the teacher said


Then Dream

Oh golly gosh“, said Alex with a scare, how on earth did a gold fish get up the brown ladder. Then as quick as a flash, the fish flew slowly across the  yellow golden field. Alex was frightened, to death he nearly fainted. Then his mum came in and said  “Wake up Wake up”,

” What” said Alex how was that a dream it looked so really“, he said to him self.

No it’s not” said the goldfish

I will get you once and for all“, said the goldfish.


The Day I Give Up.

Last Friday, I went to my bed room with a massive grin on my face because I pasted a test. Until there were 2 letters on my bed. It said.

Dear Nicola

Hi it is me your very warm and cool blanket, I come to say I WANT MORE HUGS!! at night you seem to lay on a cover not me, please may you cuddle me more. I will warn out if you don’t save me HELP ME NICOLA. Your cuddles white, Blanket.

Dear Nicola

Hello this is your teddy Monkey, I come here to say I GIVE UP!! all you seem to do is just drop me on the floor, and just listen to you play games about schools or pretend I’m a student ,just make me happy please. Your board, sad teddy Monkey. 

PS: We still want to live on your bed because we don’t have a home to stay in. 


The Weird Drain Pipe

It was a normal day, there was a lady called Ant, Ant called her husband because the drain pipe was being unsure, because there were sounds coming the pipe

It was a few hours later, and the drain pipe had stopped….. For a second it was no use because now there were chickens coming out of the drain pipe, it was weird because now a cow came out of the drain pipe.

Ant just said to her husband was ” there all coming out of the drain pipe”, “What” said her husband animals there coming out of the drain pip HELP.


The stone family

Hi i am called stone teller this is my brother called Ben teller and i don’t have a mom or a dad  because they die.I live with my cousin and my brother we have loads of fun,  and by the way we are stones. I hate living here because people just hate me as the tall stone,

A FEW HOURS LATER it was dark and no one was around , but as i walked to wards the tree there was a taller stone than me i said to the stone ” hi i am called Stone teller” the answer was dull then it came over to the light “BOOOOM”, i screamed ” dad your your alive yayayayayayayay”.


The end of the world!!!!!!OR IS IT part

One day there was farm, lived a red snake his name was called Jim,he loved his clock. Even if his clock was stolen Jim would search for the thief, One day there was a button near the clock, Jim looked at the button and then there was a “BOOM” a letter appeared.Jim opened the letter it said” the world will end if u push this button” a person came in and started to speak snake “gdhfhdhfbejfbe hdbf” Jim said meany ” Ha ha ha i all ready pressed it Ha ha ha”.  the person said ” oh no you are a disgrace . 



The Creature In your nightmare’s !!!!!!!

One night there was a boy called Thomas, he loved scary stories even if they make him have goosebumps. Thomas was just getting ready for bed, but before he went to bed he got a story it was called ” THE CREATURE IN YOUR NIGHT MARES”, Thomas was not scared at all not even a bit. He opened the book and there was no words, then there was a shadow by the door and then there was a hand standing looking over the bed and then shouted ” I must get home take me home now” Thomas didn’t move at all he said I’m sorry can’t “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH” TO BE CONTINUED                                      

What do you want.

There, was a ordinary day coming all of the hero’s were coming to get to together. All of the normal poeple were very excited but most of them were upset and angry, it took a very long time to them to find the others because the cereals,were very hard toside what to have. The next hour came and there were no sigh of the hero’s anywhere some of them went home and was upset of all the money they spent. Then, the after noon came everyone went, it was a sad day,the president every came but that was disappointing so every went and said “ that was so mean” THE END