Funny Bones(week 39)

In a museum, in the middle of the night, a pile of bones had a very big hight. The stack was massive its probably a dinosaur or maybe a big rhinosaur. I also wonder what part of a animal is it or who’s body was it. Also I wonder how many bones does the pile have. One of the bones was out of the glass box, the label said you can touch if you dare too,I was brave enough so I touched and  felt very hard and rough/soft, but after a few seconds I heard a scream because I turned into a black and white panda…

One Wet Morning

It had been raining all morning I had plans with my friends to go to the park and have a picnic, but because of the weather I can’t. I really hate the rain because it always ruins my plans, so all I did was drink hot chocolate , watch TV and look at the rain but then I had a idea I could get my umbrella and jump in puddles. So I did but I got a cold so I should of known it was a bad idea and then my mum came back and made me warm soup, it’s nice.

The Spygirl

Hi my name is Mia, i’m a spy but don’t tell anyone. My whole family are spy’s. We love our new home in Cotton Village. Sometimes it’s very quiet but we like our neighbours they are very kind around here. I also already made friends with one of the neighbours daughter ,she is called Millie I do trust her but still I can’t tell her that i’m a spy. Oh she is here finally let’s go to the mall! While we’re  in the mall there was a robber I had to go and change outfit so nobody recognise me but she said she will go with me to the toilet so she did go but she watched how I transforemed  but after I had to make her faint however, I couldn’t believe what i done to her but I had to… to be contineued…

The Weird Shop

I was in the shopping centre and I saw a weird shop with a statue in front of the door. The shape of the statue was a revolt gun but it was twisted and all my friends were feeling very funny about it because they thought it was a giraffe that has just twisted his neck. It was a cool shop but we were afraid of the statue so we just passed that shop and looked into smiggle for new stuff for year 6 so we brought very colourful stationary.

The Sweet Puppy Supprise .

It was my 7th birthday and one of my guest ordered me my present to my home and it was meant to come at 4pm, but it came straight after school. I said to myself when did it arrive, I unwraped my present and i saw that it was a hoverboared and as soon as I took it out I was riding on it.

The Weird Stickman

In the woods lived a tree called Yahoo. He is very shy, he was the tallest tree in his town. The family was a family of four had a big house because his sister said she needs a bigger room than her brother so they are both are very mad at each other because their rooms are next door to each other and you could hear everything in her room . Also in her room it smells of her brown dirty socks mixed with horrible tuna. His room was better it smells of strawberries. The sister had a  weird name: Surgelina

The Haunted Sleepover!!!!!

Hi there me and my friends are having a sleepover because it’s my name day. They are going to arrive in ten minutes, I can’t wait because it’s a special day for me. I did already planed the day and we are not going to sleep till 2am at midnight we are having a midnight snack. When they finally arrived, my mum managed to finish the chocolate cake. After a few hours, we were watching a movie and we heard a ghost and suddenly it showed up in front of us so we ran and although they ran quickly, there were still not making enough progress in speed . Finally, they lost him and pushed him out of the house and he never came back.

Naughty Pet Monkey

My pet monkey loves climbing trees just like his knees.

He likes to play with his knees.

But when he wakes up he always has to snap a branch on a tree.

This my question  how did he snap them branches I always think to myself.

This monkey is unique because monkeys swing on branches not break them.

At least it is the end of the day and that is when he sleeps so cute.

But wait in the morning…..

A Weird Spaceship

Jenny was walking down the field and she saw something flash it was aliens there were only three of them. There spaceship was a giant cracked cup  for tea. She was so scared when the aliens found Jenny she fought she was going to turn into a alien but all the aliens wanted to do was to be friends they were quite cute there eyes were purply pink skin was purple little feet they were the shape of a circle. there hands were soft as a baby’s bottom. The fastest they could go would be as fast as a lion. 

Tale Of Two Strangers.

                                                              From girl point of view                                                                                                                                                            I was walking in the park and I saw a little beast he looked cold so I gave him my coat  and took him home I felt worried about him. Today I was giving him a bath and took him for a walk and showed him my class but when it was hot in the room I opened the window and when I went to make him some tea he ran away I wonder where, so I told my mom. He came back yay!!!!!!!!  

                                                             From beast point of view

                 I was hanging from my favourite branch and a horrible beast came up and took me home she gave me a beastly bath with some foamy stuff she took me for tirerying walk. She showed me to her other beast friends they kept on tickling me and throwing me and when she opened the window I escaped back to the park but it was so quiet and cold so I came back.

Tale Of Lost And Found

Boy point of view

Today I lost my pet penguin and I wondered where do penguins live. Aha the Antarctic it has freezing cold water like penguins skin before I lost him we went for a trip to the Antarctic he probably jumped out and went to go catch some fish and when I left I must of forgot him. He took              a umbrella with him but when I came back for him I couldn’t find him when I was going back home I saw something  black it looked like my penguin it got closer and closer it was my pet penguin.

Penguin point of view

Today I got lost  my skin is cold just like the water in the Antarctic so me and my owner was  going to  go for a trip to the Antarctic and when he was looking around I went to catch some fish but when I came back he was gone but good that I took a umbrella so I jumped on to the umbrella  and swam/float across the water  and I saw a boy wait it was my owner.

The Terrible Idea!!

Hi I’m Gru I am a villain one day I went on vacation and I have these little helpers called minions and I let one of them called Bob definitely not in charge cause he asked me,”What if I was in charge.”             But instead I let Kevin be in charge he was a clever boy but this suprised me all he did was either sleep or party so instead of carrying on my vacation I had go back and stay with the minions. I had to tell Kevin off and  but I felt sad for him because my  mom  when I was little she used to tell me off just like I did to Kevin and it was the end of the day goodnight.

®The Day in The Life Of a phone.®

      Hi, today  was a tiring day my owner kept on turning me on. My owner’s house is so big that I get lost nearly everyday! Before she went to school she turned me on and watched youtube which to me is boring cause I can’t watch it because it’s on my body and I only have one eye which I take pictures of other things. I was feeling sad while she was watching because my friend (mums phone) he had his screen smashed and he felt useless because he was replaced by a bullying iPhone X . I don’t like him. Oh no it’s the time when my owner comes back from school. She is home and she is playing Roblox on me. Next, she opened up these random apps called Instagram, Snapchat, Musically. I was so fed up I feel like I want to quit being a phone. I have 3% and she still is playing on me. I bet she is going to charge me when I die so I’ll go have a lovely rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

®Stickman Attack!!!!!!®

One day, I was walking around the park and as I was walking I saw cute stick man but when I touched one it came alive and attacked me it was bad his face turned around and had make up.  I worked at the police station so called backup and we had a fight it was police vs stickmen of course police won it was a crazy day!!

A Octopus In My Bath!!!

I was walking to the bathroom to brush my teeth and when I walked in I saw a big purple with pink spots octopus!!! I couldn’t  even believe my eyes. It was moving, jiggling,swimming and worst of all it was splashing all over the floor, I asked if he wanted to be friends with me he said”blhs that means yes.”   I swam with the octopus it was very weird and then it was the end of the day.


The Concrete Family

One day I was walking down the road and I saw this poles and they looked like people like a family. When other people saw them they turned into human. Me and my friend Nicola we saw them coming out from the concrete me and my friend started running as far as we could and back to our house. We were so scared we started crying but then we said to our selfs,”We will defeat this monster.” So we went out and defeated the monster and the thing that was most cool of the whole day was when they got sucked up in the black, dark hole. We thought that we would get sucked up but we didn’t. the end

New York!!!

Hi my name is Katie and this is my story of New York how I see the world. I went New York  I decided to live there but it is still great,today is valentines day yay I got red roses and before I could go out to walk in the park I opened my door and there were so much presents everybody waited outside for me to get their present out and open it every minute I see whole stack of presents under my door. In the morning I went to cycle I got a toy snake and  the time was 12:00.