Funny Bones(week 39)

In a museum, in the middle of the night, a pile of bones had a very big hight. The stack was massive its probably a dinosaur or maybe a big rhinosaur. I also wonder what part of a animal is it or who’s body was it. Also I wonder how many bones does the pile have. One of the bones was out of the glass box, the label said you can touch if you dare too,I was brave enough so I touched and  felt very hard and rough/soft, but after a few seconds I heard a scream because I turned into a black and white panda…

One Wet Morning

It had been raining all morning I had plans with my friends to go to the park and have a picnic, but because of the weather I can’t. I really hate the rain because it always ruins my plans, so all I did was drink hot chocolate , watch TV and look at the rain but then I had a idea I could get my umbrella and jump in puddles. So I did but I got a cold so I should of known it was a bad idea and then my mum came back and made me warm soup, it’s nice.

The Spygirl

Hi my name is Mia, i’m a spy but don’t tell anyone. My whole family are spy’s. We love our new home in Cotton Village. Sometimes it’s very quiet but we like our neighbours they are very kind around here. I also already made friends with one of the neighbours daughter ,she is called Millie I do trust her but still I can’t tell her that i’m a spy. Oh she is here finally let’s go to the mall! While we’re  in the mall there was a robber I had to go and change outfit so nobody recognise me but she said she will go with me to the toilet so she did go but she watched how I transforemed  but after I had to make her faint however, I couldn’t believe what i done to her but I had to… to be contineued…

The Weird Shop

I was in the shopping centre and I saw a weird shop with a statue in front of the door. The shape of the statue was a revolt gun but it was twisted and all my friends were feeling very funny about it because they thought it was a giraffe that has just twisted his neck. It was a cool shop but we were afraid of the statue so we just passed that shop and looked into smiggle for new stuff for year 6 so we brought very colourful stationary.