The Weird Stickman

In the woods lived a tree called Yahoo. He is very shy, he was the tallest tree in his town. The family was a family of four had a big house because his sister said she needs a bigger room than her brother so they are both are very mad at each other because their rooms are next door to each other and you could hear everything in her room . Also in her room it smells of her brown dirty socks mixed with horrible tuna. His room was better it smells of strawberries. The sister had a  weird name: Surgelina

The Haunted Sleepover!!!!!

Hi there me and my friends are having a sleepover because it’s my name day. They are going to arrive in ten minutes, I can’t wait because it’s a special day for me. I did already planed the day and we are not going to sleep till 2am at midnight we are having a midnight snack. When they finally arrived, my mum managed to finish the chocolate cake. After a few hours, we were watching a movie and we heard a ghost and suddenly it showed up in front of us so we ran and although they ran quickly, there were still not making enough progress in speed . Finally, they lost him and pushed him out of the house and he never came back.

Naughty Pet Monkey

My pet monkey loves climbing trees just like his knees.

He likes to play with his knees.

But when he wakes up he always has to snap a branch on a tree.

This my question  how did he snap them branches I always think to myself.

This monkey is unique because monkeys swing on branches not break them.

At least it is the end of the day and that is when he sleeps so cute.

But wait in the morning…..