Sticky Picnic.

I love going for a picnic with Mom and Dad and little brother Tim.   Little brother Tim is a very messy eater. He gets sticky juice and peanut butter and chocolate. Then the ants come and carry him away when we aren’t looking.

I laugh while Mom and Dad run down the hill, chasing after Tim as the ants race to take the sticky mess back to their queen.

Superhand Saves The Day.

Hi, my name is Kate this is the story how I got saved by a superhero hand. One day, I was walking calmly  down my street and while I was walking down I got attacked by an alien he took me up on the highest building and he said that if I don’t give him my whole purse he would drop me down and would not help me. Loudly, I said  back to  him,” never.”  Then he dropped me down off the highest building but just when I was half way a Superhand flew and caught me and put me down on the ground safely! I said,” thank you very much!”  And then he buzzed off and then I found myself in my bed.

Batmans Birthday

Once upon a day, it was Batmans birthday. When he woke up he found himself sitting on a chair eating doritos with melted cheese and then his friends pop up his friends were called Hulk,Thor,Wolfie,Iron Man in the beginning of the party they sang ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ Batman was so happy and when they bring in the cake they smashed it in his face everyone was laughing so hard. Till the end of the party which was 4 am.

My Christmas Presents (True Story).

In Poland we celebrate christmas on the 6th and 24th december and these were my presents. 1st present was sweets the 2nd was a make up bag the 3rd cinema tickets. 4th rollerskates 5th twister 6th spitting lama 7th painting real crystals 8th PJS 9th heart shaped tin with tons of bathboms and shower stuff and the last one is Gel-apeel and then we had a feast it was very good but I ate a little bit. VERY GOOD FUN!!!!!!!!

My Monkey Stole My Job

Guess what? I’ll tell you what happened I was at work with our monkey and this happened  I was getting  my cofee and the monkey went to my computer  and was  writing on my computer ooh ahh ooh ahh  and then he pushed the computer off the desk   and I was so angry that I came back ealier!

The End

Escape Temple!!!

I was just going to the temple fair and I went inside one temple and said,” Oh no I’m stuck!” It said on the map that I had to complete a monkey puzzle which was sticky, slippy and gooey. After I did that I found out something that there was a tiger and the tiger was blocking our escape and then my two friends came and saved me they were called Nicola and Amelia. Then it was time to go home and it was disgusting but great and funny. It was bed time now but adventures are great fun Cya.

The Beautiful Flowers Explosion

On Friday, I was in France  and I am going to be going to pick some flowers from the garden. I found some beautiful orange, autumn roses. I picked them up and they were so pretty that I put them on the top of my window sill and when I went downstairs there was a bang and a smash. And the glass vahlse broke into pieces my mum was very mad at me,  “ahhhhhhhhhh,” she screamed and then I got grounded for a month. ??

The Demon In The Park

Hello there my name is Laura  I live in Wales and  I am just going for a run around the park. While, I was running through the park there were two trees and in the middle there was a creature with a hoodie. Then it moved and said in a dark voice,” Hello I’m a demon in a hoodie when I jump my wings which are dark and black, if you want I can suck your body and make it a ghost. I was so scared that I started to shake and I ran away. I told my husband about it so he could report to the news and evacuate the city/country. So we took a helicopter and flew to Poland and live there…

                         THE END


Fire vs Water

While I was playing fire vs water on my computer I  felt very dizzy and I fainted when I woke up I was  in a maze. It looked like the water vs fire game. “Wait, OHHHH OH,” he sighed he is in the game. Another player(aka neighbour) was playing too at the same time, we looked at each other he was water I was fire. We had to play the game until we reach level 11. Me and my neighbour we didn’t like each other and now that we meet we hate each other even more, in this game both players have to help each other to get to the door where they go to the next level. We started at number 1 but we had to play it three times each level we had to play from 3-6 times.

                     To BE Contineued…

The Hidden Gem.

There was once a pirate called Jack Swindles he swam the seven seas and found many jewels but one day he found a pile of  gems. He knew that his crew would stole the gems so that’s why he was going to hide it somewhere nobody goes, somewhere is the best place in the deck. So he asked his crew where they go and they tell them they go to his office and always stay on the outside of the deck. So he went to the deep bottom of the deck and said to himself,”Where should I hide it all.” Then he came up with a idea and he hid the gems into a mysterious statue with a hoodie where there was a hole.

Mermaid Libraries

One day, there was a mermaid that was called Sirena she said this,”I want to be a librarian mermaid.” “Can you imagine,huge underwater libraries/museums of stuff they have found.” Caves with air pockets with human books stored so they  stay dry. Librarians who can take you to exactly the books or forgotten relics that have fallen from ships and  boats centuries past. Historian mermaids who have read and researched human life. Imagine swimming through caves and tunnels filled with these things. Caves that lead up and open to let in light,where you can sit and read by the sun or even the light of the moon. Deep sea creatures that glow being used to lead down the tunnels or to read by. Oh my gosh i am so excited by this. If i could be anything it would be this.

                              THE END

Ghost In Town

Hello there, I am a majestic ghost so lets start, my name is Barry.I am 3 years old. I have a family but no parents. My mum is alive and so is my dad but when i was 2 months old i died in  the park because i drowned. My nan  takes care of me and so does my grandad cause they are dead and they are both the same age they are 4000000 years old. We once went to the park it was so nice but one day everybody was crying because they missed their family and so did i but what they don't that  in two days we will come to the earth and meet our family and apparently i have a baby brother and it is 12 months.

The Swimming Party

It was a sunny day, it was Hannah’s birthday tomorrow and she knew that it was going to be the best day of her life. The day after that, it was Hannah’s birthday and she was going to have a swimming party! After the party, they celebrated with a BBQ! Once a flame came up they all cheered. All the mom’s were wearing dresses. The dad’s were wearing white T-shirt and a tie. The day was ending and Hannah started to open the present she got clothes,chocolate,toys and lots of money to spend.























































Up Side Down

One day, Joshua went to the river nearby his house and jumped in it. A few seconds later, he had to go in to his house to have his dinner, then he came back and jumped in it again and again. Soon it was raining but he was still in the river. By then it was very deep and he jumped and fell up side down and he was stuck there till he was 15 years old …To Be Continued…

The Little Kitten’s Day Out

There was once, a Apple Tree Farm. On that farm was Mrs Boot,the farmer. She had two nice children called Poppy and Sam and a dog  called Rusty. Ted also works on the farm. He is helping Mr. Bran,the  truck driver. Mr. Bran has brought some sacks of food for the cows. They said goodbye to Mr. Bran. Mr. Bran waves back to them as he drives his truck out of the farmyard. Ted and poppy waved to him once again .          “Where’s my kitten?” signed Poppy .     “Where’s Fluff?” says Sam. They all look everywhere for Fluff. But they can’t find her.  “Pherhaps she jumped on the truck.” “Here take my car and go after thee truck,TED,”says Mrs. Boot. They jump in the car and drive off . When they caught up with the truck and got their kitten back.    
                                    THE END!

The Fantastic Superhero Dog

One little dog was  sitting on the windowsill and dreaming what life would be,if he was a superhero dog. Her  name  was Isabelle. The next day, Isabelle went to the park to play with her friends who also want to be a superhero dog. While they were all playing, Isabelle went to a tree which had long leaves like vines then a shine of gold. When Isabelle woke up in her bed, she could magically fly in the so she thought she had superpowers and she did so she wore a superhero costume for dogs and for the final thing the dog was wearing glasses. All the dogs were feeling very jealous!


The Purple Hair

One day, Professor Bumblebee went to the hairdressers. He went there because he wanted to have purple twisted hair. So he would look like the purple crazy professor. After that, he went to the pet care to adopt a tiny purple crocodile that was cute enough to sleep with without biting. 15min later, he went to his lab to solve difficult/impossible questions. Then his wife came and shouted with a loud voice,”Dinner is ready,”when he was going down the stairs he didn’t see his shoelace that it was undone and tripped


Sweets explosion

In a small village were small people lived.There was a big light bulb filled with sweets. That was the food saver for little people.The next day two men wanted to build another one next to the first one. But when they were building it they accidentally knocked it over and all the candy/sweets came out  TO BE CONTINEUED…