A Weird Spaceship

Jenny was walking down the field and she saw something flash it was aliens there were only three of them. There spaceship was a giant cracked cup  for tea. She was so scared when the aliens found Jenny she fought she was going to turn into a alien but all the aliens wanted to do was to be friends they were quite cute there eyes were purply pink skin was purple little feet they were the shape of a circle. there hands were soft as a baby’s bottom. The fastest they could go would be as fast as a lion. 

Tale Of Two Strangers.

                                                              From girl point of view                                                                                                                                                            I was walking in the park and I saw a little beast he looked cold so I gave him my coat  and took him home I felt worried about him. Today I was giving him a bath and took him for a walk and showed him my class but when it was hot in the room I opened the window and when I went to make him some tea he ran away I wonder where, so I told my mom. He came back yay!!!!!!!!  

                                                             From beast point of view

                 I was hanging from my favourite branch and a horrible beast came up and took me home she gave me a beastly bath with some foamy stuff she took me for tirerying walk. She showed me to her other beast friends they kept on tickling me and throwing me and when she opened the window I escaped back to the park but it was so quiet and cold so I came back.

Tale Of Lost And Found

Boy point of view

Today I lost my pet penguin and I wondered where do penguins live. Aha the Antarctic it has freezing cold water like penguins skin before I lost him we went for a trip to the Antarctic he probably jumped out and went to go catch some fish and when I left I must of forgot him. He took              a umbrella with him but when I came back for him I couldn’t find him when I was going back home I saw something  black it looked like my penguin it got closer and closer it was my pet penguin.

Penguin point of view

Today I got lost  my skin is cold just like the water in the Antarctic so me and my owner was  going to  go for a trip to the Antarctic and when he was looking around I went to catch some fish but when I came back he was gone but good that I took a umbrella so I jumped on to the umbrella  and swam/float across the water  and I saw a boy wait it was my owner.

The Terrible Idea!!

Hi I’m Gru I am a villain one day I went on vacation and I have these little helpers called minions and I let one of them called Bob definitely not in charge cause he asked me,”What if I was in charge.”             But instead I let Kevin be in charge he was a clever boy but this suprised me all he did was either sleep or party so instead of carrying on my vacation I had go back and stay with the minions. I had to tell Kevin off and  but I felt sad for him because my  mom  when I was little she used to tell me off just like I did to Kevin and it was the end of the day goodnight.