The Little Kitten’s Day Out

There was once, a Apple Tree Farm. On that farm was Mrs Boot,the farmer. She had two nice children called Poppy and Sam and a dog  called Rusty. Ted also works on the farm. He is helping Mr. Bran,the  truck driver. Mr. Bran has brought some sacks of food for the cows. They said goodbye to Mr. Bran. Mr. Bran waves back to them as he drives his truck out of the farmyard. Ted and poppy waved to him once again .          “Where’s my kitten?” signed Poppy .     “Where’s Fluff?” says Sam. They all look everywhere for Fluff. But they can’t find her.  “Pherhaps she jumped on the truck.” “Here take my car and go after thee truck,TED,”says Mrs. Boot. They jump in the car and drive off . When they caught up with the truck and got their kitten back.    
                                    THE END!

The Fantastic Superhero Dog

One little dog was  sitting on the windowsill and dreaming what life would be,if he was a superhero dog. Her  name  was Isabelle. The next day, Isabelle went to the park to play with her friends who also want to be a superhero dog. While they were all playing, Isabelle went to a tree which had long leaves like vines then a shine of gold. When Isabelle woke up in her bed, she could magically fly in the so she thought she had superpowers and she did so she wore a superhero costume for dogs and for the final thing the dog was wearing glasses. All the dogs were feeling very jealous!


The Purple Hair

One day, Professor Bumblebee went to the hairdressers. He went there because he wanted to have purple twisted hair. So he would look like the purple crazy professor. After that, he went to the pet care to adopt a tiny purple crocodile that was cute enough to sleep with without biting. 15min later, he went to his lab to solve difficult/impossible questions. Then his wife came and shouted with a loud voice,”Dinner is ready,”when he was going down the stairs he didn’t see his shoelace that it was undone and tripped