A Boy And A Penguin

The Boy

Once a penguin was walking through a forest in Iceland, when he saw a boy! The boy decided to pick it up and take it home. At home he named it Penguiny (pen-gu-ee-nee). He dressed him up in flip-flops, sunglasses and a shirt, fed him fish (and chips) and they even played with his toys. The boy loved it but the penguin hated it.

The Penguin

Once a boy was walking through a forest when he saw a penguin. The penguin ran towards the boy started pecking, and took the boy to his home. In his home he asked the boy his name. He fed him raw fish (regurgitated by the penguin), he dressed him in snow and he let him play with his plastic fish collection. The boy hated it but the penguin loved it.



Making A New Friend

On a hot day in New York a little boy was walking back from school. The little boy saw a penguin at his house  and thought that he was lonely.So he picked him up.

The little boy was so kind to the penguin. He did lots for him. But the penguin didn’t like it!

The boy gave him lots of ice, made him a home and showed the penguin to all of his friends.


On  hot day I need New York a penguin was minding his own business outside a front door. But suddenly he was picked up by this boy. The boy thought he was lonely.

The penguin was showed to all of the boys friend showed and was made a really weird  home. The penguin didn’t like it! But the opened his window and the penguin escaped.

That night the boy couldn’t sleep. But the penguin got lonely so he waddled back to the boy and they were friends forever!

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Tale of two friends

In the past week I have been so lonely. The other penguins have gone diving and I can not dive so I am left in the South Pole. I got so bored that I discussed (with my self) if I should set of on an adventure across the Atlantic Ocean or stay here in the cold and lonely. I added up my points, and thought I would go on an adventure. So I setted of on an ice cube and travled and travled………Hungry,thirsty,sea sick,I arrived at a little boys house .He looked confused still,he took me into his house. He fed me fish and he let me swallow the cleanest water in the world! But a week later he trapped me in a boat and took me back to the place I started. Yes , that’s right the South Pole. I was so confused. He dropped me off and off he went. I felt lonely and cold again. I decided to follow him. Then things were great !

Boys point of view 

I was sitting on the sofa (because I was so bored ). Then I heard a knock at the door I went to open it and to my astonishment it was a penguin!I could not beilive my eyes I was confused still , I let him in.I fed him my left over fish and let him drink the water out of the bathroom tap because mum and dad could never know about this .



As I walked to the door and saw a penguin I wanted to keep it. But I didn’t know we’re it came from. Even though I wanted to keep him I didn’t so I took him to the lost office. I couldn’t sleep because I was so worried I really wanted to help him. I the discovered that penguins come from the South Pole then I thought how  would get there. Together  me and the penguin set off in a tint boat to the South Pole.


As walked to a weird door there was this boy that answered. He started taking me places that I didn’t care about. I was so annoyed I was like leave me alone then it was the night I tried to escape but it failed he didn’t stop talking. The next day we set off to this random place but we didn’t get to are destination.

A Tale of a Boy and a Penguin 🐧 🙂

The Penguin

One day I felt lonely, so I went to knock on a door A boy answered. He was about 7 years old and he. Was wearing stripy clothes. He seemed nice. Next he took me to the North Pole, it was a long journey. I was sad because he didn’t understand me, I wanted a friend but he thought I was lost. Our boat took us there. But then I went back to him And we lived happily ever after.

The Boy

One day a Penguin knocked on my door I decided it was lost, so I got a boat and went to the North Pole. It was a long voyage at least I bought some water and food with us. When we got there I put the penguin on an iceberg but the penguin came back and after that we were the best friends ever. We lived happily ever after.