Who, what, when, where, why?

How, what, when, where, why? That is the question here. Who is me. What is a house. When is 1985. Where am I. And why? There are many questions not answered in life like why is there such a thing of death? The question is not answered but there are some.




thats all you need to do in life. So forget about all of the questions just live life as it comes.

3 sentence story – dragon land

There was once a place where dragons roamed free, where people and dragons were friends and instead of normal school, that is dragon land. One day in dragon land there was an important exam and all of the children had to do the exam. After the exam the results were told to the children “hologram Sedona has an A+, Harry logad has a A and Sibiurious ligos has an B+”said the examiner what would happen next?

Find out in part two of dragon land.

Double Trouble Part 1

One day Summer woke up to see her twin sister River up and awake drawing a self portrait of herself ready for her first day secondary school. ” Why are you doing up so early,”requested Summer. ” I’m am finishing mine and your self portrait meanwhile you didn’t even start,” replied River angrily. “Thanks,” said Summer sleepily. Quickly, they got dressed and headed to the bus stop. Their first exiting day had just begun! They walked into their class nervously ( glad they were in the same class) and sat down in the two spare seats ready for their register. They had moved into that school when they was in year eight so the other students had a year of experience. ” Everyone say hello to our new students,”shouted Miss Maple. Everyone laughed. Was it ever going to end!



Morgan and Amelie.

bad dream

Its bed time for me in my cold bungalow. And while I was asleep I had the worst nightmare, it was of creepy abandoned creepy woods with rusty unkept old boats berried into the dry sand for being the for 100s of years. and I was very scared, I was alone no one was near me and I hated it. and the then suddenly there was the worst boat of all it was tall as a skyscraper and it was just so creepy but then I just realised it was all a dream, silly me but will it happen again…