The Tale of Porky 2

Last week as Porky as super naughty he got grounded. Well him and me by Mr Murphy. When we got home Porky was good(for once). So I let him go to bed late. But that was a MASSIVE MISTAKE .I went to bed at 9:30 and so did Porkey (or I thought he was). I woke up in the morning and looked in Porkeys bed and there was him and this purple dragon! I woke Porkey up and found out who this misterouse Dragon. It was Porkeys old friend. So I had to bring both of them to school. I brang them both to school and now i regret it.

The Discovery!

I just got back to the hotel on Isle of Wight. We went fossil hunting and I found a definate fossil! It is really long and very creepy. It is covered in weird rotting goo! I think it is a Plesiosaur. If you don’t know what that is then I will tell you. It is a dinosaur that lived under the water. It lived from the Early Jurassic to the Late Cretacious. Although, it might not be that animal. You do realise that I can’t be sure of anything. But it looked like the actual body was chopped off! EWWWW!!

That’s Strange!

One morning, me and my Dad were walking in a forest near a park.  While we were walking I heard a noise. It
sounded like a cat or fox but I don’t know which one. So we went and explored the woods and when we finally found it after 30 minutes it was a tiny kitten. When we got home we told my Mum and she said to take it to the vets strait away. It take’s an hour to get to the vets so we played eye spy. Nobody guessed my word. We finally got there and the vet said…

The under water cave.

The only sound the diver could hear was his own breathing. It was a strangely relaxing sound; one of the reasons Mike enjoyed being underwater so much. Mike knew, however, that he mustn’t let his senses switch off; it could be incredibly dangerous diving at this depth if you stopped concentrating even for one minute.

Despite enjoying himself, Mike concentrated on the mission he’d be tasked with. He shone his spotlight down towards the murky depths below, and with a powerful push of his flippers he began the descent…

My Red Dragon

I have a red dragon. His name is Porcupine (Porky for short).Porky sits on my desk at school. He has a super hero power that he is invisible and only I can see him! As much as I love him he is so cheeky at school. Today was a whole new level. He was so naughty I had to stay in at break for something HE had done. He flew over Mr Murphy’s head with my water bottle under his wing. I ran over to him and got hold of my water bottle but it was too late, Porky had  unscrewed the lid and before I knew it Mr Murphy was soaked. Sorry Mr Murphy. 😬😬