A teacup in the garden!

It was a Saturday night and we were all watching a movie. All of a sudden everything started to shake, the lights flickered, we thought it was an earthquake. My sister got up and  looked outside, to her amazement in the middle of the garden, on it’s side laid a huge beautiful china teacup. All I was thinking inside my head was where did this come from? How did it get here? We all rushed outside to take a closer look, our street was a live with people trying to take a closer look at the mysterious cup.





As I walked to the door and saw a penguin I wanted to keep it. But I didn’t know we’re it came from. Even though I wanted to keep him I didn’t so I took him to the lost office. I couldn’t sleep because I was so worried I really wanted to help him. I the discovered that penguins come from the South Pole then I thought how  would get there. Together  me and the penguin set off in a tint boat to the South Pole.


As walked to a weird door there was this boy that answered. He started taking me places that I didn’t care about. I was so annoyed I was like leave me alone then it was the night I tried to escape but it failed he didn’t stop talking. The next day we set off to this random place but we didn’t get to are destination.


Me and my mum were planning my birthday party. Then, my mum got a text on her phone It was about work my mum and dad had a really good job that was how they were paying for my party me and my mum had made a date for my party this is what the text said” were need you here in work for next week” but I thought that the day of my party. My mum said” we mite have to cancel your party”.”No mum please what if  I was in charge” I replied ”sorry darling but your to young to manage” mum said feeling bad ” ok then” I said crying.


As I heard my mum it was time, time to get my goldfish I had been waiting for this for ages. We got in the car my car is massive  car  so we have to use a ladder to get in are car. We drove so fast it was like we flew there. Then we walked slowly into the shop my eye glanced at a brown gold fish it was beautiful I said to my mum ”PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE CAN I GET IT”  and then my mum said ”ok whatever” we rushed in the the car and drove so fast it was like we flew home.


I went to my  colouring draw to tide it up because it was a mess. After, I had tide  my colouring draw I had a pile at the front door so I read it was full of so many messages from my crayons in ages so this what it said ”dear Esmay   you have not used my in ages I’m so bored please get me out soon from your favourite crayon”. I thought what should I do so I went upstairs and got out my colouring crayons they had rotted away !