BANG!We were in a museum my head spun around so fast to see what had fallen.. It was a dinosaurs bones.I needed to tell someone so I ran to reception but no one was there. I went to this red sort off place and I was trapped. I was screaming at the top off my voice and was saying”HELP”. An hour later, no one had came yet so I started getting comfortable. My mum called me on my phone because she was at home. I answered and told her what had happened she said she was on her way but ………..


It had been raining all morning, and we were planning on going to Disney Land but we couldn’t because the rain was so bad. Sad upset I dragged myself upstairs and sat on y bed and FaceTimed my friend. We were on FaceTime for ages. Finally the rain stopped , My mum called my name [I thought we were going to Disney Land]but no she called my to go walk the dogs. What an awful day.


”Finally,the summer holidays” I said. We were heading to New York. After, a very long flight we finally arrived. We got to are hotel and unpacked our stuff and went for a stroll. When we were walking past the hotel I saw the biggest statue, it was massive.It was like a well, it was so cool I  stood in front and we took lots off nice pictures. We had been in New York for two weeks and my parents said I could go out by myself and  lost my way…


One day ,there was a girl  called Lily walking to school with her friend, Olivia.They were talking about Lily’s new bag Olivia was jealous.It was the end of the day and Lily and Olivia were walking home they got to the bridge and there where crouds of people on the bridge Olivia and Lily didnt pay atention they just walked passed by what they did see was pink glitter sprinkeld every were…


There was a girl named Holly. Holly was an unusual girl because of her love of animals. Holly’s favourite pet was her monkey, she took it everywhere. One day,Holly  against her parent’s advice, took her monkey to school and it did not go well,  the monkey got excited and scared as it got into the classroom because of all the commotion and leapt off Holly’s Shoulders.  The monkey was  very  clever and could lock doors. The monkey got into the Head Teacher’s office, locked the door,  sat starring at the laptop angrily and to Holly’s amazement started typing….