”Finally,the summer holidays” I said. We were heading to New York. After, a very long flight we finally arrived. We got to are hotel and unpacked our stuff and went for a stroll. When we were walking past the hotel I saw the biggest statue, it was massive.It was like a well, it was so cool I  stood in front and we took lots off nice pictures. We had been in New York for two weeks and my parents said I could go out by myself and  lost my way…


One day ,there was a girl  called Lily walking to school with her friend, Olivia.They were talking about Lily’s new bag Olivia was jealous.It was the end of the day and Lily and Olivia were walking home they got to the bridge and there where crouds of people on the bridge Olivia and Lily didnt pay atention they just walked passed by what they did see was pink glitter sprinkeld every were…


There was a girl named Holly. Holly was an unusual girl because of her love of animals. Holly’s favourite pet was her monkey, she took it everywhere. One day,Holly  against her parent’s advice, took her monkey to school and it did not go well,  the monkey got excited and scared as it got into the classroom because of all the commotion and leapt off Holly’s Shoulders.  The monkey was  very  clever and could lock doors. The monkey got into the Head Teacher’s office, locked the door,  sat starring at the laptop angrily and to Holly’s amazement started typing….


 As I got home from school(I walked home by myself everyday, I was always grumpy when I got home so I went into my room). Like I always do, I ran upstairs and went straight to my room past my mum, and sat on my bed and went on my phone. Finally, it was dinner time, I ran downstairs with my phone and sat at the table. There was a random man sat in front my face looking dusgusted. I said ”when did he arrive”?  I said.” Have you been hiding from me that I now have a step dad I ran upstairs [even though I was so hungry] and busted out crying………


As my mum, was letting me have  a party I thought I would walk the d0g’s for her , even though I hated walking them. It was the day of my glittery party and the day I  had to walk he dogs so I did. Taking a slow quite stroll though the woods I turned my head and I saw a tree but not just a tree a tree, that had legs on it. And my mum wondered why I hated walking the dogs by myself. So off course I ran home, I am not walking when there is a leg on a tree just not happing  my mum can be mad all she wants.