BANG!We were in a museum my head spun around so fast to see what had fallen.. It was a dinosaurs bones.I needed to tell someone so I ran to reception but no one was there. I went to this red sort off place and I was trapped. I was screaming at the top off my voice and was saying”HELP”. An hour later, no one had came yet so I started getting comfortable. My mum called me on my phone because she was at home. I answered and told her what had happened she said she was on her way but ………..


It had been raining all morning, and we were planning on going to Disney Land but we couldn’t because the rain was so bad. Sad upset I dragged myself upstairs and sat on y bed and FaceTimed my friend. We were on FaceTime for ages. Finally the rain stopped , My mum called my name [I thought we were going to Disney Land]but no she called my to go walk the dogs. What an awful day.


”Finally,the summer holidays” I said. We were heading to New York. After, a very long flight we finally arrived. We got to are hotel and unpacked our stuff and went for a stroll. When we were walking past the hotel I saw the biggest statue, it was massive.It was like a well, it was so cool I  stood in front and we took lots off nice pictures. We had been in New York for two weeks and my parents said I could go out by myself and  lost my way…


One day ,there was a girl  called Lily walking to school with her friend, Olivia.They were talking about Lily’s new bag Olivia was jealous.It was the end of the day and Lily and Olivia were walking home they got to the bridge and there where crouds of people on the bridge Olivia and Lily didnt pay atention they just walked passed by what they did see was pink glitter sprinkeld every were…


There was a girl named Holly. Holly was an unusual girl because of her love of animals. Holly’s favourite pet was her monkey, she took it everywhere. One day,Holly  against her parent’s advice, took her monkey to school and it did not go well,  the monkey got excited and scared as it got into the classroom because of all the commotion and leapt off Holly’s Shoulders.  The monkey was  very  clever and could lock doors. The monkey got into the Head Teacher’s office, locked the door,  sat starring at the laptop angrily and to Holly’s amazement started typing….


 As I got home from school(I walked home by myself everyday, I was always grumpy when I got home so I went into my room). Like I always do, I ran upstairs and went straight to my room past my mum, and sat on my bed and went on my phone. Finally, it was dinner time, I ran downstairs with my phone and sat at the table. There was a random man sat in front my face looking dusgusted. I said ”when did he arrive”?  I said.” Have you been hiding from me that I now have a step dad I ran upstairs [even though I was so hungry] and busted out crying………


As my mum, was letting me have  a party I thought I would walk the d0g’s for her , even though I hated walking them. It was the day of my glittery party and the day I  had to walk he dogs so I did. Taking a slow quite stroll though the woods I turned my head and I saw a tree but not just a tree a tree, that had legs on it. And my mum wondered why I hated walking the dogs by myself. So off course I ran home, I am not walking when there is a leg on a tree just not happing  my mum can be mad all she wants.


Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress… We were at an intense football match, the team were so close to scoring a goal. Although we were all screaming down the field, the team scored. All of us were so unhappy that they had conceded. Out of nowhere, we scored, we were so happy, emotions filled the air.It was a draw at the moment the game was so intense at this moment , they going to lose or draw. It was coming to the last couple of minutes of the game we were all like there no going to score, IT WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE WE SCORED AND WE HAD ONE THE CUP FINAL. I never cry but this day I did.



It was the best day ever, I opened the door and I saw a rabbit IT WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE I SCREEMED AND RAN  TO MY MUM  PLEASE CAN I KEEP IT but of course she”No” I was just like ”WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY”. She still said ”no” but I ignored her and I still bang  in the rabbit and kept it in my room.It was the next day and my mum said”we need to get rid of it” but I really wanted to keep it. When I went outside the rabbit was on the roof I thought how did she get there…. 

A teacup in the garden!

It was a Saturday night and we were all watching a movie. All of a sudden everything started to shake, the lights flickered, we thought it was an earthquake. My sister got up and  looked outside, to her amazement in the middle of the garden, on it’s side laid a huge beautiful china teacup. All I was thinking inside my head was where did this come from? How did it get here? We all rushed outside to take a closer look, our street was a live with people trying to take a closer look at the mysterious cup.





As I walked to the door and saw a penguin I wanted to keep it. But I didn’t know we’re it came from. Even though I wanted to keep him I didn’t so I took him to the lost office. I couldn’t sleep because I was so worried I really wanted to help him. I the discovered that penguins come from the South Pole then I thought how  would get there. Together  me and the penguin set off in a tint boat to the South Pole.


As walked to a weird door there was this boy that answered. He started taking me places that I didn’t care about. I was so annoyed I was like leave me alone then it was the night I tried to escape but it failed he didn’t stop talking. The next day we set off to this random place but we didn’t get to are destination.


Me and my mum were planning my birthday party. Then, my mum got a text on her phone It was about work my mum and dad ,had a really good job that was how they were paying for my party.Me and my mum had made a date for my party this is what the text said” we need you here in work for next week” but I thought that the day of my party. My mum said” we mite have to cancel your party”.”No mum please what if  I was in charge” I replied ”sorry darling but your to young to manage” mum said feeling bad ” ok then” I said crying.


As I heard my mum it was time, time to get my goldfish I had been waiting for this for ages. We got in the car my car is massive  car  so we have to use a ladder to get in our car. We drove so fast, it was like we flew there. Then we walked slowly into the shop my eye glanced at a brown gold fish it was beautiful I said to my mum ”PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE CAN I GET IT”  and then my mum said ”ok whatever” we rushed in the the car and drove so fast it was like we flew home.


I went to my  colouring draw to tide it up because it was a mess. After, I had tide  my colouring draw I had a pile at the front door so I read it was full of so many messages from my crayons in ages so this what it said ”dear Esmay   you have not used my in ages I’m so bored please get me out soon from your favourite crayon”. I thought what should I do so I went upstairs and got out my colouring crayons they had rotted away !


One day, I was sad,sad because I had to go to school on my birthday and I had to walk home by myself . The worst thing is my mum and dad didn’t say happy birthday. Neither did my friends, just then I turned my head and POW I heard people shout ”SURPRISE” I jumped out of my skin my family  and friend were all in a row I was so happy. After, they had opened presents and done the cake there was something else all off a sudden these stick spy came out and started to dance `I was happy,happy because it was the best birthday ever!



Woke up  don’t know wear I am in a drain don’t know. I get swooshed up what is going on. The next thing I know a hamster is falling down the drain I am not the drain. Then suddenly Im sliding down the drain ”HELP” I called my mum walked in and my dad said ”did you hear that noise” then my mum said ”no probably just my belly stuck in a cold damp drain no food or water no coat no nothing hungry no bed to lie in hard and I really need the toilet nothing to do sleep time.

Shop Shopping

Shopping I hate shopping. I went shopping to the worlds most biggest shop ever It was so cool. We always went before a birthday. This time it was my mums b-day I loved going shopping this once only because they red slush puppies  so of course like any child would I asked for one. It was a bit weird my mum said “yes” but of  course I was not going to say no so I got. Then my mum all of a sudden my mum  decided  that we needed a clock so we went to the clock part of the shop. Then,  I I didn’t meant to but I spilt my drink over the clock. Then this man came with a snake and cycled into me I was weird.



Once, I went on a dog walk. The one thing I hated  was going on a walk by myself especially on this dog walk. I SAW THE WORLDS  MASIVE HAND I jumped out of my skin. I didn’t finish the dog walk I ran home and told my told my mum all about it. But my mum did not believe   me so I got in so much trouble. My step dad was the strictest  dad on earth  when he found that I did not walk the dogs had made a mess over the the floor he went ballistic……



One day, there was a girl called Esmay she loved going on the zip wire at the park. So her mum took her to the park and all she done was go on the zip wire. on one turn she got to confided and didn’t hold on properly  within in a second Esmay  had fell of the zip wire and in the bush she went. Her mum screamed she was so worried she didn’t know what to do all of these things were going threw her mind it was a massive shock. Her mum though maybe  I should call the abulenece………..



The beginning of my life,,it was about when I was five and I found out I had sisters it was a big shock. Deep down I loved having,when someone asked me if I liked having sisters I would always say no. A couple of years later I had seen my cousin so much I loved having so many cousin and I still do now. The next thing I know I am in year four I found it a bit scary but then I realised that it is not that bad. I loved school then not saying that I   don’t like it now.