There was a girl named Holly. Holly was an unusual girl because of her love of animals. Holly’s favourite pet was her monkey, she took it everywhere. One day,Holly  against her parent’s advice, took her monkey to school and it did not go well,  the monkey got excited and scared as it got into the classroom because of all the commotion and leapt off Holly’s Shoulders.  The monkey was  very  clever and could lock doors. The monkey got into the Head Teacher’s office, locked the door,  sat starring at the laptop angrily and to Holly’s amazement started typing….


One day, there was a girl named Chloe. Chloe was excited because she was going fishing for the first time so downstairs her mum was making sandwich’s. Chloe jumped energeticaly downstairs and said to her mum “hurried” . “Chloe get the battery and the white touch”Chloe’s mum shouted up . They finally arrived at the spot and got out all the suff for fishing and they set up.It was about time for lunch so Chloe got out all of the sandwich’s and shoved all of the sandwich’s in her mouth because she was so hungry and then asked if there were any more. After, a long day they pack up a went home.Chloe had a great day .


It had been a couple of days since Poppy had slepped  over Chloe house. After school Poppy walked home with Chloe and on the way home they had to go though a wood Poppy turned here head right and she saw a black statue Poppy jumped out of her skin then they remembered about the sleepover they ran away and Chloe rang her mum and her mum said “don’t be such a whip” they went closer and Poppy had the guts to touch it so she did . Poppy’s mom was at Chloe house. There mom said they don’t go out .

But where would we hide it all???

Poppy was having a sleepover at Chloe’s house. In the middle of the night they were awoken by a  crash, bang and  a thud. They both jumped out of bed and rushed to the window to see what the noise was. To their horror they saw a person all in black running up the street. They laid awake all night in shock. The next day the girls were chasing each other in the park, Chloe tripped over and fell into a pile of leaves and she felt something hard on her knee, it was a black bag  full of money…………………….



One beautiful ,sunny morning there was a girl called Millie playing happily in her massive back garden. Millie was a lovely, pretty, wonderful ,nice girl . Millie was  really excited because she was going on holiday to Spain in a couple of days . The day had finally arrived and it was round about 3am in the morning . When they got in to the airport and had all of there breakfast Millie needed to go to the toilet Millie was older so her mum let her go to the toilet by her self .Just that moment ,Millie heard the scary voice in the world she jumped out of her skin this  is what it said “be careful ” Millie ran out of the toilet even though she was despite for the toilet and she had a little insterdent and when they got to Spain they went out on that night and Millie took a picture and when she took it ghost came up on her phone and she remembered  in the bathroom and she put up with it for the wrest of the weak.




One day there was a girl named Holly. Holly was so excited because it was her birthday in three days . That day, Holly posted all of her invitations.  The next day, Holly’s friend Amber got the invitation in the post. Amber begged her mum if she could go to Holly’s swimming party, her mum finally  said “yes”, Amber joyfully jumped with excitement because she loved swimming. The day before the party, Holly and her mum filled the party bags. Holly said to her mum”mummy is it my party tomorrow?” Holly was so happy that she could not sleep all night. Finally, the day arrived, it was time for her party and people started to arrive. Holly’s swimming party was in a huge white building. Holly’s mum served the cake that she’d made, she put a big splarkler that had flames coming out of it. Holly was so happy because she got to celebrate the night with her friends.



One day there was a girl who loved her amazing dog s her name was Chloe . Chloe never liked walking the the dogs that was the only thing she did’t enjoy  but apart from that she loved them . So that day, Chloe mum was not having it she explained ”that Chloe wanted the dog so she needs to look after them”when Chloe heard what her mum said she got grumpy .You may be thinking walking a dog is not that hard but for Chloe it was only because her dog was a big dog that Chloe excuse so after that day Chloe had to go on a walk and it was disaster  Chloe plan was Im going to do stuff wrong so then my mum won’t have to go on a walk ever again .But just then, Chloe tripped over her own foot and fell into to the river and her face went straight into the river headfirst into the river and this what her mum said ”you deserve it because I your plan . So when they got home they had a chat and her mum said ”you are know walking the dogs every day” and that is when Chloe set of she threw the pencil and stormed upstairs and here family dare not talk to her for the rest of the day.


It is always with me and I never let it go I think that is wonderful ,amazing and fun to have with me but my mum doesn’t I just think why did she get it for me .My mum is always trying to get it of me because apparently she thinks that it would have distracts me but I don’t think it does . All my sisters have one but there’s is not a very nice colour there’s a tirifick and horrible mine is the best when it comes to school work she hates me having it and me and my mum get in a argument about it because I’m always on it and don’t get my homework in on time.


Naughty Daughter

One day there was a dog its name was  Sid.Sid  always like to dress up. And also like to go under his  owners clothes and when they picked them up Sid was is in there  and they thought it was annoying but there daughter  Holly didnt.’ Holly got Sid into the habit of  doing it . So the next day it happened  to Holly and she didn’t like it.I for got to say she Holly had a brother  his name was Toby and  Toby said “haha  you derserve it ” .So that day, Holly put Sid in glasses and put him on Tobys chest  rislt he was asleep and when Toby  woke up because Sid was snoring so he woke up and Toby shouted  “look Sid is wearing glasses and so Holly was in big trouble because he told of her becaus he knew it was her and Holly said” but Toby was being mean” but her dad  didn’t exseped  it so on that day fawards Holly didn’t put Sid in outfits because she didn’t like being told of so she learnt from her mistakes .

Difficult Grace

One day there was a girl her name was Grace. Grace was difficult girl she always mad things bigger then they needed to be and over agsagerrate evrything.So that day her mum was so fed up so she told Grace that she  shouldn’t twist everything Just then,Grace took the advice and didn’t over agsagerate thing Just after that, Grace went shopping with her mum and two sisters Grace brought a purple dress  then she  got worried because she thought that she didn’t like the dress so then Graces mum went to a professor and Grace went out .Graces two sister’s helped her to not twist things there was a couple of times that she did but not all.

The broken lightbulbI

Once upon a time there was a old,rubbery lightbulb . That day it was a dark muggy night so I had to turn on the the light when I turned it on it made a creepy nose but I didn’t mind. But just that moment, I heard a bang so I rusted upstairs and I saw the light bulb had smashed.So then I rang my mum and she said clean it up and I thought she can’t simple expect me to clean it up.I forgot to tell her that that the mess were like sweets like pink, green and purple but she didn’t believe me.so then I sent her a picture and she said it was fake so then luckily my mum was home. And so then she cleaned it up as if there was no big deal but inside there was a big deal.



Creepy woods

Whilst I was walking though the scary, worrying creepy woods.Just then, it starred to rain I was I in trobble  so I ran back home .Sudenly I  lost my way home and it really started to rain  I got my phone out of my pocket and I had no servise I was thinking in my head what am I going to do and then things just got a lot worse.My phone ran out of charge and my mum was wondering where I was . Then it stopped raining so I cared on walking then I came to a place that has four ways to go and I chanced it and went right .Next the was a big mantion my heart was pownging so fast and I closed my eyes and I was home it was like a mystery .