How Sassy my Mom is in Real Life

My Mom is amazing at making fish and chips at my Mom and Dad’s fish n chip shop in St Neots in Cambridgeshire and also my mom and dad have two shops in Eaton Socon and one shop in Eynesbury. Everytime we go shopping in Birmingham or Milton Keynes, my Mom will let me have anything at any shop, but MY MOM LET ME HAVE MY SLIDERS IN JD! My Mom is from Birmingham, Walsall. My Dad is from Scotland, Glasgow, I love my Dad’s accent as well and in real life always says CHEERIO! Mom always gets everything that I always want however, if I am doing well in school or I get could get too many things on my birthday. Sometimes, if I wanted to get  jeans for an example she sometimes says no because it’s not the right size. Maybe I think she doesn’t like it, but I really want to buy it and it depends what my Mom always say she’ll maybe get it in my birthday or in Christmas. Still, my Mom is very nice and kind, if you wanted Nike for Christmas or on your Birthday she’ll always get it for me. Where my Mom is from, she is very SASSY.

The Tea cup

I looked in my Mom’s cupboard but it wasn’t my teacup it was a cracked one! I took the teacup out, I tried not to crack it, but I showed it to my Mom and she shouted strangely “REENA DATS NOT MINE WHERE’D YOU FIND IT”, then I said “Excuse moi, I found it in the cupboard”.  I put it outside just for one day then the next day it was full of seeds! It looked really good, and it grew flowers on it.

The Abandoned Shed

Long time ago, me and my friends were discovering a shed which is abandoned. We went inside and there was lots of blood on the floor which I wasn’t really expecting it is horrible!! We heard a creak from upstairs    – so my friend had to go upstairs to see what’s that noise then suddenly… there was an zombie coming downstairs!!! WE HAD TO RUN FOR AN MILE TO GET BACK TO THE CAR!

Chocolate Colourful Eggs

There were three colourful chocolate eggs sitting on my doorstep….wow when I looked through my window, I started to think why is there eggs on my doorstep?? I went downstairs and told my Mom there is eggs on my doorstep. “Reena, you know why there’s eggs on our doorstep?”, said Mom loudly. “NO!”, I screamed. “Well it’s easter that’s why, did ya forget?” said Mom. I said nothing I opened my front door and looked happily. I grabbed my chocoate eggs to my room and start to eat them! YUMMY!! My Mom didn’t know that I’m eating a galaxy egg, milkybar eggs and so much more!

The End

The Two Friends

The boy

I was concerned when a penguin turned up on my front doorstep last week. He looked very  lost and sad. I wanted to get him home where he belonged.

We spent a few days together while we were exploring different ideas how to get him home. I really like the penguin but I have being doing a lot of the talking, but he seems to like me. I decided to build  boat as no one else could help me to get the penguin back home. We set sail on Wednesday last week, by Saturday we reached the South Pole. When it came to saying goodbye, my friend the penguin looked very sad. I felt very  miserable because I was alone, then I decided to look for the penguin, suddenly I couldn’t find him. Sadly, I set off home and on the way….I met my friend who is paddling along in an upturned umbrella. I felt very happy then  I gave him a big hug.

The Penguin

I felt very lonely for years so I decided to do something about it two weeks ago. I made the journey from the South Pole to Barking in London as I walked in the streets I suddenly saw a house with a red door it looked like a friendly house. I knocked on the door and a boy answered he looked kindly at me. He invited me into his beautiful house and cooked me some fish fingers. He said I looked sad but I always looked like that. I was feeling happy for the first time in my life. Me and the boy built a boat and I don’t know why, we sailed to the South Pole where I came from he helped to on a ice burg   , he waved goodbye. Perhaps he does not like me so I set sail on the umbrella to find someone else. Then I bumped into the boy again he gave me such a big hug I think he likes me.