The 1000 year old Brain

I went to this Musuem and it has lots of interesting things in there which are real! When I saw this big brain inside…IT WAS AMAZING!!!! The brain said it is 1000 years old and the brain was the old mans brain. It looked kind of weird when you look at the 1000 year old brain. It looked all musty and looked kind of pinky and it all sorts of bones in the brain! I haven’t seen a brain inside a Musuem before, it seems like my first time seeing a real brain in the Musuem.

Raining All Day Long

It was on Sunday morning,there was a dark clouds in the sky looking all miserbale and horrible. Some people,go to church on a Sunday, but on a miserable day? It is not happening! Other children can’t go to the park or catch cold. When it was a sunny day, we could do anything we want!

When it’s a miserable rainy day, don’t go anywhere stay at home.

The Giant Black Gun Statue

In 1980,New York there was this strange black gun outside a hotel. I probably wonder that they created when they were young or something happened maybe an injury or something. I think it’s a great artwork,I don’t know how they did it but it is absolutley amazing! I have seen some giant artwork in pictures but not in real life. But now I am outside in New York looking at a big gun.

The End

The Tree with Big ol’ Smooth Legs

I founded a strange tree in the forest, I didn’t know that it grew LEGS?!! The weird tree spoke “HI THERE, DON’T BE SCARED I WAS ABOUT TO COME UP TO YOU!” I was like….. I just walked off because that tree spoke AND IT TALK STRANGELY. The tree was trying to find me but it couldn’t. I think the tree’s smooth legs looks smoother than my cousin’s legs, at least a tree doesn’t have to wax their “smooth” legs. I came back to the forest and the tree saw me, “Hi strange tree, how could you have smoother legs?”, I said. The tree explained about when he was a human about two years ago.

How Sassy my Mom is in Real Life Copy

My Mom is amazing at making fish and chips at my Mom and Dad’s fish n chip shop in St Neots in Cambridgeshire and also my mom and dad have two shops in Eaton Socon and one shop in Eynesbury. Everytime we go shopping in Birmingham or Milton Keynes, my Mom will let me have anything at any shop, but MY MOM LET ME HAVE MY SLIDERS IN JD! My Mom is from Birmingham, Walsall. My Dad is from Scotland, Glasgow, I love my Dad’s accent as well and in real life always says CHEERIO! Mom always gets everything that I always want however, if I am doing well in school or I get could get too many things on my birthday. Sometimes, if I wanted to get  jeans for an example she sometimes says no because it’s not the right size. Maybe I think she doesn’t like it, but I really want to buy it and it depends what my Mom always say she’ll maybe get it in my birthday or in Christmas. Still, my Mom is very nice and kind, if you wanted Nike for Christmas or on your Birthday she’ll always get it for me. Where my Mom is from, she is very SASSY.