The weird stickmen

This is such a weird day my brother is coming up to the stickmen and laughing at them I just started shouting at my brother and said “HEY YOU, HOW IS THAT FUNNY EHHHH?” My brother just went inside the house and didn’t reply. I went up to the stickmen downstairs and I started thinking about why is it down here? Where did it came from? I just became confused where it came from BECAUSE WHY IS IT OUTSIDE OF MY GARDEN??? But something actually just weird a one stickmen just moved! I started screaming and running around.

The war happened in a church

Since day one in 1901 this was a complicated day but not a very nice day… I went down to the church and there was a dangerous thing is happening is war. I saw dead people there was sticks of people and how horrible is that?  I don’t want to die if there is war coming to our town. If there is war coming to my house I’ll have to get my house empty and move to Birmingham or somewhere,I’ll have to go near my Mom’s family. A church is where god came from and somewhere to pray.

If there is war in this time of year don’t think about it, move somewhere.

The drain pipe

The drain pipe is very quiet. Also when it leaks sometimes one of us people can’t hear the leak well I guess one of us can hear the pipe leaking. Drain pipe’s can have a cut on the pipe when it leaks. The drain pipe leaks so quietly at a middle of an night… great is that!

If you are walking in a town hearing a drain pipe leaking, people just ignore it.


My learning

At school when we’re learning something I look at the board what is the teacher is talking about and meanwhile I fall asleep….. some people are like me sometimes well I say not really because they concertrate a lot. Some people say that to other kids saying you need education but I got education as well. I do stories nationally Times Tables because Times Tables is a quick way to add up things for an example 7+7 is 14 and 7×2 is 14 that’s very super easy!!!!!!

Never ever be like me…… because you won’t know what your doing!

The Concrete family

In a very windy dark day, the Concrete family came alive.The three family are very small and normally quiet. Sadly, they didn’t have a home they just live in the woods. They were walking for 20 hrs to find a home, they didn’t find a home again. The family found a church in the middle of nowhere, they went inside and no one was there.


The family lived in the church because they want food and also health. The church is the best thing for a home.