The bones that came out of space

One day there lived a boy called Jake. Jake lived in a house with his grand parent’s because his mum died by cancer and his dad died before he was born it was very sad but he had a picture of them.One night Jake woke up because he heard a big bang and saw at his window bones. He was wondering how could bones come out of space that’s impossible he looked at the time it was 4 o’clock in the morning he went down stair’s trying not to wake his grand parent’s up and when he got outside it turned into a monster and ate him. THE END

The man who went for a walk.

One day a man woke and said its been raining all morning. Its 4 o’clock why can’t it stop raining.The man’s name was jake.Jake was stuck in the house because it started to snow and it was blocking the doors and windows.Jake herd something it sounded like someone banging on the door with a bat.The door was braking so he hid in the wardrobe the person came in and thank god said jake i have my phone he called the police straight  away and they did not come in time the person ran upstairs because jake dropped his phone and the person came in the wardrobe and jake was never seen again.

Huge Pink Daffodil

One day there lived a huge pink daffodil. It was amazing it sparkled so much and sprinkles out stars. One day the daffodil was walking on a bridge and it got smaller and smaller and greyer and greyer in till the daffodil disappeared. He reappeared in very grey world he was thinking why did I cross the bridge if I didn’t cross the bridge i would not be here then at  that second he heard a roar he was terrified in a flash of lightning he was laying on the floor dizzy when he got up he was prepared fight the monster he ran to the bridge got his sword out and appeared in the world. THE END

The magic lion

One day a boy woke up and saw a portal right next to his bed he had nothing to do so he decided to go in the portal. The  boy saw tow magic lions and sparkling sand. The lions started chasing him he ran away the lions jumped  on him and some reason tryed to play with him and the boy just realised they had long tails and goggles. The boy was confused why would lions where goggles.It was turning night time so the boy found a place to sleep in the morning he saw the portal right next to him.