no way to get out!!!!!!!!

One day their lived  a boy called Jay. Jay lied with his mum and dad in the forest they never got to go out of their house because there was a tiger’s out the door they did not know where they came from they just wanted to get Jay his mum and his dad. We never tried to run because the first time we did it the tiger jumped at  Jay’s dad and almost bit his hand of after that happened they just got back to the house and shut the door and locked it and that was five years ago all those years his mum and dad have been trying to make armour so they can get past the tigers his mum and dad finally made the armour  so they all got their armour on and ran away.

The sandwich battery

One day  there lived a sandwich that needed battery’s the sandwich was very  energetic the sandwich went to someone’s house to see what they were doing but they saw him so  they threw him into a bin and he saw this shiny white thing with lots of dirt so he hurried back to his home to see what it was he put lots of water and special soap on and the dirt started to come of he went to see what it was and it was a gem that could turn you into a human and he really wanted turn himself into a human apparently you hat to eat so he eat it and he turned into a human THE END


One day there lived a boy called Jake. All Jake’s friends were going to a camp in a forest Jake’s mum let him go there the next day  While jake was watching tv Jake’s mum said that he was going to the camp now. Jake got into the car and his mum drove to the camp when they got there  all his friends were there he was so so so! exited then he said good bye to his mum when it was night they all got into the camp then they started telling scary story’s just then they all heard a noise a creepy noise they did rock paper scissors one of his friends joe had to go outside when he went he never came back so another one of his friends went outside and he never came back so they were so scared one of his friends were so scared he tried to run away when he ran they heard him scream  its a ghost!!!!!!!!!! the other’s were scared to so they all ran and jake ran to they safely  made it THE END.

The city with lots of lights

One day there was a man called Jake.Jake lived in a very very light place he lived in a house with the most light and candles his wife thought she should take some cadles out because the house might light on fire Jake did not let his wife do it because he loved the light so much and wanted to be the person who had the most light’s so he stayed awake all night trying to see if some one has stole

The magic shooting star

One day there lived a boy called Ben. Ben really wanted a little brother because he was an only child. One night, Ben was looking out of his bedroom window dreaming for a brother and he saw a shooting star. Ben was amazed just when he saw the shooting star and wished for a little brother. The next day whilst having breakfast bens mum and dad announced the good news of ben becoming a big brother his wish came true. Ben was so excited to see his new brother after waiting for 9 whole months to welcome him to the family. Ben was the best older bother for any little thing.THE END

The flame out

One day there was a boy called white and white’s birthday was tomorrow and he was so excited for his birthday so he slept very early when white woke up his mum got him bloons  and a cake. His mum invited lots of people to his birthday  every one celebrated his birthday his mum put cadles on the cake and lit it up the flame went wrong and started to burn the house so they called the fire fighters the fire fighters flooded the house and every one was swimming around trying to get out of the house they got out safely and had whites birthday some where else and tried not to make the house lite on fire again.

A person under the water

One day there was a man called max and max had a job as a scientist  he was very very good at being a scientist he was one of the smartest scientist in the world. Max was at college for a long time.When max was little he always went to this little pond and admired it. He watched it all day and all night.He still came to admire the little pond he loved the pond because the pond sparkled in the night and day. one day he went to the pond and saw the pond was all dirty then he went to stand on the water then he fell on his head and the water brang him in THE END.




The lost crown

One day lived a person called dan and dan had a beautiful glittering crown with lots of gems.The next day his crown had vanished then he got all of his things ready and went on  journey to find his  crown.The first place he went to was a massive forest with lots of big trees while dan was walking he found a trail of bananas he thought a monkey stole his crown intil he found  another trail the trail was made out of shine stuff he thought he should go the way the shiny stuff was because his crown was shiny then he carried on with his journey he found a monkey with a banana  and dans crown on the monkeys head he ran to get and he did then he went back to his home and went to bed because he was very tired of the day.


A dog who wore glasses

One day there was a dog who wore glasses and the dog looked super smart but it is not it is super  dum. He has a oner called jack and jack is really smart and he is trying to make his dog really smart in a month the dog was a normal dog then in a year it was really smart it could make drinks and it was smarter the its oner  it was so smart it new how to speak and play games like it.The oner did not only teach the dog the dog  went to a school called y. He was to smart that meant that he had to get a job he got a job as a scientist because he was so smart he made a lot of fings and that is the end of the dog wearing glasses.

Professor purple Crocodile

One day there was a crocodile and it was a professor and it was purple. He was trying to make a exspreamont. There was a tree outside that was twisted and it gave him a grate idea to make a twisting machine. He tried his best to make it work.When he was done he got a pease of metal and put it in the machine and it was twisted the professor crocodile took the twisted metal out of the machine and it was so hot it made a big rash on his hand and he ran to the tap in his kitchen and put his hand under the tap and he said ah ah ah. Then he went to put on gluves awent to pick up the twisted pease of metal and he looked at the pease of metal and said this pease of metal looked like the twisted tree outside then he went to bed and that’s the end of the story