On one cold windy night a young boy called Jack was stuck in prison….

he wanted to get out the prison. He was quick but he didn’t make any was the day I should escape hahahahahahahaahah!!!! ” could you be quite”said my inmate . Time to make my great escape I will dig with a spoon! so i did an it was the best escape ever no gards saw i ran and ran untile i found a jungle  and made a tree house and i lived the for the rest of my hole life eating brokile and it was nice. 

The End

how did he do that?

One day there lived a poor boy named Matthew and he was the most poor boy in town. one day he wanted to go  rock climbing at first he went in doors and He  was the best at it   so i went to a small mounting and all the children said how did he do that? He felt proud so he went to climb a higher mountain and the parents said show off  so he went big like mounte Everest he climbed and climbed until he got to the top and said hooray 😁 and the perents said how did he do that?



I Droped It

one day there lived a boy called Larry and he was the most richest person alive  so he bought the biggest mug ever and he gave it to his son Barry and he could carry it so he carryed it all day out side the next day he didnt see the mug he thout it was with Barry little did he know it was  out side beeing berred so he went to the shops too get some food  and he came home and the house door was locked so he went round the back and he seen the pot and it was as dirty as moldy cheeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Tale Of The Penguin and the boy

One day I went to a house a nice looking house and a boy answered. He went out the house for a walk so I followed him  (sadly). He walked left and right and left and right but he didn’t say enething . Then we walked to lost and found and he said ” has enewone lost a penguin?” he said no so  he went home and got out a boat and he said  lets go to the north pole so we saild there and he left me there with an umbrela so i  paddled to  him and we found each other and he called me larry and we lived happily ever after.

A Day of a Life of a cupboard

Every day something new comes in me that you shove down my throut and there like toys from children and I  downt think that is verey nice! one day I am going to be full of toys and I will spit  them out one by one at you!

Three days later i was full so  i spit it all on the techer and all the children got there toys back and they lived hapilly ever after the teatcher was never seen againg.