Hi my name is tim and I am a dragon . One morning i was having lunch and the my house fell to the ground. So I had to get sum bones from my pray. Then I saw a big ball of bone  so I thought  used  it as a table . Later that day  I was chilling in my new house the best house in the world  you shoulde make a house out of bone. when you do get a table. haahah i2 have made a bone house cant you see. oh no i am being smashed time to make another house.

the end

The Rainy Day

I woke up and it had been raining all morning  later in the day it started to thunder. So I had to sit inside playing games the worst bit about it is that I had to play with my MUM! I was demented. The next day i woke up and the hill that we live on is flooded. Right to are house so I went to go and wake daddy up and he said ” WHAT!” I know its so cool can we go swimming in it. its like the biggest pool ever it was 30 deggres out side plz can we go out side  ok said daddy.



the noted revolver

One day there lived a boy called Jeff and  he went for a walk and saw a revolver on the ground and it was noted on the end so he kept it for a test he had an amazing idea. so he kept that idea. ten years later Jeff was 38 and it was ten mins un till he was going to do his big idea. 5 mins later he was getting ready for it and he was setting up the tap so  people can see it. IT WAS TIME  for it at the moment it was just a block of stone he hit it with a hammer and it became  a revolver with a note.


The Mystory Box

hi my name is Bob, and I like playing fortnite  and. I heard the door slam  so I went to see what is was and it was a box .I waited until my mum got back and she said “when did it arrive?”she said it arrive just after you  left and it feels disepiring and reapiring. What should we do With it then? We should destroy  it and so they did. they tried and tried but I would not move an inch.so we asked my dad if he could but it only moved a little bit so we all did it and it moved on the road.

The End


On one cold windy night a young boy called Jack was stuck in prison….

he wanted to get out the prison. He was quick but he didn’t make any  progress.today was the day I should escape hahahahahahahaahah!!!! ” could you be quite”said my inmate . Time to make my great escape I will dig with a spoon! so i did an it was the best escape ever no gards saw i ran and ran untile i found a jungle  and made a tree house and i lived the for the rest of my hole life eating brokile and it was nice. 

The End

how did he do that?

One day there lived a poor boy named Matthew and he was the most poor boy in town. one day he wanted to go  rock climbing at first he went in doors and He  was the best at it   so i went to a small mounting and all the children said how did he do that? He felt proud so he went to climb a higher mountain and the parents said show off  so he went big like mounte Everest he climbed and climbed until he got to the top and said hooray 😁 and the perents said how did he do that?



I Droped It

one day there lived a boy called Larry and he was the most richest person alive  so he bought the biggest mug ever and he gave it to his son Barry and he could carry it so he carryed it all day out side the next day he didnt see the mug he thout it was with Barry little did he know it was  out side beeing berred so he went to the shops too get some food  and he came home and the house door was locked so he went round the back and he seen the pot and it was as dirty as moldy cheeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Tale Of The Penguin and the boy

One day I went to a house a nice looking house and a boy answered. He went out the house for a walk so I followed him  (sadly). He walked left and right and left and right but he didn’t say enething . Then we walked to lost and found and he said ” has enewone lost a penguin?” he said no so  he went home and got out a boat and he said  lets go to the north pole so we saild there and he left me there with an umbrela so i  paddled to  him and we found each other and he called me larry and we lived happily ever after.

A Day of a Life of a cupboard

Every day something new comes in me that you shove down my throut and there like toys from children and I  downt think that is verey nice! one day I am going to be full of toys and I will spit  them out one by one at you!

Three days later i was full so  i spit it all on the techer and all the children got there toys back and they lived hapilly ever after the teatcher was never seen againg.

The Wood Worriers

One day there lived a whole army  and there was a king and his name was will short  for William. and they wanted to go to the woods to scere people so the whole army went to the wood and there were no people so they went into a huddle. they said “should we stay in a huddle and then supprise them” yes” so they stayd there and then they heard foot steps one pirsen looked and it was sir BOB oh no  we must get him so they all struggle to get him then the king got him and they lived hapilly ever after.


The Red Snake

One day there lived a boy named Jeff and he was cycling to school suddenly he felt something on his back so he stoped and looked but there was nothing there so he walked the rest of the way.He looked at the clock and it was 8:35 “oh no im late ” then i seen a red snake i fanted i was in a hosbital .       and the snake was next to me deid befor that heppend i left my bike a the feild i sed mum can you go get my bike for me i left it a the old feild please.

The Plate

In the beginning, I was having my  breakfast and I had bacon and eggs with my family and after that we went to town and sore some china plates. So we bought them for £34  it was a good deal. At lunch we used the new plates that we bought. For dinner we had  a Sunday roast and after that we went to bed. The next day we had breakfast and went to the garden centre and my sister came to have a cake. Then we went to have dinner with the new plates but for some risen all of them were gone!


Why Did I Do This…

Me and my bro Lennon were spy’s and we want to rob a bank so we get money and be rich but we shoot blanks hahahaha. The day we made the plan  so it was an abandened bank and it was in the jungle so we are not scared. the day we go we are setting of to bank suddenly we hear something so i have my hand on my gun! we got there it looks more like a police staion than a bank we still go in and there is a tiger and he cornnerd then i herd sirens.

stuck in the mud

One day i asked my mum if i can go to school next week and mum said “um yes” so after that i went to my bed room telling my friends that i m coming to school on Monday. A week later one Monday i went to school and all my friends were there and we done english maths and a stater of science and then it was play time and me and my friends went the gate to play it and then half of year five came to play. so me and my friend Lennon  wen into the woods and there was a swamp and i fell i  upside down and Lennon pulled me out


The End


The lost thing part 1

One day there lived a boy called Bobby.He was having breakfast with his mum and he was in a bad mood so he goes back to bed and ever one came to see him but he kept on saying GO AWAY!!!! And then he said it really loud and every one was gone he didn’t care until he didn’t get lunch and he just had a sandwich. And then some thing happend the hole world went.He did’t no were they went he thought evary was going to scer him but they did’t.and then something was coming what is that ahhhhhhh.

The End



The Werd dog

One day there was a dog and a man called peter and mike. One day they went to the beach to play but the beach was closed. The next day they went again  and it was open so they went to play on the beach with the beach ball.  The man though the ball and the dog was not there so he went home. the next day he went to the beach and the dog was ling on a sun bed with sun glasses on  and people just didn’t do any thing at all.

The End

The Purple Hand

One day professor went to and he went to the toilet and his hand was purple and he said “I must of slept on it funny”.He just leaved it and had lunch . But the next day the hand gas still purple and now twisted.So he goes to have breakfast and he heard a scream coming from the swamp he goes to the swamp and he sees a twisted difficult crocodial up on shore.but it is still alive and I looked around to find were the scream was coming frome but wen he turned around the crocodile was gone.So he goes to eat his breakfast then the crocodile had eaten it all.

The End

Sweet bulb

On day their lived a boy called Jeff.He was in town one day and saw a trail of sweets and glass.I asked a lot of people but eavry on said that there won no sweets and glass on the floor and then they said I was crazy.so I followed the sweets and glass an then more sweets and more glass maybe the giant from jack and the been stork dropped something that is huge.I see something that I have never seen before the worlds biggest SWEET BULB I could eat it all but I might not be able to walk back. I will tell the police.

The End


The Creepy Cave On The Beach

Sam was on the beach having fun with his family. They were playing with a beach ball. The beach ball got taken away by the waves  so sam went to get it.He got to the shore and he sore a cave and he walked to it and the wind blow and said “do not enter”. I got really scared but i walked in still my beach ball was in a massive hole and it was in bars. So he got a rock and smashed it and the bars broke but the ball popped and exploded the walls and the creepy cave got revealed…


The End