Hi my name is tim and I am a dragon . One morning i was having lunch and the my house fell to the ground. So I had to get sum bones from my pray. Then I saw a big ball of bone  so I thought  used  it as a table . Later that day  I was chilling in my new house the best house in the world  you shoulde make a house out of bone. when you do get a table. haahah i2 have made a bone house cant you see. oh no i am being smashed time to make another house.

the end

The Rainy Day

I woke up and it had been raining all morning  later in the day it started to thunder. So I had to sit inside playing games the worst bit about it is that I had to play with my MUM! I was demented. The next day i woke up and the hill that we live on is flooded. Right to are house so I went to go and wake daddy up and he said ” WHAT!” I know its so cool can we go swimming in it. its like the biggest pool ever it was 30 deggres out side plz can we go out side  ok said daddy.



the noted revolver

One day there lived a boy called Jeff and  he went for a walk and saw a revolver on the ground and it was noted on the end so he kept it for a test he had an amazing idea. so he kept that idea. ten years later Jeff was 38 and it was ten mins un till he was going to do his big idea. 5 mins later he was getting ready for it and he was setting up the tap so  people can see it. IT WAS TIME  for it at the moment it was just a block of stone he hit it with a hammer and it became  a revolver with a note.


The Mystory Box

hi my name is Bob, and I like playing fortnite  and. I heard the door slam  so I went to see what is was and it was a box .I waited until my mum got back and she said “when did it arrive?”she said it arrive just after you  left and it feels disepiring and reapiring. What should we do With it then? We should destroy  it and so they did. they tried and tried but I would not move an inch.so we asked my dad if he could but it only moved a little bit so we all did it and it moved on the road.

The End


On one cold windy night a young boy called Jack was stuck in prison….

he wanted to get out the prison. He was quick but he didn’t make any  progress.today was the day I should escape hahahahahahahaahah!!!! ” could you be quite”said my inmate . Time to make my great escape I will dig with a spoon! so i did an it was the best escape ever no gards saw i ran and ran untile i found a jungle  and made a tree house and i lived the for the rest of my hole life eating brokile and it was nice. 

The End