The Big Ball Of Bones

One day when I was walking home I saw a ball of bones and it was small and yellow. I took it home and stared at it. Wondering what it was. Was it a monster or  was it a big pill of bones. It looked scary and prickly. It also looked smooth it smelt horrible like a trash can. The next  day I showed my friend it he said it was just a pile of bones I was happy. It was not a monster if it was a monster I would of freaked out luckily I wasn’t to be continued…

the unknown dinosour

This unknown speice of dinosaur could be a plesiosaurus or a different speice of an under water dinosaur. I really hope i’m. Right any way the’s type of dinosaur  had really sharp teeth. A sharp as a spike  if you were to get eaten by this dinosaur you will have a really pianful death you will get digested into the stomach it has fins and very small eyes it is a meat eating dinosaur it swims in the water like a wale in the. Sea its beatiful blue colour is like two blue seas touching each other it is beatiful.

The Walking Tree

Once there was a tree it was a magic tree at night it would walk out and find some one to play with    one night he found a girl called Bella they played with each other every night they would play tag the legs would usauly  it because the girl was pretty fast and one day she went missing they went to play hide and seek she was no were to be seen then it cam to morning time there she was in here room playing fortnight on her ps4 she had won the game so she fond the win to be continued…

The Day It All Ends part 1

One day me and my friends were all going over  a bridge on our bikes. When I was going over a bridge I saw a glowing light on the floor under some rocks, they looked weirder than ever but it was deep in the rocks. Finally I got the the strange looking thing  and then i went to school. There was a bully, a big bad one. One day when I was at school he pushed me into a locker and called me a loser, I was just pretended to not listen then me and my friend ran, although we ran fast we couldn’t make any progress.

Easter on my 20th birthday

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Jim he was nineteen his birthday was on easter for his 20th birthday. his dad said he would get him a BMW!! for his  birthday now it was easter  he opend all of his presants but one.He  didn’t open his BMW!! but when he saw it he took the keys from his dad and hugged him hard so Jim drove to the easter egg hunt and then arfter 3 hole hours he drove home happy as the sun and he said to his dad ‘thank you for the best birthday ever .