There was a war with the bonds and the dons the dons were loads of bones scrunched up in one ball and they ran over people.The dons were big metal humans there fort for years the bonds were the losers and they got extinct.1234567890123456654756777655654564322234566545445 years later there was a boy called Tim he went to a museum and found this strange object.He said to the staff WHAT IS THIS they said I do not no . Was the bones Tim did not no this at this time.Tim touched it and it woke up it started to roll after Tim.time had changed!!!!!!!!


It had been raining all morning Tim was fed up. He had brown hear and blue eyes he loved to play outside. It had been lovely yesterday it was the second day of the summer holiday. He was hoping on going on a bike ride with his friends. Then he ran out side to go to his friends house to play football when nooooooooooooo the rain his clothes had all disappeaed was p purple and and hungry very very hungry! He went to the nearest shop evety one ran shouted HELP ITS A MONSTER and soon they were all gone!!


I am a rich kid I don’t go to school because I am rich.I all ways want new things I am called money ūüíį¬†ūü§īThat was a pitcher of me.All I want is toys so when it did arrive I said yes I could not wait to see it.But when I saw it I was amazing ūüėȬ†I could not wait to use it and as I did I felt sick I was rushed to a private hospital.Thy had no idea what was rong with me.The last day I had seen was scary it came back the thing was back for me.ūüėĪūüėĪ


There was once a gun called Bang all he wanted to do was shoot.But he couldn’t because he had a rope on his noise.When he grew up he was glad that he could not shoot because he did not like hurting people.He started a buisness called NB short for no bang. He had 12345 billion guns that sported him.He was a very important man now.He was also very rich but he used all his money to stop shooting. He did very well he had an massive office in New York. Next to the united nations they had a statue of him!

pink billy goat

one there was a billy goat lived his name was billy.He had a pink daffodil and he loved playing with his frend called dilly they were best frends.The bridge was under the a1 it used to be a wonderful forest but it got cut down. Billy had to big horns he got up to mishtif with the a1 one day billy and dilly went to the a1.They did there normal mischef but this time there was someone ho went to fast.And he was on the phone him and dilly ran in frount of the car crrrack
poor billy and dilly.


There was once a jaguar called Jag he lived in the jungle.He was special because he can tern into a boy people call him jaguar boy. He was a very strong and fearless cat. He got into a lot of fights with tribes. This got  him in a lot of trouble and made him fearless as he got older he had a lot more fights. And then he became a king he had one fight and he came out of it with a scar. Now he is called scar the king of kings and he was FEARLESS ha ha ha!!!!!!!

tree with legs!!!!!!!!

There was once a very strong  man he was called man he did not have a family or a home he was wild he had never seen his parents and he lived in a tree with legs. The tree used to be his brother but a wizard turned into a tree with two big legs and a tree growing up between his legs. One day man was doing his morning routine when he saw the wizard. He ran but he could still see the wizard the wizard said booom and man turned into a tree with long legs no how.


Jack run showted Tim he is coming. Although they ran quikly but they were not making enough progress. They saw a bush they sprinted strat into it Tim said”that was close”. The creacher ran right past them Tim and Jack were best frends they¬† were beeing chased by a very silly clown his name was puffy clowed .Tim went back to his house and Jack went back to his the next day they both went to the forest. When Tim arived Jack was gone Tim thort puffy clouwed had got him but out of the bushes puffy clowed came arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

But how did he get up there

Tim was moving into a new house he was in the best house in the naberhood.But next door lived a creepy old man.He went to welcome him self to the old man he seemed good but he did not what will hapen! he went to the old man house the old man grabd him he hung him at the top of his very very very  toooooooooooooooool house he hung him up there. His perants notisted that he was missing then they saw him at the  top of the house they charged out and knoked on his door what they said!!!


Hi Bob I am your sock. I am complaning that your feet stink and  your feet are all ways telling me to stop complaning.

Hello Bob I am your red sock.I have holes in and you are all ways waking. I do know that I am your favrot sock but give me a brack


Hello I am pinck sock. You have not worn me at all I do whant to be used mor ofen!!!!

I am blew sock and I am so happy that you are wering me pleas keep it up.

Un uxeptball you are killing me. I am green and now you get me mixed up with black sock I hate you end of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am black sock .You are getting me mixed up with green sock I am never gowing to be worn by you agen!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate greem sock!

Hello I am perpal sock I can not bleev you have lost me bhimd your bed. I am never gowing to be your sock!!! hate you!


Bob was confwesed so this is what he did he put on all of his socks on they were all happy exept from red sock  Bother me said red sock I will never be happy sad!!!


There was once in a far land all of these stick people.They were mean and bad people.All they wonted to do was fight.When a new person came they treted him very badly.He said that he will get all of the bad sticks that treedid him in that way.But little that they new he was the gratest wizard of all time. And he was called gas. He put a spell on the hole stick men and women and all most strat away evry thing stoped all of the sticks had stoped now all that rmans are sticks ha ha ha ha!



as I ternd arownd and it changed shape

The shape wird. I was in the park with my frens when I sor a shape on the grownd. But then it changed shape now I was confused I said to my firens “look at this” they were shoced like me .I ran but were ever I went it followd me I was freeked out now. I hit it with a stone but that did nothing what so ever.I ran home anfd loked myself¬†in my bedroom. But all it did was follow me something came out and It got me be caful it is still out there ready NO.


There was one and hand called jerald. How loved to go to the park and one dat he went to the park to go on the swings. But some gansters were smashing up the swings. Jerald was angry so he ran over theand got a stick and smashed them and killed them. He was in the paper and was called a hero now every one in the small town nows him.If you ever see him all was call him a star and then he got in fite with bob and got killed we all love jerald yes yes yes yes.


Hello I am a tiger and my name is Tim I live with my mum and dad. I live in a zoo  but my parents  do want  to escape. So we have a plan to escape .My best friend is Daniel he was the son of the head tiger. He was called bob he was so strong no one got in a fight with him. It was the day of the escape. We waited an till the ceeper finished his sift. Then they ran but the tiger block they way they got in a big fight. My dad and bob then bob bit my dad and he fell to the grownd .He torched me and my mum. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees cum and help me.

robot william

one ther was a energetie white robot. Ho was ran on battershis his name was William the robot. He was the fastest robot in the weld he had a relly big rase cumind up. He was scerd becaus the best raser in the spanish leage was called snanck. he was a show of  but William wontid to win it was the day of the race.William was reddy GO the gun went of William went as farst as he can he crashed at the end .But he won but sadly he parst away but a happy man He was the best raser and weld champeeon rmember the name.


I was warcing in the parck an I sore a old man he looked like he was homlas so I gave him some munny but out of the bloow he grabd me he sed he was a monk and I wood diy he also sed he was a fornchoon teller I gave him £1000000000000 he sed I have got hart proplem hear we go agen wot cinde of problem then he worcd of I ran after him then he grabd me and punch me  and I never wock up the man is still in the parck reddy to get you waaaaaaaaaaaa ow and aschim  if I can have my munny back

strange times dddddddd

It was nite time people were walking in the big city of Bob and all the citizens of Bob were taking a walk in the city centre then they started to fade and then all of the people stated to disappear  and then they came back  as a horrerfing  gost redy to kill enyone ho derd to kum nere them and then they notist me I ran for my life and I just out ran them but they were just bhind me so I hid in a shed and then at of the blouw a gost came and all of a suden he killed me and I will get you

the mum

One day there was a young family a mum a boy and a dog.They were going to the park  when a big bang happened they ran as fast as they could  because they fort that it was a bome they ran to a bench and hid under it but little did they now that a crimal was the cors of all the noise they jumpt into a lake and they sore a kindame  they wanted to explor what they had seen  so they did but they stated to run out of breth and did not get out in time!


There they are a pear  of them. Thay are black so expens I treasure them . My name is Tim I like lots of Things and my bedroomo is full with toys but these have a speshal tuch  thay are so soft but hard at the botam I wher. Them every Monday , Friday and thersday   These  are my best thing ever  but thay will get worn out one day  so I hoose them when I can.