There was a war with the bonds and the dons the dons were loads of bones scrunched up in one ball and they ran over people.The dons were big metal humans there fort for years the bonds were the losers and they got extinct.1234567890123456654756777655654564322234566545445 years later there was a boy called Tim he went to a museum and found this strange object.He said to the staff WHAT IS THIS they said I do not no . Was the bones Tim did not no this at this time.Tim touched it and it woke up it started to roll after Tim.time had changed!!!!!!!!


It had been raining all morning Tim was fed up. He had brown hear and blue eyes he loved to play outside. It had been lovely yesterday it was the second day of the summer holiday. He was hoping on going on a bike ride with his friends. Then he ran out side to go to his friends house to play football when nooooooooooooo the rain his clothes had all disappeaed was p purple and and hungry very very hungry! He went to the nearest shop evety one ran shouted HELP ITS A MONSTER and soon they were all gone!!


I am a rich kid I don’t go to school because I am rich.I all ways want new things I am called money 💰 🤴That was a pitcher of me.All I want is toys so when it did arrive I said yes I could not wait to see it.But when I saw it I was amazing 😉 I could not wait to use it and as I did I felt sick I was rushed to a private hospital.Thy had no idea what was rong with me.The last day I had seen was scary it came back the thing was back for me.😱😱


There was once a gun called Bang all he wanted to do was shoot.But he couldn’t because he had a rope on his noise.When he grew up he was glad that he could not shoot because he did not like hurting people.He started a buisness called NB short for no bang. He had 12345 billion guns that sported him.He was a very important man now.He was also very rich but he used all his money to stop shooting. He did very well he had an massive office in New York. Next to the united nations they had a statue of him!

pink billy goat

one there was a billy goat lived his name was billy.He had a pink daffodil and he loved playing with his frend called dilly they were best frends.The bridge was under the a1 it used to be a wonderful forest but it got cut down. Billy had to big horns he got up to mishtif with the a1 one day billy and dilly went to the a1.They did there normal mischef but this time there was someone ho went to fast.And he was on the phone him and dilly ran in frount of the car crrrack
poor billy and dilly.