Ceramic Kitty *PART 3*

As Greykin woke up, he decided to leave, he wanted his sisters to meet his lovely friend (sort of). Greykin stood up and stretched, his paws meeting the cold dollhouse floor. He tapped his sister, Nibs. Nibs blinked and hissed, she  bounced up from her motionless clay body. Greykin lay still like, well, a ceramic cat! Nibs padded over to the four-poster bed where Maddy normally sleeps. But to her surprise, it was empty, where could she be? Nibs slowly crept to the bedroom door that was wide open! She peacefully walked down the huge, long staircase, that was twisty-turny, all the way down! As she got to the bottom step (finally), she wondered across the open layout of the home. I think was large, farely big for a tiny family.

Nibs reached the kitchen where she found Maddy, her Mother, her brother and her Dad. They were happily eating toast and eggs (a strange choice). Nibs made a tiny ‘mew’, Maddy turned to see Nibs on the floor begging for food. Her furry tummy rumbled with sadness. “Mom, may I be excused?” Mandy asked kindly. “Of course, my dear!” Mom replied thoughtfully. So Maddy bent over and scooped the tiny kitten in her hands, she ran up the curly stairs and slammed her bedroom door just as she got in! She placed the unfamiliar cat on her dresser. “Who are you?” Maddy asked politely. Nibs introduced herself as the sister of Greykin. Maddy stared sadly at the lifeless model of Greykin on her bed. She trudged over to the door, she peered back to Nibs who looked pleased and proud. Then she slowly walked out of the room…

One thought on “Ceramic Kitty *PART 3*”

  1. Dear Chloe,

    I really like your story! It had so much details about the house, and breakfast. I also liked how you made a part three to this story! I honestly think that this could be made into a book.

    Keep up the great work!!!


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