Ceramic Kitty

“Mum please can i get a kitten?”Asked Maddy. “No sweetheart, you know your brother has asthma!”Explained Mum. Maddy stormed off in a mood! She plopped down onto her bed and cried! After a few minutes her Mum crept in waking Maddy up. “Honey would you like to go to the Market, it’s only a one time thing?”Asked Mum. “Maddy shot up making the room shake, she threw on some clothes and raced down the stairs! Her brother stared in a confused look while eating his lunch. As they finished, Mum said that she would give them £10 each for the Market incase they wanted to buy anything!

When they got to the Market they saw a load of people selling and buying! Maddy saw lots of things she wanted, but she didn’t want to waste her money incase she saw something she really wanted! While she was looking at a stall, her brother sprinted towards her! Out of breath he said… “Maddy i saw a stall… that has a cat that won’t give me asthma!” Her brother grabbed her hand and pulled her over to the stall! There were three ceramic cats spread across the cloth, one was a chick yellow, the other was bright blue, and the last one was a deep purple! She asked the Lady standing behind the counter, the Lady was strange she had tiny plaits sprawled across her hair and she was wearing a Indian dress! The Lady said i will only take a pure heart for these or something worth a lot of heart. Maddy thought the Lady was strange until she pointed at Maddy’s coin necklace that was her Grandpa’s during the war! Maddy looked at the cats then at her necklace, then she nodded and tore the coin off her necklace and handed it to the Woman! She clutched the coin and threw it in her pocket as Maddy held back tears! She couldn’t believe she just did that! Then with the Women’s old, dry hands she grabbed the cats and placed them gently into Maddy’s hands, closing her fists then drifting away into the depths of the stall! Maddy’s Mum strolled over seeing Maddy holding the cats! “So I see you actually bought something, well it’s getting late lets go home!”

Maddy clutched the cats all the way back home! When she got home she placed the sweaty cats on her desk and sighed then slouched into bed….

My way on writing a book called:Pocket Cats Paw Power

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