Chocolate Boy (Part Two)

“Right we’re going up to bed,” yawned Jack’s mum. “Me too,” replied his dad. As quick as he could, Jack quietly ran up stairs.

In the morning, Jack’s mum told him that they were going to the park for a picnic. Jack said,”Yay we’re going to the park, lets bring chocolate!”

“OK” sighed Jack’s mum,”We’ll bring chocolate for our picnic.” As his parents were driving to the National Trust park they overheard Jack talking to himself,” I want chocolate, I want chocolate, I want chocolate.”

Finally they were there. They had gone to a very big park. So they walked to a spot in between to trees.”This is the perfect spot,”exclaimed Jack’s dad. “AAHH,” screamed Jack as he saw something. It was a tall, dark phantom. He had a hood covering his face. He was muttering a curse!

To be continued in part three.

2 thoughts on “Chocolate Boy (Part Two)”

  1. Hi James!
    You did an awesome job this week on your writing! I like the way you tied in the prompt, and I wonder what will happen next. Right from the start, I knew something mysterious was going to happen, and your story was very enjoyable. Good Job this week!
    -Maya E.

  2. Hi James! I like how well you used punctuation and proper grammar, as well as how you said that you’d continue in a part THREE. Overall, I really liked your post and how you always make every story with multiple parts, which leaves me wanting more.

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