Chocolate Boy

Once there was a boy named Jack. Jack loved chocolate, he ate it a lot. This story is about Jack eating lots of chocolate.

Jack was once scoffing chocolate, when his mum and dad took away all the chocolate he was eating and put on the kitchen table. “Give it BACK,” screamed Jack, “I want my CHOCOLATE!” By the way, I forgot to tell you about how fat Jack was. This is how I will explain it- he was very fat all because of his life on chocolate. Jack’s mum told him to go up to his room. “CHOCOLATE!” cried Jack as he dragged himself upstairs. When it was time for bed Jack snuck down onto the stairs. Downstairs his mum and dad were talking about were to put all the chocolate. “We need to hide the chocolate,” Jack’s mum said, determined. “But where would we hide it all?” his dad replied…

To be continued in the next story.


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