Chocolate Colourful Eggs

There were three colourful chocolate eggs sitting on my doorstep….wow when I looked through my window, I started to think why is there eggs on my doorstep?? I went downstairs and told my Mom there is eggs on my doorstep. “Reena, you know why there’s eggs on our doorstep?”, said Mom loudly. “NO!”, I screamed. “Well it’s easter that’s why, did ya forget?” said Mom. I said nothing I opened my front door and looked happily. I grabbed my chocoate eggs to my room and start to eat them! YUMMY!! My Mom didn’t know that I’m eating a galaxy egg, milkybar eggs and so much more!

The End

One thought on “Chocolate Colourful Eggs”

  1. What’s up Reena? I like your story. You made it look like a real story by telling the reader that you forgot about Easter.

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