Christmas dance show plan.

It was Thursday, late afternoon, when we found out what was happening about the S J Dance White Christmas show ,as it was called. The dance teachers told us a few things. Bring lots of food, like sandwiches bring lots of drink because there is no way to fill the bottles up. We were also told that when we were dancing we had to be energetic and look like we where exited. I decided to take my phone to keep me busy, when I wasn’t on stage, so I had to ensure the battery was fully charged. We hurried back to my dad to tell him the news.

2 thoughts on “Christmas dance show plan.”

  1. Great story, Amy! I like how you used commas and punctuation in the right place. I also like how you stated the setting. Nice work.

  2. Hi Amy i love your story because it is real life , that is what happened at our dance company . Well Done.

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