Circle Stars

Every night when I look up to the stars, I always think that they are round? I don’t know why I think that, but I do! I have always wanted to fly up into the sky and actually see the stars, but that will never happen. One day I decided to go see a museum about stars. As I got to the museum I saw that there were lots of displays of stars and what they look like! But they were pointed, they were not round so I suddenly felt a surge of fury flow through my soul! So I stormed off out of the building with rage in every footstep! Then I took a load of metal from the local Homebase, I didn’t buy it, I stole it! Then I painted the metal with super glue and it all came together, it was a spaceship! I flew up into the sky in my newly made spaceship and soared up into the solar system! I finally saw the stars, they ARE round! “I WAS RIGHT THIS WHOLE TIME!”. She was right and that is how it all came together. Stars weren’t star shaped, they were round!

~Circle Stars