Cleocatra’s Tale

In the beginning a young ruler named Cleopatra, ruled over Egypt with her cat sidekick Cleocatra. But Cleocatra was jealous of the power that ┬ámade up the Cat’s Eye Necklace. She wanted to steal the necklace and make cats rule the kingdom for all eternity! One day when Cleopatra was asleep, Cleocatra tried to steal the Cat’s Eye Necklace but Cleopatra was awoken by the ferocious barks of a puppy! She grabbed the necklace and went over to the balcony and made it so that dogs shall now be man’s best friend and cats shall be banished from the land. Now where Cleocatra lies is still a mystery, but we all wonder whether if she is still out there or if she is long gone…

Based on the movie called Treasure Buddies

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  1. Dear Chloe,

    You did an awesome job. You didn’t really have any errors. I liked your storyline, and told your sources. Keep up the excellent work!

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