Colourful Eggs

It was easter today and I was so excited! The first clue was hiding under my pillow.  In our house the first clue is always under someones pillow. The clue said, were do you get your cereal from? My guess was the cereal cupboard. I was right! But I found six different coloured eggs. I was so strange but they were also so nice. They were giant chocolate eggs! I didn’t eat all of them so I shared some with my family. I also found lots of other eggs. But I ate all of those myself.

3 thoughts on “Colourful Eggs”

  1. Dear Natalie,
    This is a lovely Easter tale. I like the variety of punctuation that you have used and there is nothing better than an Easter egg for breakfast! Even better when they are shared. Have a lovely Easter and thank you for sharing your writing.

    Mr Rockey, Team 100, UK

  2. Natalie,

    I really liked your creativity with the first clue that was under your pillow.

  3. Hello, Natalie! Your post was very creative. I enjoyed reading about your Easter tradition and the fun you had! You used lots of details to explain it. Keep blogging!

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