command prompt c:\

Welp were back here in the code with a drainage pipe hagning over my head and i hear something coming though. its coming though the drainage pipe. quick!

c:\Command=prompt<Command prompt c:\>=Shut down.

Are you sure? <Y/N>Y

Shutting down…

shut down complete








c:\Command= prompt<Command prompt

2 thoughts on “command prompt c:\”

  1. Hi Max! Wow – a really unusual story which made me race to the end as it was so unique! Your idea was very original. To make your writing better, next time check through for missing capitals and full stops as well as misspelt words (due to typing) before you submit. As a reader, you left me wanting more… very clever. Well done!
    Mrs. T. Wiltshire, UK 100 Word Challenge Team

  2. Hi Max! I really liked how you incorporated the prompt into your story, but I was really confused when I read it. Keep up the good work.

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