The Cra-z Dog

Once upon a time there was a dog called Ruffus now he was a strange dog indeed, lots of people always took notice of him because he wore CLOTHES! He was obviously had a lot of attention on him so one day he wore glasses. A boy turned round and said “Mummy the dog is wearing clothes and the dog is wearing glasses” and that was it everyone burst out laughing so the dog stopped wearing clothes and began acting like a normal dog and people did not laugh at him anymore it was great! So he was happy! YAY!

3 thoughts on “The Cra-z Dog”

  1. Hi Adam, I think I’d find it very funny too if I saw a dog wearing clothes and glasses! He was a very clever dog to realise that it was drawing unwanted attention. He obviously just wanted to blend in with every other dog and didn’t want to be the joke of the pack. I’m glad Rufus was happy in the end.

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