Crab chant

Bad crabs, mad crabs, green mean and sad crabs.

Pink crabs, sink crabs, swimming in your drink crabs.

Fierce crabs, tame crabs, some without a name crabs.

Red crabs, bed crabs, find them in your head crabs.

Yellow crabs, mellow crabs, lazy little fellow crabs.

Thin crabs, fat crabs, hiding in your hat crabs.

Smooth crabs, hairy crabs, flying like a fairy crab.

Small crabs,big crabs, dancing doing a jig crabs.

Blue crabs, mood crabs, tasting really good crabs.

White crabs, might crabs, pinchy, mean and quiet crab

Fun crabs, purple crabs, playing with the turtle crabs.


5 thoughts on “Crab chant”

  1. Wow Lennon this was a really nice chant! I really love this because it sounds like something my class did in Year 4!
    Chloe, CJS

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