The crazy daisy restaurant!

One day there was a girl called Daisy who was a teenager and Daisy owned a restaurant called the crazy Daisy’s.On wednesday morning a van parked up outside the restaurant with three pretty statues which stood up straight in hight order on the patio.Daisy went to see what they were they were famous rich statues but the question is who bought them ? Daisy was worried that it wasn’t hers so she called up the place were the statues get made by famous artists and they said it wasnt a mistake.Now daisy is really confused.The wierd thing is that there mouths were talking what were they saying? hmmmmmm TO BE CONTINUED ……….

2 thoughts on “The crazy daisy restaurant!”

  1. Good Work! I like the way that you told even what day of the week it was. Good job saying the emotions of Daisy. Do not forget that week days and week end days are capitalized.

  2. Amelia,
    That is an amazing cliff hanger and it really made me think. For a moment I thought that the statues where alive. When will the next book be out because I’m exited to see it.

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