crocodile tale

once apon a time there was a purple crocodile one day it saw a twisted fallen tree the tree had a nest whith a baby bird in it. Then the crocodile saw the paw little bird and went over to it and put it on it’s back then the crocodile took it home and looked arfter the woonded baby bird the next                    day the bird awakend and  one day the birds leg got stuck in crocodile bay it was difficult to get the baby bird free from imbertween the two rocks finaly the crocodile manadged to free the baby bird crocodils chased arfter the purple crocodile and the baby bird arfter a while they went to professor owl and the owl said whold you like some water

One thought on “crocodile tale”

  1. Hi Tobias! I liked how you wrote all in bold, because it made it easier to read and also added a nice little uniqueness to it. I also liked how you described the area that the story took place in really well, as it helped my mind’s eye to imagine the setting. Overall, I really liked your post!

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