Cross Country

It was a warm summer’s day at Priory Park, and it was a Tuesday. Everyone in Cross Country was training for their relay on Thursday. Once they had finished their training they could go home. Mrs.B and Mr.B had a talk about the training. Mrs.B said “Although she ran quickly, she was still not making enough progress.”

“I definitely agree with you, she was still not running at the best pace,” replied Mr.B.                                                                                                                                                                                                 ******************

It was now Thursday, and it was time for the relay race. “Now she is running at a good pace,” said Mrs.B.

“I definitely agree with you,” replied Mr.B. The Cross Country  team came second place. And she always ran at a good pace.

2 thoughts on “Cross Country”

  1. Natalie,

    Great job on your post. I liked how interesting and relatable it is for someone that has been on a cross country team.

  2. Wonderful job, Natalie! Your story was very creative and flowed well. It was a great idea to include dialogue and a passage of time to describe the events that happened, too! Excellent work!

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