The Day The Computers Shut Down.

On Friday Tim went down stairs to use his computer but when he opened the lid he saw a big pile of notes. He opened one and the first it said,Dear Tim i am so angry that you keep slamming my lid shut when you’ve  finished with me and Im not sure that you know that It really hurts.You keep using me as something to play on but all your games make me very sleepy and that tends to make me use all my battery!
Then I opened the next one and inside it said,Hello Tim its me Mackbook  and Im getting very worried because Google and Safari keep arguing about weather there are used more.Please sort sum sense into them because they might not ever be friends again your friend internet.
The next day Tim went on his computer and didn’t use to many games,he used google and safari the same amount of times.But he didn’t slam close the lid.